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Request: Can you do a Peter Pan imagine where the reader has lived in NeverLand for a while and she likes Peter, but doesn’t know how he feels. One day some of the lost boys decide to do some STUFF (if your comfortable) against the readers will and Peter saves her and tells her that he likes her too. Fluff? Thanks. Love your blog

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Neverland had been my home for a few weeks now, the shadow had taken me from my home while I was sleeping and brought me here. Peter was ferious at first but the shadow told him I was important in keeing peter alive. How? Im not sure, they never told me, but after learning that, peter let me stay but kept his distance. 

Since then I’ve become friends with mostly the younger boys, The older ones still dont know how to feel about me and Felix gives me the creeps, but my best friend here is thomas. Hes shy but once you get to know him he can be really funny and a great friend.

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Finally! dinner time.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear thomas say from behind me. I look behind me smile at him signaling him over. He sits down next to me and we eat our food in silence while watching the campfire. He doesnt usually talk while he eats, but its fine with me.

after we finish eating peter starts to play the pan flute, and the lost boys start to dance around the fire. Thomas turns to me and holds out his hand. I smile and take it. We dance around the fire together laughing and spinning. Some of the lost boys look at us funny, some look proun sinse thomas usually doesnt participate that much, I’m just glad hes having fun. 

Then the music stops and everyone turns to look at peter, he doesnt look to happy.

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“Parties over, everyone go back to your tents.” Peter spits out, glaring at me then leaves for his tree house, slamming the door closed after he enters. We all look at each other but not wanting to make pan angry we do as he says. I say goodnight to thomas and go to my tent.

I lay down in my bed and think about what had happened, it was weird for peter to stop a party so early. I had always had a crush on him since I got here, but peter never seemed to notice me until tonight. 

My thoughts were interupted by my tent flap being opened. Two of the older boys and felix walked in. I think their names were Trevor and Joey.

“Um hey guys, what do you want?” I say, not knowing why they even wanted to talk to me, they never have before.

“Oh, we just wanted to play a game.” Felix says, His expression was one i’ve never scene before, but it still made me feel uneasy. “What kind of game?” I ask.

Felix nods to the two older boys and before I could stop them they had me pinned to the bed. I tried to get out of their grip but Trevor was holding my hands above my head with one hand and kept my mouth shut with the other. Joey was holding my legs apart. Tears were forming in my eyes thinking about what they were going to do to me.

Felix stood to the right of me and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.

“Been a while since a girl could fufill our needs, since peter is in a mood he wont be interrupting us.” Felix purrs with a crooked smile. My heart rate increases with the hope of peter saving me deminishing.

Felix pulls his knife out and starts cutting my clothes off until im left in nothing but my bra and underwhere. Tears stream down my face as I think how I’ll be used for their enjoyment. I try to scream for help but me screams are muffled by trevors hand. They all look at my body with hungry eyes and felix starts to undress.

“Hey y/n I uh just wan-” Peter walks in but stops mid sentense when he sees whats going on. My face is full of relief while his is full of hatred towards the boys. Then suddenly I’m not being pinned down anymore.

With a wave of peters hand he had the boys pinned against the wall, no way of escaping. He walked up to a trembling half naked felix and laughed darkly.

“Did you really think you could take away whats mine and get away with it?” Peter says mockingly. He plunges his hand into felixes chest and slowly starts to squeeze his heart, making felix scream in pain. I wasnt expecting Peter to kill him!

“Peter wait! You dont ha-” He didnt let me finish.

“Dont worry darling, they’ll get what they deserve, I’m going to take their lives.” He says looking over to me. but his eyes were black as night. He was consumed by hatred.

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He turned back to felix and continued crushing his heart. I didnt know what to do, I didnt want peter to be consumed by this darkness. I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran over to him and pulled his face to mine, connecting our lips. He stopped crushing felixes heart and slowly started moving his lips with mine. He put one hand on my waist and pulled his hand out of felixes chest and put it on my waist. 

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We slowly broke apart, breathing heavily. He smiled down at me and picked me up. With a snap of his fingers the boys were gone, I didnt really care where they went.

Peter brought me back to his tree house and gave me one of his shirts to where, even though hes not the most well behaved on the island, I’m glad he still knows how to have manners. I told him I didnt want to talk about my near rape expierence, he agreed and we fell into an akward silence.

I sat quitely on his bed, he broke the silence. “So I’m guessing by the way you kissed me back there, you like me to?” he smugly asked.

I couldnt help the blush that appeared on my cheeks. I knodded and hid under the the covers. He laughed and went under the covers with me and grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. He tickled my ribs and waist making me giggle and try to squirm away. He laughed and pulled me into a hug and kissed my nose.

“God I love you, I’m sorry I kept my distance, I didnt know if I could ever love, or more importanty, get you to love me.” Peter says looking down.

“Is that why the shadow brought me here? To give you someone to love?” I asked

He knodded and looked away embarressed, I turned his face back to face mine and gave him a quick a peck on his lips. 

“I’ve always loved you peter, and I know you’ll always love me too.”

We stayed in each others arms all night long…

Rowaelin Pregnancy Part Four

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

I’m going to apologize in advance..

“Do you want to cut the cord, Rowan?” Yrene glanced over Aelin’s legs.

Looking past Dorian, Rowan took the pink cord and cut it with his magic.

Dorian handed Lyria to Rowan and picked up another clean towel, positioning himself to get ready for the second infant.

Rowan looked down at his daughter and saw his green eyes reflecting back at him.

“One more time, Aelin. One down, one to go.” said Yrene.

Quickly glancing at Lyria, there were fresh tears in Aelin’s eyes. She looked back at Yrene and knodded slowly.

“Okay. Now push Aelin. Just one big one.”

Sucking in a breath, Aelin squeezed her eyes shut and pushed once more as Fenrys shook his head and sat up.

“I’m so sorry Rowan, I-” Fenrys stammered.

“Not now, Fenrys.” Rowan snapped.

Leaning over, Dorian took the infant, “It’s a boy, Rowan.”

“I have a son?” Rowan whispered.

Aelin took the boy from Dorian. He had her turquoise eyes and golden hair.

Rowan cut the second cord.

Aelin looked down at him, at her son, her eyes glassy and far away.

“Sam,” Rowan said. “We’re naming him Sam.”

Aelin looked up at Rowan and slowly smiled.

Yrene furrowed her brows. “There’s something wrong. He’s not crying.”

Aelin slowly shifted her head, looking at Yrene. “Do something.”

Her voice sounding hollow.

Taking Sam, Yrene put her hand on his chest and an ear next to his mouth, “His lungs are collapsed. Dorian. I need you to use your magic and slowly put air in his lungs and simultaneously heal them. Can you do that?”

Nodding gravely, Dorian took Sam and focused his power on his lungs. Slowly, mimicing breath.

Yrene looked at Aelin, then looked down between her legs. “The bleeding isn’t stopping.”

Ok, I’m gonna rant/shit post about my life as a young musician.

