so i’ve been seeing a lot of that ‘i need to find a lipstick that matches mads mikkelsen’s actual lip color’ post from @mean-cannibals today, and since i work as a makeup artist, i thought i’d give it a go

i took a bunch of different colors from a bunch of different pics and combined them to find one good lip color for him. here’s what i came up with:

so after searching around on the websites of a few brands that carry (IMO) the best lipsticks, here’s what i found:


u kno

i think is pretty appropriate

all things considered


I’m feeling better so I made a new commission post. This one is much cleaner but it’s a little long jflkadjfalks what can you do ya kno

I’m sure all you know I’m desperate for money. Not for things to throw my money away on, but more like basic needs, gas, food, emergency money… etc.. enough so I can move out of an abusive house I’m currently living in. I need enough to pay for medication and counseling. 

I upped my prices because I screwed myself over accepting $10 sketches and it got to the point of too many for too little, and I can’t survive off of $10 per sketch. Not in this economy. That’s insane. HOWEVER, I can negotiate - I won’t go any lower than $20 for a sketch and $50 for a painting. 

Please support me. I’m desperate. I’m dying. I need help.

Here is a helpful Google Docs page with more information if you need it.

thanks luv you guys

i cant seem to find you baby

i do it all for you

& if u feelin it then let me kno

i been feeling so unusual

bout u baby

im so about you

like i could never let u go

girly u so beautiful

but maybe i should let you go

maybe i should (x2)

haunted by the way you move

baby its all that i ever do

think about u and i

me n u

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