We have a Knome in our campaign that has mutiple personalities. We were helping the Fairy King, and visiting a fae tree full of magical items when a regular spoon fell by his feet. His player rolled a 2 on perceiving and he now believes it is a special, magical spoon. Later, another personality sacrificed it as something important to them in order to summon our way out of the shadow relm. The other personality does not remember this happening.

Knome (holding daggers above our Halfling ranger after waking them up): “Where is my spoon?!”

Ranger: “…in your mess kit?”

Knome: “No! My special one! The one I hold near and dear to me. Where is it?”

Ranger: “You don’t remember?”

Knome: “Remember what?”

Ranger: “…..that you dropped it in a fight. Here, I picked it up for you. I forgot to give it back.” *hands over a random spoon from their bag*

Knome: “….what is it made of?”

Ranger: “…..wood?”

Knome OOC: “Darn. Can I roll a perception check?”

DM: “Sure.” (Knome proceeds to roll a 5) “You’re…. pretty sure that is your spoon?”

Knome: “Well thanks bud! You’re all right! I won’t kill ya….today at least.” *He goes back over to his bed roll and lays down to sleep.*

Ranger OOC: “Were you seriously going to attack me over a spoon?”

Knome OOC: “…..maybe.”

bad guy: what was taemin doing on august 21st 2010

me, tied up to a chair in a hostage situation: i don’t fucking know man let me go

bad guy: *slaps me* i kno u kno


anonymous asked:

This little nightmares au is absolutely precious. But I imagine Eren and Armin both get hungry (Armin to the point of nearly fainting), and a Knome offers a sausage. Eren makes a split second decision, eats the Knome in front of Armin and forces his friend to eat the sausage. Kinda like how Mikasa forced Eren to eat bread in the Anime

That actually is a nice possibility in a situation such as that. Desperation and all. Though the way Eren would offer food to Armin probably wouldn’t be by force like how Mikasa just harshly shoves it at his face. With how far into the game they are in, their relationship would change and Eren would most likely be more softer in handling Armin. Probably more gentle but firm persuasion that Armin knows he has no choice but to accept if he wants to keep going.

Though I can’t fully disclose what my plans for this AU are and why I have Armin the way he is, it’s best explained by one of my most favorite theories about lil nightmares’ concept of Hunger.

The short of the theory is, Hunger in the game is a metaphor for corrupt desires of pleasure and/or power. To be strong. Dominant. To eat your way to the top of the food chain and all that. To survive in a cruel world, you must fight and win. Even if you lose part of your humanity in the process.

At the near end of this journey, Eren will be having doubts on his motivations to even seek out freedom. And what if means to be truly ‘free’ if the extremes he’s taking to gain it are changing him in a bad way. While Armin upholds to his beliefs of the world and what it means to still be human in a cruel way.

Bts dream

I had my first dream about BTS last night.
I was filming a movie about BTS getting shrunken down to about knome size.
There was scene where Jin,V, Rapmon, and Jimin are jumping off a tree branch and screaming. Everyone’s voice had to be altered except Jimin.

I look over at jhope and go “I guess Jimin has the deepest voice in the group now..” And Hoseok is just glaring at the ground in silence for like 3 minutes. It’s awkward af and I feel like I just insulted his bloodline or some shit. Then he just bursts out laughing and goes. “I was waiting for the sub-titles”.
Basically my brain was too lazy to make bts speak and understand English in my dream so we were all just relying on fucking subtitles…

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OMG its so cool to find another Irish member of the shadowhunter-trash club! Also, could you do some Clary/Alec brotp headcanons, and maybe how Alec reacts to Clizzy?? thanks xx

omg you are the first irish fan i’ve met hiii I’m from mayo lmao

okay this is my brotp and otp  and i have so many like this gon be long so lets go instead of studying for my irish oral