Ok so I just finished having a conversation with my parents, and the general jist of things was they were trying to convince me to stop pursuing my music major and do computer programming, and I just sat there and smiled and knodded saying mhm through gritted teeth. Changing the subject momentarily, I’ve had 4 father figures in my life. First my dad, but I don’t remember the time before my first stepdad, because my mom married him when I was 1. Now he was a transgender (you can look him up, his name is Jody Helfand), and I have no problem with that. The part I have a problem with is that he was my moms history teacher, and he cheated on her multiple times. I was born in Hawaii and lived there until I was 9. Shortly after we moved here to Oregon, he divorced my mom leaving her with nothing forcing her to move in with my grandmother for three years until we moved into my current stepdads house, who has loved her and supported her in a way that Jody never did, which I am incredibly thankful to him for, as well as giving me an adorable little sister and another one on the way. But he is a fucking pussy. He is a total push over and he makes things too complicated. Now going back my musician-hood, I’ve been fortunate enough to have incredible band directors, and I’ve always looked up to them. In fact, the reason I’ve become so invested in music was because I think my band directors have been more of fathers figure than my own fathers, except for my grandfather on my moms side, but that’s a whole other story. Now my current band director is AMAZING, like, the best person ever and I am clearly his second favorite because of that fucking bassoon player and I’m always helping him out and I always show up earlier than everyone else so I can help set up for concerts and stuff, and he’s honestly helped me through a lot of emotional stuff that I feel like my step dad or my mom wouldn’t be able to, and when something stressful happens in my family I look forward to talking to him about it.

So yeah. That’s about it.

Playing house. Part 1

So I did something a little crazy. And probably dangerous.I lived a dream.
So it started Wednesday. I was alone all day and all girled out. I had been edging and watching Sissy hypno, a plug in my boi pussy. I sat and smoked. Playing video games, painting my nails, ruining my wig. (I tried to do the hair a certain way and it got all knotted and tangled. Long story short. I needed a new one.) By 7pm I was at my peak. Everything had gotten to me and I was ready for the real thing. So I pulled out my phone and started cruising craigslist.
Unfortnatly there was nothing I was comfortable doing. Everyone on the site was looking for something more exstream and I was just a newbi, not even sure how far I would go.
I could chicken out and have a pissed off Dom in front of me and that didn’t seem safe to me. So I posted my own ad.
It read.
Hi. I’m abbey. A 22 year old sissy princess. I’ve never actually been with a man but I’m looking to live out my fantasy as a girl. Looking for a older more established man to pick me up and take me home and treat me like a girl. Let me be girly for u. 😘
I hit send and took a breath.
I did it. After only a few minutes I was anxious. I imiditly opend my email and waited. I smoked and searched for my own ad. Just to make sure it posted. Nothing. At around 1 am I gave up. I was to tired. I denyed myself from cumming and picked a cute sleeping outfit and crawled into bed.
I woke up Thursday like a kid on Christmas. I shot up and grabbed my phone, checking my in box. 32 replys 😊. I was so happy. So many people wanted me. Or so I thought. It turns out allot of people are looking to just unload and go. No one wanted any part of my fantasy. Until I found him. His wife was away for two weeks on business. And she dose this regularly. He claimed that while she’s away he’s allowed to have house boys service him and his needs while she’s away. True or not. He had cloths that would fit and what he wanted was almost exactly what I pictured.
So we agreed to meet up and have coffee first. And things Went better then expected. He wasn’t a gorgeous man but he wasn’t ugly. He had some scruff on his face and dark hair. His eyes were brown and he was in decent shape. We talked for about an hour and decided what we were comfortable with and how it would work. We finished our drinks and I grabbed the bag I packed then hoped in his car and drove back to his place. It was a pretty nice house but I feel this is dragging on so I’ll just say it felt a little 70s.
So we got inside and he took my sweatshirt and asked if I was ready to start. I meekly knodded and he told me to strip down naked.
I did as he said and he commanded I turn. And he inspected my body. I could feel his eyes all over me. It felt weird. Degrading. Like I was an object. He said to himself “that’ll work.” He commanded me to the bathroom and told me to make sure I was shaved smooth everywhere. I did what I was told and when I was done he met me at the door with my outfit. A maids outfit. Complete with frilly hat apron leggings and black come fuck me heels. I fumbled nervously into the outfit and he helped me when I needed it. I stood up using him to keep my balance while I got used to the heels.
He let me go and I balanced. He smiled at me and said, “nice, so u can get used to the heels, and your new role, by cleaning the House.” I giggled a little because I didn’t believe him at first. Then I saw his face. I’m sorry. Whack!. He hit me, Slpped me actually. It wasn’t hard but it was stern and brought tears to my eyes. “Im sorry what.” He said sternly.
I’m sorry. Daddy. I said meekly.
Whack! This time the slap was on the other side, and harder. Im sorry master. I said tru tears, Quenched waiting for the next slap. But instead he laid his hands on my sides and said. “That’s OK pet”. I could tell I was in for a long day.
I turned to start and he stopped me. “I forgot one thing” he said. “Bend over” I did as told and he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. And in a swift slimy push there was a butt plug up my ass.
The pain and pleasure mixed with the day of edging, and I exploded. Filling my panties with cum, my legs gave out and I fell to my knees spasming as I came my asshole twitching around the plug. I could hear him laughing saying to himself. “This is going to be fun.” As I finished I sat up and began to apologize when he said. “You’ll revive punishment for it. Don’t worry, but we can’t have u in wet panties all day now can we” I shook my head no, Visably shaking in fear. “Take them off” He commanded, And I obeyd.
He took them from me and turnrd them inside out showing me the cum. “This is what happens to dirty girls.” He said smearing some of the cum over my right eye. Making it a little hard to see.He then shoved them in my mouth, cum first and said “hold” I did what I was told as he stepped away. He returned shortly with tape and did not hesitate, quickly tapeing my mouth shut, cum soaked panties trapped inside. “Now work pet.” And I wasted no time starting. I had no idea where to begin so I started with the dish’s. I just didn’t want to upset him again. Working was difficult with my mouth taped shut and the plug digging in my ass. Add the high heels And I was lost. I scrubbed his house for 4 hours and I knew when I was done when he stoped me. Asking, “what’s for dinner slut.” I moaned and gagged thru my full mouth. He smiled and chuckled at me. “Make me pork chops with mashed potatoes and a salad. And go ahead and make yourself a salad too.” I bowed and said yes master thank u master thru my gag. And he smiled and walked out of the kitchen. I fumbled around the kitchen looking for everything. But he obviously planned it.
Halfway thru cooking he came back. I turned to greet him but he turned me around and bent me over the counter. Yanking my panties to my knees he pulled the plug out and replaced it with his cock. I grunted as he began fucking me like a monster, ramming my little ass with no mercy. I could only brace, and do my best to relax and accept it, moaning like a slut the whole time. After a few minutes of him fucking me I felt him swell, and with one hard shove he lodge his dick deep inside me. Filling me with his hot sticky cum. When I was nice and full he pulled out and put the plug back in, trapping his cum inside.
“Get back to work” he comanded. And I whimpered as I finished dinner. When I was all done I sat the table and plated everything up. Then went and stoond next to master in his chair. I said nothing, trying not to be noticed. He finished his show the stood and turned to me. “Read?” He asked. And I nod yes. We then walk to the kitchen and he sits me down, the plug digging in as I do, he then undoes my gag and takes the parties, tossing them a side. Then took a seat across from me.
I sat in silince as he looked over everything. “Very nice” he said nodding his approval. Thank u master I said quietly. “Oh but one thing” he said. I looked up. Terrified. “U need a dressing for that salad.”
He said. With mischief in his voice. “Get up and pull your panties down”
I did as I was told. he grabbed my salad and placed it on the floor. “Now add your dressing” he commanded.
I knew what he was talking about. I squat over the salad slowly sliding the plug out and I can feel ropes of cum following it. I push as hard as I can. And my ass squeeks as I push the cum out onto the salad. I take a breath and look down. The salad is well covers in my anal mess. keep pushing. He said almost softly. I whimpered and gave another push. Another slimy rope came out with a fart and I got increadaby embarrassed. He began to laugh ad said “put your pug back in and come join me.” I put the plug in and began to stand up and he stopped me “no” he said sternly and I stopped. He pointed down to his feet. “Dogs eat on the floor” It took a minute for me to process but I listened and took my spot on the floor by his feet. I stared at my messy anal salad and thought about not eating it. But then his voice wrang out. “Eat” And I meekly obeyed. I took the first bite with my tongue only, and tasted the salty cum and the bitter taste of my ass. It was a bad salad. Warm gooey bitter but salty. I choked it down face first liking the bowl clean to please master and he patted my head when I was done 😊

