Ridge-Top Guesthouse Celebrates its Magical Surroundings

Halls Ridge Knoll Guest House by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is the first of several buildings intended for a rugged and pristine site in the Santa Lucia Preserve in California, the Halls Ridge Knoll guesthouse is a thoughtful modernist intervention, carefully detailed in stone, timber and glass. The master plan for this vacation retreat calls for a guesthouse, workshop and main residence. Each will be anchored to the land with a series of massive stone walls and fireplace chimneys, marking the passage along the ridge and culminating in a stone court at the future main residence.

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501 S. Glenwoodie Knoll (CC FREE)

A random litlte pink house that I made that is CC free.  I love this house, I currently have it in my Granite Falls but it obviously fits anywhere. Its full of flowers and bushes and it it just is cute in my opinion. I have every SP and EP so you will need them (except for the Spooky stuff pack) this includes the new SP that just came out. If you dont have them, the game will replace items with base game items. So download if you want. They are tray files so extract them and place them in the try folder in your TS4 folder. Tag me if you use the house I would love to see you using it.


non-canon ferelden map

okay kids here’s the deal. the official maps we’re given are tragically lacking in detail & ridiculously underpopulated. so to continue my legacy as Map Nerd Extraordinaire, here’s my non-canon & much busier map of ferelden. feel free to take as much or little of this as you like, just gimme a credit if you do!

details & closeups under the cut

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dear morris knolls,

wait did they move graduation to 10 am or something? i didn’t get the memo, facebook -_- i think the administrators made what decision they thought would be best for us to avoid heat. it’s only brightest at noon, not hottest (that’s around 3pm), so they have some validity to their decision and are doing what is best for our health; i’d rather graduate when the temperature’s in the high 80s than when it’s in the low 90s. sure it isn’t ideal for people who are traveling long distances to see us graduate, but hey it’s a ceremony for us. there will be a dvd that people can buy if they really want to sit down and watch the graduation ceremony for 2 hours (which i doubt, but even so they’d be spending less money on the dvd than on their travel fees), and i’m sure your family and friends will support you just as much no matter where they are. if you have work, you would have missed it anyway because we would have had rehearsal at that same time on thursday. this is our last day at knolls and it’s a ceremony for our achievements; we’re lucky we even get a graduation ceremony. i think we can spare ourselves one last complaint and leave the school on a positive note with diplomas in hand. that is all (and don’t get angry with me because i don’t ever post stuff like this)


i miss you marching band <3