so i’ve been seeing a lot of that ‘i need to find a lipstick that matches mads mikkelsen’s actual lip color’ post from @mean-cannibals today, and since i work as a makeup artist, i thought i’d give it a go

i took a bunch of different colors from a bunch of different pics and combined them to find one good lip color for him. here’s what i came up with:

so after searching around on the websites of a few brands that carry (IMO) the best lipsticks, here’s what i found:


u kno

i think is pretty appropriate

all things considered


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Request: Anonymous said: could i request a boyfriend!haechan :)

A/N: my sonshine :”((( im lof him a lot

  • he’s the cutest??most handsome??walking sunshine??
  • bye he’d honestly be a rlly gr8 bf
  • even tho he would like to roast u sometimes
  • but like u can roast him back so
  • donghyuck rlly loves to sing for u
  • whether it’s singing u to sleep or singIng rlly loudly to annoy u, he just rlly loves it
  • ajzejhjhge when u compliment him tho on his singing he just lowkey blushes and goes “hehe”
  • expect a l o t of hugs and cuddles and kisses
  • he’s so clingy and it’s just :”)))
  • like srsly he’d see u and he’d immediately have his arms wrapped around u 
  • wouldn’t mind cuddling u in front of his members tbh 
  • if they started teasing him tho he’d just be like “ahh stop it ;;” and he’d hide his face in ur neck
  • so!!many!!kisses!!
  • most of the time he kisses u all over ur face especially when he’s feeling extra happy 
  • tbh sometimes he’d kiss ur lips but sometimes he’s like too shy and like ??
  • hyuck would love to cook for u
  • or sometimes even cook w u!!
  • ajhgjhrg dont cook w him tho if ur a bad cook like mark bc he’d roast u
  • not too badly but ya kno
  • i feel like when he’s got some days off, he’d always lov to invite u to sleep over bc he’d want to cuddle u and have a movie on
  • u won’t actually watch the movie, you’d just talk a lot and sometimes he’d randomly kiss u all over ur face alhjgegh
  • he’d tickly u randomly bc he loves it when u laugh bc of him
  • tbh he’d do anything to make u smile and laugh, he doesn’t want to see u sad :”(((
  • sometimes he’s the one sad tho and ofc u can immediately see that
  • pls pls plsss show him lots of love at those moments, bc he rlly needs that
  • he won’t feel happy in a minute, it’ll take some time but soon he’ll be smiling again and joking around like he always does and ofc that’s gr8
  • ok but when ur sad, expect to be showered in love
  • he’d hug u the whole time and sing a lot for u tbh
  • ajlfhjghje lets go to a bit happier tone now tho
  • i think sometimes donghyuck loves just laying down on the sofa and holding u while just listening to some music
  • or him laying his head in ur lap 
  • ajhfzjfhjzf he’d always whine when u dont play w his hair
  • omg most of the time donghyuck just dances silly for u
  • but one time u caught him like rlly dancing and u started saying how good he is and all of those compliments made him blush and he just went hehehehe
  • would honestly randomly carry u and drop u on the sofa to tickle u
  • he calls himself the Tickle King™
  • u probably saved him like that in ur contacts list ajhdajlhf
  • donghyuck saved u as ‘my idiot <3′
  • he’s the one in charge of doing the dishes in the dorm 
  • and most of the time ur at the dorm so ofc he wants u to do the dishes w him 
  • and when u dont want to do the dishes w him he’d be >:((( but then suddenly you’d feel someone attack u w bubbles and ur like !!!!!!
  • thats how u start a water fight
  • but ofc u quickly clean it up before taeyong sees aljfzjlhf
  • tbh donghyuck would use a lot of cheesy pick up lines on u and it’s so n o
  • but when u use cheesy pick up lines on him he’s like
  • “eW BABE”
  • and u just go -_-
  • but like thats y u love him right
  • srsly donghyuck would be a walking sunshine as a bf
  • so pls lov him a lot

if u cant read my scribbles lemme kno
i went with the meanings of the gems rather than the steven universe kind of deal because if i went with su ryan would probably be a rose quartz but i feel like this fits pretty well (also if u cant tell his gem is on his back)

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tell us about your best friends and why you love them !!!

alright so like my ~real life~ best friends are brendan and marah ( @fortheloveofhegame )

i commissioned this from halpdevon for their christmas presents (depending on how long you’ve been around, you might recognize my old icon). they’re grand.

but my Coolio Internet ~Tumblr Best Friends~ are [get ready for a long list] @lol-phan-af @exadorlion @thellamaduo @emmiimmeme @thalia-the-guitar @shipsdreamsandmakebelieve  @ceracero @theinevitablesense @iwritelikeimrunningoutoftime @little–feather @clarind-uh @hamilshot @morianium @bewitchinghowell i’m forgetting @the-real-m-vp and @shot-shot-shott ‘s actual URLs - i’m probably forgetting someone and i feel terrible but u kno

I love them all for different reasons! They’re all such great people!! Most of them have been with me since the beginning of 177(6) as my RPers, and you talk to someone everyday for ten months (i can’t believe it’s been that long w t f), you get pretty close. I’ve done and shared many things with them. They’re fantastic. I love them. I’d write individual praises for each of them but i feel like that’d take too much time and this is going to be long enough as it is.

Some of them are more recent friends! There’s that old fandom adage that real friendship is writing your friend’s kinks and that’s basically how i became close with mariane. I pestered bella daily for like a month until she accepted me into her life and agreed to write something with me. She’s my sunshine. I love her. Rainah is Brilliant and we became close bc we were planning a gift exchange thing that never happened (lmao) but now we talk a lot and she’s Brilliant and I love her and she’s my fancy writing friend who rants about mischaracterization with me and she’s amazing. Parker is someone i’ve talked to one and off for a while, but we’re planning a fic and it’s very !!!. Writing a fic together is a great bonding technique btw.

okay i can keep going but i should stop probably

i cant seem to find you baby

i do it all for you

& if u feelin it then let me kno

i been feeling so unusual

bout u baby

im so about you

like i could never let u go

girly u so beautiful

but maybe i should let you go

maybe i should (x2)

haunted by the way you move

baby its all that i ever do

think about u and i

me n u

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I like to think that im the practical type of fan girl. i just choose to be more realistic and hope that in my next incarnation i come back as one of xiumins pubic hairs so i can finally touch his dick.

u kno
i feel that