I’ll finish the rest later. I didn’t relies how long this would take 😊

I’m sorry its so long. I hope u finish it. And part two will be out shortly. And if I missed any spelling errors I’m sorry.
How did I become so lucky

Request: Barry allen smut

warning: Smut

“You kicked ass”Cisco shouted as my boyfriend of 3 months came into star labs with a huge smile on his lips.I couldnt help but smile.The huge smile on his lips says it all.There was really somthing about how saving the world made Barry so happy.The lighting hitting him wasnt a freak accident it choose him and I could see why.I had been there from the begining as one of Barrys cloest friends.Saving people came natural to him he would do anything for anyone.

“You did great out there” I whispered as he wrapped his arms around my waist resting his head on my shoulder.

“Well I couldn’t do it without you”You could hear his happiness in his voice.I couldn’t help but laugh when Cisco so conviently coughed.

“And you Cisco”Barry laughed.

“You know it man” Cisco laughed.

“You look so beautiful today” Barry whispered as he planted a small kiss on my neck.

“Guys seriously get a room”Cisco shouted causing me to move away from Barry knowing I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.Although we had been together 3 months we had ever had sex.I had only had it once before and that was with my ex.He hurt me so much and I could never bring myself to let anyone in the way I let him in.Barry was the exception.He was my bestfriend so he knew everything.Everythig was diffrent with Barry from the way he treated me to the way he repected me.When I said no he never pushed it.That was the best thing about Barry he repected me.

“There’s plenty in star labs” I laughed.Cisco’s face was a picture is eyes were wide in shock.Barry on the other hand just smirked.

“Oh really” He whispered in my ear, his voice deep.I did nothing but bite my lip.

“Right now rainbow raider is dealt with Im gonna go back home via the shops do we need anything?”I asked Barry as I gave him a smal peck on the lips.Living with Barry had it down falls like his conest eating but it also had it percks like the midnight cuddles.

“No I will be home in a few hours”Barry smiled.I said my goodbyes to Cisco and quickly went off to the shops to grab a few things for tonight.As much as I was scared to let someone in again I was ready and really wanted this.By the time I had picked up some nice sexy underware and got home I knew it wouldnt be long till Barry would be home.I quickly went upstairs and tryed it on.It was a beautiful red lace bra with a matching thonge I thought I looked quite hot I searched through Barrys tops to find my favrote one of his.Barry made it clear he love me wearing his clothes so I quickly threw on his star lab jumper.I let my hair flow over my shoulders.With a red flash Barry was home I couldnt help but laugh as I went downstairs.

“Hey”I smiled.Barry quickly turned around to the sound of my voice is eyes widened.

“For real?”Barry said quietly.

“Im ready” I whispard as I walked closer to him closing the gap between the two of us.

“You sure?”

“As I can be”I smiled.

“Look you dont have to do this?”Barry resured but I wanted thi, I needed this.

“Shut up and kiss me”I commanded and with that Barrys lips were on mine his hands rested on my waist.It wasnt long before Barrys tounge traced my bottem lip begging for entrance.I dinied it wanting to havig some control.I felt one of his hands leave my waist.His hand slowley reached its way up my top and started to slowley massarge my breast.I let out a small moan Barry saw this as his opitunity to let him tounge explore my mouth.Barrys mouth broke away from mine causing me to pout.Barry shot me a smirk as his lips attached to my neck whie his hand stil massarged my boob.It wasnt ong before Barry found my sweet spot sucking and biting gently causing me to moan.I quickly became more needy a wet spot was forming in my panties.

“Barry” I moan, I needed more than this.

“Jump” Barry ordered and I do so within  a flash we were in our room.

“Lay down”Barry ordered this was a new side to Barry I hadnt been before but I liked it and did as I was told.I slolwey crawled onto the bed by the time I layed on the bed Barry was only in his boxers.A slight I had seen a few times but everytime it got more hot.I felt the bed dip as Barry climb onto the bed.Pulling at the hem of my top I sat up so he could pull it off.As Barrys lip connected with mine, I took the chance to flip Barry over as I was nnow straddling him.I attached my lips to his neck biting and sucking while I grinded my hips of his causing Barry to let out a loud moan.It was long before I could feel Barry clothed length beneath me getting harder.I moved slowley down.I felt Barrys eyes on me.I pulled down his boxers.I slowley moved my hand slowley up and down his hard lenghth.Barry hips thrusted up wanting begging for me.I shot Barry small smile.I moved my mouth closer to his length.

“Y/N”Barry breathed out through moans.I slowley licked up and down his length causing Barry to letout a moan.A desprate needy moan.I attched my mouth to his length slwoley bobbing my head up and down.The room became filled with Barrys moans.Barry thrusted in my mouth causing me to take all of his legth causing me to gag slightly but I took it all.I continued bobbing up and down.I felt Barrys body vibrate.I stopped.

“Sorry it happens when I get close”Barry reasured through breaths.I hummed causing Barry to realse his load into my mouth.I swolowed all of the salty substance.

“Wow, you ae amazing”Barry told me in a moan.

“Come here”Barry comanded.I did as he asked I slowley moved back up to his lips.His lips attached mine more desparte this time.Barry flipped me over so I was on my back.

“Time to pleasure you” He whispard in my ear.

“Sit up”I did as I was told.Within seconds my bra as off.Barrys eyes widned as he saw my exposed breasts.He planted small kisses down my neck onto my chest.His mouth attached to my nipple sucking hard as I let out small moans.His hand slwoely moved dwn my body.As it slipped under my panties My breathing hitched.Barry stopped removing his lips from my breast.

“You okay,” He asked as he looked into my eyes.

“Barry”I moaned desprate for his touch.A small smirk crawled onto barrys lips.He slwoley inseteced his finger causing me to let out a loud moan.He stopped for a few seconds to let me get used to the feeling before contunie.As his added anouther finger I was begging for more.His mouth inched closer to my heat.He removed his finger which caused me to le tout a whine.Before I could say anything his toung was inside me deep.I was moaning loudly my hips thrusted up .I felt a vibration.He couldnt of was he?He was vibrating his tounge deep inside of me.I was a moaning mess.I felt a tight knott in my stomach.

“Im gonna”Before I could finish my sentence, I let loose.Barry continued as I rode out my orgasm.As I came down from my high Barrys lips reatched to mine.I could taste myself.As soon as Barrys hands were on my breasts and I could feel his hard agsist my inner theigh I was ready again.

