Lovely Tinka sent me a cute package with tmnt window stickers! thank you so much!! <3 but where to put them on ? 

maybe the fridge? i think GLaDOS is not delighted….

and Master Splinter…..

but i think i found a better place for him on the mirror!

(with a speechbubble sticker >v>)

Napstablook Plushie

I made a Blooky for ‘Kathrin alias Die Muddi’! <3 take care of the baby!! <3 (und ja, Tori du bekommst auch einen :B)

He is made out of fleece and if you squeeze him he will  squeak. With his headphones he is 24cm (9,4inches?) tall.

If someone is interested to buy one:                                                         I will make 5-8 Blooky’s for Dokomi (Convention in germany) and will sell them. I can’t tell the price yet but i will inform you as soon as possible. You can contact me if you want to take a look at the con because i have no selling table. I am a normal visitor :D

rise of the guardians

finally i watched this movie too.

and. it. WAS.AMAZING!!!!!! This movie is puuuure loooove~

i watched it with lovely Toto~<3 shortly after we left the cinema it began to snow!! (yeah Jack Frost is in da house!)

and we walked across the Christmas market <3 *-*

in the end each of us bought our favorite rise of the guardians character as a Happy Meal Toy xDDDDDDD

After that i let Toto know how incredible this toy was!

Jack has little snowflakes which he can throw away too <3

but i had to watch out because of……


Easter Bunny you idiot!!!! D:

Pokemon X

(click to read the whole entry :D)

i got Pokemon X a few weeks ago and the beginning was entertaining~

specially the name-giving. But they does not take every name….

so i had to be creative like this

(1 pic: ’*argh*’, 2 pic: german for ‘boobs’, 3 pic: german for “f**k it/to hell with it!”)

there were sentences like this 

Professor Platan: “Srew it! your adventure begins now!”

Mother: “to hell with that! you look like you just rolled out of bed!” <3

aggressiv mother/platan is aggressiv <3


But in the end i call her Knorke. There are so many funny sentences too


its awesome you can have a Nickname too!

 and i took Froakie and called him Feedback <3

SnK - Cosplay Project Part I

Finally Kathi, Ita and i (Knorke) started our Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan-Cosplay project! 

A few weeks ago we drove to a DIY market and bought everything we need for our 3D Maneuver Gears.

The first problem: 

How we get this awesome stuff in the car?

we bought more material than expected

therefore we had to improvise! (yep! knorke had to sit on the back seat of the car with our stuff ヘ(;´Д`ヘ))



at home Ita and Kathi drew the blades on wooden boards. It’s sad you can’t see them because we used a pencil D:

after that we we cut out our casings for the 3D gears  (ok the most did kathi <3) and the blades

look at our babies!! <3 newly painted 

Right proportion?

and we made a lot mess because of the handles <3

but awesomes handles are awesome!

Well, i cant wait until our next meeting! :D next time we will sew the belts!




I watched ‘Wreck it Ralph’ with Dana and the movie was great!

*-* every character was so cute and i never thought this movie has such great action and emotional scenes in it <3

after the cinema we ate at a Korean restaurant~ it was awesome, we spend over an hour in it and just talked about all sorts of things <3

During the day there was a typical Dana and Knorke situation too <3

I was just kidding, right? i would never push you away to save myself!






let’s change the subject!  

at home i found Heile-Hauke alias “Felix” in my bag ;_____; We got him at the cinema with the popcorn~

But he belongs to Dana!! i promise i will give him back to you!!


Christmas presents 2014!

First of all i want to thank everyone for their lovely presents!! they are all beautiful and means alot to me! <3 :D

this year i got many gorgeous christmas cards! 

My father bought me a book about martial arts and my brother gave me an old movie from our childhood (Jack and the Beanstalk) :) and Luigi’s Mansion ( i love this game so much!!!)

and now please look at this BEAUTIFUL porcelain-pig! This present means a lot to me! i got it from <3 Kathi and Ita! <3 and its my treasure! FOREVER!!! i was searching for this kind of thing for YEARS!° this pig (only available in japan i guess) is for mosquito coils and i saw it in so many movies/animes etc and i never knew how it was called - neither found it on the web! But these two managed the impossible!! Alot hugs and kisses for you!!!!! NArgh! ; v; so glücklich man!! mein schweinchen, bin euch so ewig dankbar!! ernsthaft! einfach nur dankbar!!!

Another beautiful present was from a little group from a school where my brother works as a teacher. It was a little package for my brother and me and there were so many pretty pictures/christmas cards and biscuits! *yummy* we were very excited and surprised! :D thank you so much!!! (und für die kleinen Puppen *haha* mir gehört nun die schwarze)

and the presents from Kira! <3

seriously where did you get always this ideas/merchandise???

i mean look at this clock!! she made this all by herself! The background (she told me it was made with photohop) and even the clockhand!! look at this tiny weapons! it is marvellous! x///x this is ART!

and she bought me a Donatello Revoltech Figure!!! Revoltech!!! DAMN! He has two different weapons and faces! (this includes his dorky-love face! *haha* wunderbar!) i can put him in every posture i want!! this is awesome!



cinema and steaks!<3

It was an awesome day with Dana and Devil :D and i love all the little things which happen <3

at the cinema we buyed popcorn and the cashiers asked us “which size?”

and we answered at the same time:

so we bought MAXI popcorn!

Devil and Knorke were happy…..and it seems Dana too! <3

Because of the fact she starts to eat while Devil and Knorke were searching for the right room

We watched Hotel Transylvania and here you can read Dana’s opinion :D

For me it wasn’t that bad but sometimes is was really weird



After the movie we dined in hell…..ehm i mean we ate in an awesome steak house!!!!! <3 look at those pictures YUMMY1 YUMMY2 YUMMY3

Dana wanted her steak ‘medium rare’ and i said 'medium’

Later we noticed that danas steak was just 'medium’ and they made mine 'medium rare’. So i came up with an idea and asked her if she wants to trade. And we did

But then i noticed something awful…..


BUT SHE FORGAVE ME! YAY! *Dana: That’s a lie!!!*

For dessert we ate a Chocolate-Vulcano and everything was fine! <3

successful sunday!

i have passed the ATK-examination very well! (ATK=Anti-Terror-Kampf or “anti-terrorist-fight”/“ fight against terrorism”)

It is an european martial arts form of self-defense

i was so nervous but i made it and now i am owner of an orange belt <3

and the trainer said right after the test i was one of the best in our group! <3 <3 <3 *explodesofproudness* (we are just 2 girls in a group of 15 men)

if you interested what kind of martial art it is: video1 and video2