i cant seem to find you baby

i do it all for you

& if u feelin it then let me kno

i been feeling so unusual

bout u baby

im so about you

like i could never let u go

girly u so beautiful

but maybe i should let you go

maybe i should (x2)

haunted by the way you move

baby its all that i ever do

think about u and i

me n u

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so i’ve been seeing a lot of that ‘i need to find a lipstick that matches mads mikkelsen’s actual lip color’ post from @mean-cannibals today, and since i work as a makeup artist, i thought i’d give it a go

i took a bunch of different colors from a bunch of different pics and combined them to find one good lip color for him. here’s what i came up with:

so after searching around on the websites of a few brands that carry (IMO) the best lipsticks, here’s what i found:


u kno

i think is pretty appropriate

all things considered

pleas help me i dont knoi what to do soryr if my rwtringin is bad im not crytauyping im drunk