“Barry I need to feel you,” I said loudly.

“Anything for you”Barry whispard as he lined himself up with my entrance.I knodded telling him I was ready.He thrusted inside me.I let out a small wince of pain.Barry stopped letting me adjust to his size.I knodded again and Barry started to thrust in and out of me slowley.My nails digged into his back.I needed more.

“Faster” I moaned.Barry quickly picked up his speed.It wasn’t long before the room as filled with moans and screams of each others name.

“BARRY IM GONNA” I screamed as I reached the second orgasm of the night.

“Let go baby”He whispered in my ear.I felt his thrusts become sloppy as he reached his high.After we rode out our orgasms Barry collapsed beside of me.

“That was fun”I laughed trying to catch my breath.Whereas Barry was back to normal.

“It was”He smirked.

“We are doing that again”I laughed.

“Really?”He smirked.

“Course but right now I need ice cream and some painkillers”I smiled.

“Sore?”Barry asked already knowing the answer.I just knodded. “Back in a sec”Barry raced of within seconds he was back with 2 painkillers and some ice cream.How did I become so lcuky?


Loki threw insults at you left and right. You seemed the one that could easily be broken. No one of the Avengers really seemed to care of his actions. When he threw another one of his ‘smart’ insults the Avengers just laughed, you only looked up and looked back at what ever you were doing. You just 'brushed it off your shoulder’ as the midgardians said.

It was odd, you never seemed to crumble in the slightest. You always acknowledged his presence with a simple knod. All you did was mind your own business, never stuck your nose in anyone elses.

But strangley enough you were kind to him. In small actions that is. When you noticed that he was bored, you gave him a book. When he sat down on the couch while you were watching TV you just accepted it. But there were words on the screen- which he learnt was 'subtitles’- it seemed odd, the others don’t have the words on the screen but you do. When he was by himself at one of Starks’ parties you stood by his side, you weren’t one for words but you made indications that you heard him.

Then on this one day he walked in on you and Hawkeye talking… with your hands…no that that doesn’t seem right.

“What are you feeble-minded mortals doing with your hands?” Clint quickly paused to look up at the Asgardian with a slight smirk.
“Signing?” Loki narrowed his eyes and titled his confusion. Clint stopped the actions and fully turned toward Loki.
“Yeah, signing… well it’s actually called 'Sign Language’, it’s a way for us to communicate to those who are deaf and for them to communicate with us.”
“Deaf?” Clint sighed with a face palm.
“Really, you don’t know what deaf is?” He stated while looking up at Loki between his fingers. Clint quickly looked back at you and mouthed something in which you let out a little 'pfft’ hand covering your mouth, turning your head away from Loki although you were looking at him from the corner of your eye. “Deaf is when someone is lacking the ability to ear or has impaired hearing. An example of that is right here, (Y/N).” Clint motioned towards you.
“So (Y/N) hasn’t been able to hear me this whole time, yet they were still kind to me?” Loki question while looking at you, in which you knodded. And with that Loki Left.

Extended Ending
A cough was heard in front of Loki as he sat on the couch reading a book. He finished his sentence then looked up to find you, arms behind you back, looking to the side… cheeks pink? You’re eyes shifted to look at Loki and then you held a small, worn-out book out to him. Loki gently grabbed it with both hands and noticed a note on top of it.
I would love to Maybe we could soon have a proper conversation soon.

A Rowaelin Pregnancy

Authors note: This is a condensed version and contains ALL parts

Pregnant, with twins, twins, Rowan’s mate was sitting on her throne, cross-legged and irritable. His Fireheart hasn’t been able to wear her tunics and pants for well over two months and was stuck in empire-waisted gowns.

Standing at Aelin’s side, Rowan watched as his fireheart played with a weave of fire to blow of steam. He knew this pregnancy was hard on her and wished he could do something about it.

To make matters worse, Dorian and Chaol had come visit. Not for any real reason, just to talk about books with Aelin.

Getting up off the throne, Aelin announced, “I am going to the kitchen. And if you follow me I will pluck you Rowan Whitethorn Galathenius.”

Chaol raised his eyebrows and looked at Dorian who was trying not to laugh.

Rowan growled but said, “I could go for you, you know. You about to give birth, Aelin.”

Growling at him, Aelin said, “Really? Is that so. And here I thought I was gettingfat.”

At the door that he was standing guard, Fenrys stiffened. The heat in the room was rising.

Rowan raised his brows. Aelin sighed, lowering the temperature, “I want chocolate and I can damn well go get it myself. I am capable you know. Being pregnant does not make me an invalid.”

Slowly, choosing his words carefully, Rowan said, “I know that. Take Fenrys with you, he could use a walk.”

“If it will make his majesty feel better, I shall take wolf-boy with me. Maybe we’ll go out to the gardens and play fetch.” Aelin said, winking at Fenrys, who glared at her.

Opening his mouth, Aelin interrupted, “No, I’m not winnowing to the kitchen. Its right down the corridor for crying out loud. Stay here and talk about kingly things with Dorian.”

Before Rowan could say anything, Aelin stalked off down the hall with Fenrys right behind her. Rowan fought ever urge to follow his pregnant mate. His mind quickly flashed to Lyria.

“Rowan,” Dorian said, feeling the temperature drop significantly, “It’s going to be okay. She’ll be right back. Aelin is anything but defenseless.”

Not feeling any better, Rowan asked Dorian, “How is Manon? Have your Hand and she gotten along any better?”

Dorian winced, “Er, not really. But the number of times she’s threatened to skewer him as lowered, so there’s that.”

Chaol glared at Dorian.

Before Rowan could respond he smelled something sweet, followed by, “ROWAN, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW.”

In a blind panic, Rowan shouted back and ran, “Stay there, I’m coming to get you.”

Leaving Dorian and Chaol, Rowan ran down the hall. His mate’s water just broke and he wasn’t there.

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Ever since I saved you from that walker

Request for anonymous!

Imagine after getting to know Daryl more and more as the time goes on , you find yourself falling for him .

He was cold when you first met him . Cold and unforgiving . He also was the biggest hot head you ever met. Like if you were to just even say something in a tone he didn’t like or understand he would just flip his lid . But you didn’t expect much seeing as how his brother was . The two were just two peas in a very obnoxious pod . Although , after Merle was hand cuffed to the rough and eventually unable to be found , you saw for the first time something in him he didn’t want anyone to see . He had a heart . One that would do anything for the ones he cared about . And while at the moment he was only showing that side of himself for Merle , you hoped it would only be a matter of time till he would show that side to the rest of the group .

And to your surprise just later that night he did , but to you of all people . You were trying to protect one of the children at camp when a walker through itself on you and knocked you to the ground , sending your hatchet out of reach . You were struggling and thrashing against the walkers surprising weight . Your strength was slowly diminishing as the child screamed for help , but suddenly an arrow went right through its skull . You let out a harsh breath of relief as you then pushed it off of you , but without a chance to think you were being pulled off the ground. “ You alrigh’ ? ” Daryl asked , being the source of pulling . You nodded slowly as you were taking the whole moment in “ Thanks Daryl ” . He nods back at you , his eyes showing slight concern . You’d never forget that moment . Because it wasn’t just the moment where your life was saved , but it was the moment Daryl started to care for you .