  • SMOL AND TOL! Alec leaning his arm on clary’s head All. The. Time. Like In all their pictures together and whenever he stands beside her and it drives her nuts but she secretely loves it 
  • Whenever theyre in crowds, clary cant see whereas alec towers above everyone, so he gives her piggy backs
  • Alec constantly teases Clary about her height(and everything in general tbh) she often replies “fight me” to which alec replies “call me when you get a step ladder.”
  • Alec actually buying her a step ladder for christmas
  • Alec introducing Clary as his annoying knome friend/his 8 year old child
  • Clary introducing Alec as her sasquatch friend/Hagrid/mom
  • Alec holding clary’s things out of reach while she jumps up trying to grab them/ Alec hiding her things and putting them up on the highest shelves
  • Alec likes to go to clary’s room when he’s bored to keep her company, alec will talk to her if she’s drawing or else theyll both just chill and do their own thing 
  • However Clary loves to annoy Alec when she’s bored she’ll venture into his room and harass him and throw herself on his bed like “im boooooooooooored” and she’ll annoy him until he gets up and does something with her
  • Alec will often hear her coming though and hide behind the door to scare her, somehow she never expects it
  • They’re both so clumsy and everyone in the institute makes fun of them for it and say they cant ever be paired on missions because they need someone to look after them
  • Clary loves to bake and Alec refuses to do any work but keeps her company by getting in the way and annoying her and complaining about how long it takes and insulting clary as usual and they always end up fighting over who gets to lick the spoon but alec usually grabs it and holds it out of clarys reach 
  • Lazy Clalec days where they chill on clary’s bed in sweatpants watching netflix and napping and will often stay up to like 4 oclock in the morning watching shitty 90s movies and cry-laughing
  • Alec giving Clary Bear hugs and nearly smothering her
  • Clary jumping on Alec’s back attempting to tackle him but he literally doesnt move an inch
  • instead he grabs onto her and piggy backs her around the institute
  • When theyre not in gear all either of them wears is swetpants and old jumpers
  • When Clary and Izzy tell Alec theyre together, he’s happy but he just has to tease Clary so he’s like “really iz, the gremlin?” but then assures them he’s super happy for them and hugs them both
  • Bonus: Malec and Clizzy double dates like honestly that would be the hottest table in the whole place
A Letter to Calvin


Listen, bud. I’ve been subscribed to you for the past two years. I’ve been a dedicated fan, liking every single video. I only recently discovered the Tumblr side of the fandom, mostly because I was bored as fuck, being home from school for the summer. I’ve even been considering making my own blog lately.

Now though, you kind of fucked things up here. It was a nice, peaceful community, where we just did things our own way and chilled. We had a little inside joke type thing about how the Twitter fandom is much more violent and sexual. We know we’re fucked up, we always have been. It’s Tumblr. Then you posted a screenshot of blog posts by leafy fanblogs on Twitter, and everyone freaked the hell out. A lot of people didn’t make their blogs for them to be seen. That’s why they were made on Tumblr, a site you’re not active on.

I assume you seen the goddamn war you started, yet you didn’t say anything. Just let us get hate. How nice. Then you posted another tweet, with another screenshot. You deleted that one though. Good job.

It didn’t stop the war though. In all honesty, if felt more like we were being attacked and we were trying to defend ourselves.

And now today you goddamn son of a bitch take sides with the Twitter hoes. (Just to clarify, not all Leafy fans on Twitter are hoes. There’s a lot of rly nice ones. I’m talking about the ones like RepilianFuck_) it wasn’t directly, but it was enough. Enough to fucking kill us. Your own fans. Oh how wonderfully thou hast treated us.

Sense then you haven’t done anything or said anything. I guess you don’t care that half the Leafy fanblogs on here now live in the fucking knome village, and have promised to stay there unless you do something.

We’re fucking pissed leafy.

But maybe you just don’t care. More fans on twitter anyway, best to make them happy and not us. Who gives a fuck about those tumblr fags anyway? It’s not like it would matter to loose a few views anyway, with the rate your channel has been blowing up.

If you do care, do something.
If you don’t care, go be crucified upside down whilst being burnt at the feet and chinese water torture at the head.

I may not sound mad but I’m about to go on a murderous rampage anon

Is it okay if I include this in my rant/letter to him? ~Intolerant


Beautiful day down the allotment today, can you believe it is November and it was 20 degrees C this morning! Got the butternut squash bed cleared now we have picked the remaining, also cut down and took the remaining cape gooseberry and left the artichokes and rhubarb, after marking it out so we know where it is next year. Now it’s time for loads and loads of manure until we move onto the next bed! Time to get the onions and garlic in and out the rest except the kale and spinach to bed for winter…..oh and we found a bearded knome down there! :)