It wasn’t long after that when you all got to the CDC . With a much smaller group than before you might add . You all were in such high hopes that this place would be your rescue , but in your gut you knew something was off . But you followed the group to the doors , avoiding the dead bodies that were cast all over the ground , and stayed silent in your doubts . Rick after all couldn’t take anymore of them . “ This ain’t lookin’ so hot . Ya’ got my back if this goes south ? ” Was suddenly whispered to you and you turned to find Daryl looking down at you . You nod at him “ I got yours if you got mine ” . He gives a curt nod to signal he agreed and the two of you stood closely in case the pact would be tested . You found it oddly comforting to be side by side with Daryl , but youd keep your thoughts to yourself .


After all the commotion Rick and Shane and eventually the walkers made , you were finally granted entrance into the building . Only to meet the last person in the entire building , Dr.Jenner . On request , you all gave blood to be tested for admittance and once done you were accepted fully into staying . Everyone eventually starting celebrating . Some drinking , some eating , and some just staring blankly out as they wished a loved one was still with them . Whilst you drank only a little and kept to yourself as you ate . You weren’t in the mood to celebrate considering all you had lost recently , but you wouldn’t ruin anyone else’s fun . Although to prevent that very thing , you eventually left the group and found a quiet bedroom . You sighed in relief as for the first time in such a long time , your ears were filled with a ringing silence . Instead of groans of walkers and children screaming and whatever else filled the decaying world around you .

It set you at ease at first , but then after awhile of it you found it too suspicious. Silence was now something that could kill you if you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings. To get it off your mind , you took a shower . A steaming hot shower in fact . And the sound of the water was just enough noise to keep you calm . You scrubbed anywhere there was dirt and it was like heaven, but to save hot water for whoever else was bunking with you , you got out . You put on clean clothes and stepped out of the attached bathroom only to find Daryl leaning against the wall across from you .

“ Thought I might find you here ” He rasped , a bottle in his hands . “ Didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s fun ” You simply explained as you then put your dirty clothes in your duffel . “ You aren’t happy ” He observed , his only boldness coming from the alcohol he intaked. You shook your head “ Its not that . I’m happy those who are still here are safe and alive . It’s just I’m not ready to celebrate when I’ve had no time to grieve what I’ve lost ” . Daryl stares at your back as he takes another swig “ Who’d you loose ? ” . You stalled for a moment . No one had asked you that before and you didn’t know quite how to answer the question. So instead , you sat at the edge of the bed that sat in the middle of the room and shrugged .

Even in his current state , which was buzzed enough that if he took another couple of sips he’d be drunker than a sailor , he knew the look in your eyes . He had the same look in his own . He had lost Merle and even before all of this his mom . And it looked like you had lost it all . “ A piece of advice ? ” Daryl offered . You looked up to meet his eyes as it was you way of telling him to continue . “ Sometimes the only way to make it through is by going under ” . You didn’t really understand what he meant then , but those words always stayed with you .


After the CDC blew and you were all on your way to fort Bennett, you all stopped on account of the RV . You took the chance to search random cars even before Rick had told everyone to , just to keep your mind off things . You figured if you stayed busy enough you’re mind wouldn’t wonder so here you were . The first couple of cars had little to nothing , but you kept searching . You found one that had a few shirts your size so you took them . You tossed them in your back pack and kept moving . The next few cars had little things like lighters , matches , can food , and oddly enough magazines .You stashed them all in your back pack figuring someone can make use of each of the things . You were about to continue when the all too familiar sounds of snarling filled the air and without thinking you hid in the nearest car .

Luckily there was a blanket in the back seat so you covered yourself with it hoping it would fool the walkers . It took what seemed like hours for the groans to fade away, but they did eventually . Only for you to find out sofia had went missing . Rick ran after her immediately you heard and while he was off you looked around to make sure everyone was there . Counting off to yourself, your eyes narrowed as you didn’t find a certain hunter . “ Where’s Daryl ? ” You asked to no one imparticular . Everyone around you looked around and when no one came up with his where abouts , you started to search for him . The last place you saw him was a few cars back from where you found the matches so you started your search there. You looked around every car that was near his last whereabouts , but found nothing .

Only when you turned around did you find a clue . Blood . You mentally sighed as that was never a good sign and you followed the trail till you eventually caught up to him and T-dog . Who turns out was the one bleeding . “ What happened T ? ” You quickly ask as you get under his other arm to help . “ Cut my arm trying to get away from them damn geeks ” He winces . You shake your head and continue to help him over to the rest of the group . They took over once you both got him there and once everyone’s attention was on him , you turned to Daryl “ I was starting to worry about you ” . He scoffs and dims his eyes at you like he didn’t believe you “ Yeah whys that ? ” . You shrugged “ Saw the blood . Didnt know what to think ” . He looks you up and down with a look you couldn’t quite describe , but you didn’t take too long trying to figure out as Rick was now coming back . Empty handed you might add .

Later that night you sat on the roof of a truck and stared up at the stars . You wondered where sofia was and if she was ok , but all you could do was hope . You almost scoffed at the word hope . You could say all you wanted to Carol that you hoped sofia was ok , but where was hope when half of the world was being killed off . You shook your head to yourself. “ Aye ” Daryl called from a few steps behind the truck . You looked over your shoulder “ Hey ” . He nodded to the empty spot next to you as if he was asking to sit . You nodded at him and turned your attention back to the sky . “ What are ya’ doing out here ? ” He asks you once he sat down . You shrug “ Cant sleep. You ? ” . He looks up to the sky as well “ Carols in there cryin’ and Blondie is in there angrily cleaning her gun or something . Makes it hard to think let alone sleep ” .

Knodding once again , you take a deep breath “ Between just you and me , do you think we’ll find her ? ” . Normally Daryl wouldve yelled at anyone who had doubts about Sophia and his ability to find her , but as he now looked at your face he couldn’t bring himself to . So he just calmly answered “ I’m gonna try ” . You bring your eyes to look at his “ I know you will … And if you ever need help or just want some company I’m around ” . Instead of answering he just stares at you . It wasn’t odd to you that he did . Somewhere along the lines you two made a language without words . And what he was saying was ’ I might just take you up on that’


By that time the next day , Rick , Shane , Lori, Carl , T-dog , Daryl , and you were all at the secluded farm of a man named Herschel . Shane and the man who shot Carl were out getting the supplies they needed for Carl’s surgery while you , t-dog , and Daryl sat around in the kitchen . T-dog’s arm was freshly dressed and he looked almost out of it thanks to Daryl . Or more like Merle . But you found humor in messing with T-dog in his current state . “ How many fingers am I holding up now ? ” You smirked as you held six in front of him . He slightly closed one of his eyes as he attempted to tell “ F-four ? ” . You laughed as he clearly couldn’t tell and only guessed four to make an attempt .

Daryl smirked from his place against the counter as he watched you . He couldn’t ever recall when the last time you laughed was . Actually, he couldn’t even remember a time you laughed . But he knew one thing , he liked it . “ How about now ? ” You asked as you now held up ten . He groans , a laugh spilling out “ Why are you doing this to me Y/N ? ” . You shrugged and leaned back in your seat “ It amuses me ” . “ Leave the poor guy alone Y/N . He’s probably out of his mind by now ” Daryl smirks . You smile his way and playfully sigh “ Fine fine . We might as well get him to a bed then ” . Daryl smirks a little at you before nodding and the both of you then help the man to a guest bedroom . After getting him into bed and under the covers , the two of you go outside so Daryl could smoke .

“ Haven’t seen ya’ laugh before ” Daryl tells you . You watch him eye you out of the corner of his eyes “ I guess it’s a night for miracles then ” . He scoffs after blowing out smoke from his mouth “ Yeah ” . He take a few more drags of the cigarette before he says anything again “ Ya’ still got my back ? ” . Without missing a beat you answer him “ Of course . You got mine ? ” . He looks over your way and stops only for a moment to get a good look at you . At first , he was doing so to see if you were telling the truth , but after finding you were he continues to stare . He notices little things he hasn’t before . Like the way your lips were the shade of picture perfect petals of a flower , and the way your eyelashes seemed to go on endlessly. They casted a perfect shadow that was only showed up by your sparkling eyes . A breath got caught in his throat for the first time in his life and he quickly looked away . After awhile he found his voice “ You seem to be the only one here with their head out of their ass . So yeah I got your back ” . You wondered for A moment why having you watching his back was so important to him .

But you wouldn’t ask him . He would only distance himself and you were liking the new found friendship you had with him . “ I was thinkin’ of askin’ the old man if I could borrow one of his horse tomorrow so I could go look for Sophia ” Daryl tells you of his plans . “ Be careful out there ” You say non chalantly. “ Yeah… Maybe you could come? Having someone watching my back would help when I’m trying to focus on Sophia ” He then almost seemingly whispers . Smiling , you nod at him “ Sure . We can leave at dawn ” . Daryl could feel himself start to smile , but to cover it he took another drag of his fading cigarette. It was quiet after that and you two suited into a comfortable silence . One it seemed you could only get with him .

As the weeks went on and stability was finally found on the farm , it seemed the search for Sophia was almost useless . Day by day you and Daryl would search for the girl from sun up to sun down. Only to come back with the same results each time . You could see how people were starting to doubt the status on Sophia and it broke your heart to see her own mother doubt it . But somehow Daryl never lost faith . And in his never ending faith , you found some .

The two of you were currently returning from a search just now and you could tell he was upset with himself for not finding her yet . You wanted to console him , but you didn’t know if it was your place . Or the best time either . So you just walked beside him in silence . Or atleast you tried to , but after awhile you gave in “ Daryl ? ” . He didn’t respond , but looked your way instead . “ Don’t beat yourself up . Each day you’re out there means another day closer to finding her ” You offer a smile . He dimmed his eyes at you , but looked ahead as if he thought other wise . “ Don’t let your doubts say other wise ” You add . Stopping in place , Daryl turns to you “ Why are you so kind to me ? Everyone else thinks I’m an asshole ” . Your eyebrows furrowed “ Well I’m not them . You haven’t always been the kindest to me ,but you’re the only friend I have . And you treat your friends kindly , even when they are assholes ” . You smiled widely at your own words, but Daryl just stared at you . These past weeks the two of you had gotten so close and he never could understand how somehow someone like you wanted to have anything to do with him , let alone be friends .

“ I’ve never had a friend before ” . It was the saddest thing you had ever heard , but you smiled still “ Well you have one now . You could even say were best friends . Yeah , I like that . We’re best friends now ” .He laughs at you , a true smile on his face “ Best friends it is ” . You nod and out stretch your pinky finger to him . He slowly stops laughing and looks at your finger in confusion “ What ? ” . You shake it for emphasis “ Pinky promise we’ll always be best friends. Till the end ” . Normally anyone else would’ve laughed at your childish action , but he smiles at you instead and hooks his pinky with yours . Smiling up at him you say “ Now you never have to be friendless again ” . He shakes his head as he smiles , you were something else . “ Now come on let’s get some dinner ” You suggest . Without having to agree , he walks by your side all the way back to the farm . It was about a twenty minute walk , but it wasn’t so bad with Daryl by your side. Arriving , you were met with sad expecting faces of the group and it saddened you by the second .

“ Any luck ” Rick asked the two of you , but you just shook your head . “ We’ll try again tomorrow ” You promised , looking towards Carol now . She gave you a half smile in return and you nodded at her . “ Y'all are just waisting your time ” Shane grumbled to himself , but you heard him . You glared his way, but he wouldn’t dare look up . While you were kind , most of the people here knew what you were capable of . Especially now that Daryl was teaching you new ways to protect yourself .He’d be an idiot to start a fight with someone like you. “ Shut up ” Daryl growled his way and you quickly changed the subject . “ What’s left ? ” You ask Glenn as he was the closest one two the two plates they reserved for you and Daryl. He gives you an iffy look that suggested he didn’t like what they had for dinner , but he handed the two of you plates anyways . Thanking him , you grab a fork from the little bin the group kept silverware in and left to your tent to eat . You weren’t the type to sit around people when they were all stressed and sad so this was where you had been eating the past couple of nights .

Sometimes Daryl would join you , but by the look on his face tonight you believed he was going to go straight to bed without eating . You made a mental note to bring him something to eat to make sure he got something on his stomach before he falls asleep . With that thought in mind , you tried to finish eating as quickly as you could so you could catch him before he fell asleep . Finishing , you take your plate back to the group so the ladies could wash it tomorrow and you pick up Daryl’s. As you started to walk away , someone grabbed the edge of your shirt “ Hey ” . You turned around to see it was Rick . “ Hey ” . He quickly let go of your shirt and motioned you to squat down so he could say something to you . You did as requested “ What’s up? ” . “ You mind coming with Shane and I on the search for Sophia tomorrow ? ” He asks , a pained expression on his face . “ Why ? ” You ask confused on why he would ask . Before answering you , Rick looks at Shane with a expression that had mistrust evident in it . You looked between the two men and sucked in a breath . They had a hatred underneath their thick skin for one another .

“ I’ve seen the way you’ve taken down walkers . If Shane were to make a move on me … you would have no problem taking him down ” Rick answered . Your forehead creased with intensity at what he was asking you , but you shook your head non the less “ Alright ” . He gave you a short lived smile in thanks , but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile back . Instead , you just went back to your task . You then made the long walk to Daryl’s tent and hoped he hadnt fell asleep yet . Once there , you quietly called his name from outside his tent . There was some shuffling instead of an answer and soon enough Daryl was unzipping the entrance . “ Did I wake you up ? ” You asked in a small voice , afraid that you had . He shook his head , his eyes interlocked with yours. He searched your eyes for the usual spark they had , but he soon realised something was wrong . “ What’s wrong ? ” . Your instinct was to shrug as if he would believe you didn’t know , but you just continue to stare at him . His lips form a fine line at you “ Come ‘ere ” . He moved aside to let you have room to come inside his tent and you accepted his invite .

Once the two of you were comfortable in his tent and he started to eat , he simply asked “ You gonna tell me ? ” . Staring once again , you shook your head “ Rick asked me to come with him and Shane on their search for Sophia tomorrow ” . Daryl stopped eating as you finished and he looked up at you with a spark of anger in his eyes “ Why ” . You tilted your head to the side as he wasn’t asking , but stating . “ He wants me to make sure if Shane trys anything .. That I’ll drop him ” . Daryl dimmed his eyes at you “ What’d you say ” . You started to get the uneasy feeling that Daryl was getting angry at you , but you answered him . “ I said alright ” . His eyes suddenly bore into you and it felt as if you could feel his gaze on your skin . You could feel yourself wanting to crawl into a metaphorical shell at the moment. “ He shouldn’t have asked you to do that ” He growled . You shook your head “ I don’t think he really wanted to in the first place . You should’ve saw his face ” . As if all at once , Daryl rose to his feet “ Who is he to put you in danger ! ” .

You slightly flinched as you didn’t expect him to yell . “ Am I the only one around here who won’t put you in danger ! I mean wasn’t it just last week Lori was asking you to run off and get her some shit off a fucking list like it was no big deal ! Like sending you alone out there is just a walk in the park ! ” . You watched as he balled his hands into fists and you slowly stood to your feet “ Daryl - ” . “ No ! Don’t sit there and tell me it will be ok ! You’re too fuckin’ kind and they use it ! They use you ! ” He interrupts to continue putting his rage into words . His chest rose and fall with rapid breaths as he had clearly worked himself up . “ Daryl it’s really ok . You and I have both seen how Shane looks at Rick . Ricks right to be paranoid and if he is that worried Shane is gonna try something then yes I will be there . Didn’t you teach me all those moves for situations just like that ? ” You tried to reason , but it only seemed to piss him off more . “ The reason I teach you these things is because of any moment that I’m not there to protect you I want you to be able to protect yourself ! That doesn’t mean I want you going out and throwing yourself into the lions den ! ” .

You entangled your hand into your hair as you sighed out of stress “ I’m just trying to help . If I have a chance to save his life and I just let the opportunity slip through my fingers and tomorrow Shane comes back with some sob story about how Rick was surrounded by walkers and there was nothing he could do , do you know how awful I’d feel ? How hard do you think it would weigh on me to know that Rick was not only murdered , but taken away from a wife and child ? ” . Daryl groaned loudly and you stepped back “ And what do you mean if you’re not there to protect me ? Do you honestly think im that fragile ? ” . He glared at the wall without an answer . “ Huh ? ” You pursued . Daryl snapped his head in your direction “ You know what I think ? ” .You waited for his response , but first he walked towards you until he towered over you . “ You really want to know ? ” . You nodded as you swallowed harshly . Daryl looked down on you as if he knew he was going to regret what he said “ I think you’re weak . I think that if you are left without someone to protect you that you’ll be walker chow by the end of the day . And I’m tired of having to be responsible for you ” .

You turned your face away from him as you felt tears well up in your eyes “ If t-that’s the way you feel ” . You knew your voice sounded weak , but you tried to believe it sounded strong on your behalf . “ Yeah that’s the way I feel ” . You nodded slowly to yourself and found that your feet had a mind of their own as you backed your way out of the tent . You felt as if your feet wanted to give way underneath you as you were finally out of sight , but you forced them to atleast get you back to your tent . And once you were there , you fell on your ass with a sob leaving your mouth . Your only friend in the world had just turned away from you and it shattered your heart . But what you couldn’t understand was why . Why was loosing him so devasting that your own heart was breaking .

… Did you somewhere along the lines fall for him?

The next day came faster then you wanted . Somewhere around three to four in the morning you finally fell asleep , but only two hours later did you wake up by habit . You laid in bed for awhile after you woke up , too numb from last night to even care about getting up . You felt now as if you couldn’t feel a thing . It was like your heart had went into shock and to prevent from anymore of it your feelings were just on hold. This happened to you once before , so you knew what to expect . It was when you had to kill your first walker . It happened to be your neighbors daughter who couldn’t have even been four yet . And while you knew it wasn’t the sweet little girl that you use to watch every day until her mom got home , it killed you to end her life . You shuddered as you remembered the sound her frail body made as it hit the ground . It took awhile after that to even feel anything again , but Daryl seemed to bring you out of the whole you had fallen in . But now ? It felt as nothing changed .

You stared blankly at the wall of your tent for awhile in deep thought , until someone called for you outside of your tent . You didn’t even try and recognize who’s voice it was and only stuffed your face into your pillow , wishing you could just be somewhere else . Anywhere else . “ Y/N ? Girl you gotta get up ” The voice called for you again , this time laughing . You groaned and pulled yourself from your air mattress to see who was disturbing you . Yanking the flap open , you glared at the person on the other end of the opening. It was Shane surprisingly and he held a smirk on his face that read he was clearly amused at the situation . “ Well good morning princess . When you decide to put some pants on why don’t you meet us outside ? ” He said as he pointed with his thumb to where you were meeting them all . “ Not that I don’t enjoy the view ” He then winks and you roll your eyes . You then shut your tent entrance and shuffle over to your clothes . You pull on a pair of jeans and pull over a plaid shirt over the tank top you were wearing .

You then stuff your boots on your feet and pull your hair into a messy bun . You couldn’t bother doing much with your appearance today so you only grabbed your weapons after . You then stepped out of your tent , a pissed expression on your face . You really didn’t want to deal with anyone today , but you , reluctantly , walked over to where Rick had assembled the able bodies to look for Sophia. You found a place by t-dog and he gave you a confused look as you didn’t even bother saying good morning . Which was out of character for you . “ You alright ? ” He whispered to you and you barely looked at him in return as Daryl made his way over . T-dog looked between the two of you as he could see you were avoiding eye contact with Daryl . He let out a harsh breath as he could feel the tension . Rick looked around the group as he now sensed it to and narrowed his eyes at you . “ She’s just mad cause I woke her up ” Shane joked , as he thought it was the reason for you being angry . “ Maybe it’s because I don’t like having being hit on right after ” You snarled back , your middle finger extending his way . “ What ” Andrea and Daryl said at the same time, anger clearly now in their voices .

“ Oh shit ” T-dog whispered , scratching the back of his head awkwardly . And in an instant , Daryl was throwing himself at Shane like an enraged bear . Your eyes widened as Rick and T-dog quickly had to separate the two . It was a string of curses being thrown at one another and you could see that Rick ans T-dog were having trouble holding the two back . “ Oh what you gonna be mad cause it took me all of two minutes to hit on her when it’s taken you more than three months ! ” Shane yelled at Daryl , hitting the harshest nerve that he could . Daryl stilled all at once as if he had just been hit with a brick . Looking at his face , you felt the overwhelming need to stand up for him , but you remembered his harsh words from last night and decided against it . “ Shut the fuck up ! You dont know what you’re talking about ! ” Daryl yelled once he got himself together . Shane laughed sarcastically “ I get it , I do man . We’ve all seen Y/N . She’s practically center fold material. And you get all choked up when you see her . But I would’ve sealed the deal already man ” . Before you could stand up for yourself , Daryl broke through T-dog and threw Shane to the ground . In less than a second Shane had blood dripping from his nose and lip . “ Don’t you ever fucking talk about her like that ! ” Daryl yelled between his punches .

Rick and T-dog tried their hardest to pull him off of Shane , but to no avail . So without thinking , you rushed over behind him and grabbed one of his arms as it raised to strike Shane again “ Daryl stop! ” . You felt his arm go weak in your hands at the sound of your voice and he looked over his shoulder at you with angry eyes . “ He isn’t worth it ” You whispered . He pondered over your words for a moment before getting off of Shane , but kicked him in his side one last time “ You hit on her again or even look her way your dead ” . You tugged on Daryl slightly so that you could get him away from everyone before he did something he would regret. You walked him over to his tent and let go of him once you two were there . You two were then left with an awkward silence and at the thought of his words from last night you said “ I’ll just be going ” . You turned on your heal to leave , but Daryl grabbed your wrist “ Don’t ” . You turned so that you were facing him and gave him a confused look “ I thought you were tired of me ? ” . With guilt in his eyes , he shook his head “ I’m not .. I just got so mad at them for putting you in danger and I knew that you could take care of your self , but I just didn’t handle it well . And I’m not tired of you . I just
.. I push people away when .. ” He stopped as he was looking for the right thing to say .

You waited with hopeful eyes as he tried to think of what to say. Finally he had a ’ Just screw it ’ moment and grabbed your hand “ I pushed you away because I know the way I feel about you . I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop wanting to be around you , I can’t stop wanting to hear your voice or see your smile .. I know you said you wanted to be best friends , but I want .. need more then that with you ” . You could feel your heart thumping against your chest and a warm feeling settle in your heart “ Really ? ” . He nods , a smile cornering his lips “ Really ” . You looked down with a smile at the two of your hands and felt yourself blush as he rubbed his thumb over the skin of your hand . “ I was heart broken last night and I couldn’t understand why. But it was because somewhere along this crazy path we’ve been on .. I fell for you ” You told him . He smiled at you softly as you looked back up to him . “ I’ve been falling for you since I saved you from that walker back at camp ” He tells you honestly .

“ What made you take this long to tell me ? ” You ask . He gives you a shy look that says it all and you just smile “ That’s ok ” . Slowly , he attempts to pull you closer . You take the hint and move towards him until your head is resting on his chest . Your ear was placed over his heart and you listened to the hyper rhythm.

“ How could I ever tell you when you do this to me ? ” He asks , a proud smile on his face to have you in his arms .

I saw her the first time seven years ago. She had walked into my classroom to visit the girl sitting next to me.

I remember thinking, “I have to know what she looks like when she’s laying on the grass on a warm summer night watching the stars; I have to know if she feels infinite. I have to know how she likes her coffee every morning. I have to know if anyone has ever kissed her selfishly, wanting more of her. I have to know why she has sad eyes but a smile on her face. I have to know what (or who) goes through her mind just before she falls asleep at night. I have to know if she’s ever got lost in a book. I have to know what she looks like when she’s sleeping. I have to know her. I have to. I have to know every part of her. I want her. I want every part of her…”

The bell rang. Class was over. I had been watching her for 20 minutes, taking her in.

I remember waiting a few seconds for her to leave the classroom first, just to watch her some more as I followed behind.

I remember asking a friend of mine, “Who is that girl?” Knodding towards this girl. “- - - - - - - - -, why?” my friend asked. “No reason,” I said looking behind me just to see this girl one last time…

Three years would pass, I would get a friend request from her on Facebook.

I remembered her. I remember wondering about her for those three years…

We spoke everyday for two months.

Finally. Finally, we collided. She was mine. This girl was mine…

It’s been four years since she’s been gone. Four years ago she would make a decision that would ruin us, ruin me. Four years ago, the daises in my heart died. Four fucking years ago, a part of my soul died.

Seven years ago, I fell in love with someone who I never even knew.

—  My heart is still heavy.
first time kian lawley imagine

 Warning smut :)

I had been with kian for around 6 months now but I had known him most of my life he was my best friend.I love kian with all my heart but we had never been further than a good make up session on the couch.The truth was I was still a virgin.I was brought up to believe no sex before marriage but I couldn’t wait anymore. Kian was the one and I knew it.He knew me like the back of his hand and he knew I couldn’t get my mind of something but little did he know that something was ripping his clothes off.It was the day after the teen choice awards and we was having a lazy day to celebrate.I was so proud of kian winning choice you tuber. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved it more.You can tell in every video how much his fans mean to him. “Where you going”I asked kian as he got up from the couch and went to go up stairs. “Need to film to say thank you for the fans”Kian said as he ran up stairs to grab all the stuff he needed.My mind started to wonder about what it would be like my first time I was well aware that kian was not a virgin so I was worried would I be good enough for him?There was one time where we was making out of the couch his hand started to go up my top and I tensed and moved away from kian.I apologized but he insisted we would do it when  I was ready and the truth was now I am.He had been so sweet with it all, he understood that I wasn’t ready and never tried to push me into anything even when he was drunk. He never over stepped the mark.While kian started his video I went to change.I changed into a black lace bra  and some lace underwear and put one a low cut vest top and some shorts.I wasn’t sure how to show kian I was ready but I knew by changing into this outfit it would turn kian on.I herd kian wrap up his video so I decided to go down stairs.“done?”I asked as I sat back on to the couch.“wow”Kian said as he looked me up and down.I just gave him a smirk.“though we was having a lazy day”Kian asked as he joined me on the couch.“We are I just fancied changing its hot”I stated as I kissed kian.“GUYS GET A ROOM”Jc shouted as he walked in.We both just laughed.Me and jc were really close and although I  know it might be awkward I knew he was the one to ask about kian.“Im going to the supermarket need anything?”Jc asked.I had to get some new make up so I went with jc while kian edited his video.“y/n”Jc asked as we drove back from the supermarket.“I need some advice”I said avoiding eye contact.“You want to know what kian likes in bed don’t you”Jc said bluntly I almost chocked on my iced tea.I just nodded.“Don’t force it okay? But kian likes when a girl is dominant but he will take over.I will go out later okay and give you to some alone time “Jc said raising his eye  brows at the last bit.I took jc advice on bored. How was I meant to be dominate I had never done it before. *few hours later* Jc made his excuses and left me and kian alone. Kian was still editing his video when I had a sudden erge to have him right there.“Babe”I said and kian turned around to face me i took this opportunity to straddle him and attached my lips passionately to his.He smiled into the kiss and his tongue begged for acsess. Thinking about what jc had said i didn’t let him.Without thinking his hand started to up my top unlike before i didn’t stop him.One of his hands started to massage my boob it felt weird but i couldn’t help but let a small moan out which kian saw as a opportunity for his tongue to explore my mouth.I started grinding  a little on kian. I  soon felt kians bulge grow.Then he stopped.

“y/n”He said removing his hand and his lips from me.I just sat there. didn’t he want this? was i do it wrong?“Am i doing it wrong”I asked in which i got a small smile.“You sure you want to do this you don’t have to”Kian said as he gently moved me from him and stood up.“Im ready kian”I told him as i looked in his eyes a huge smile came on his lips.He grabbed my hand and moved towards the bed.he sat on the bed and pulled me on top of him.he reattach his lips to mine. I became needy I wanted him more than ever. I quickly removed his shirt. Kian noticed how needy I was and quickly took off my shirt his eyes widened when he saw my bra. “

 Lay down on the bed” he whisper and I did as I was told he attached his lips my neck almost instantly sucking on my sweet spot “ Babe wait “I said and Kian almost instantly stopped and looked at me his eyes filled with worry I gave him a reassuring smile .I got up from the bed and slowly removed my shorts I pushed Kian on the bed and started to rub his clothed length he let out a small moan I   loved hearing Kian moan I quickly moved kians jeans along with his boxers letting his hard length spring free. I knew what to do, i had read enough smut to know.My head moved closer to the tip.I licked the precum off the top of kians length, kian let out a small moan.I quickly started to attach my mouth to the rest of his length .I started to suck hard and hard.Moaning started to escape kians mouth.He thursted making me take his whole length. I gagged a few times.It tasted weird but was worth hearing kian moan my name.

“Babe im gonna”Kian breathed out through moans.I just hummed against his length and it sent him over the edge.Sending the salty white substance into my mouth.I moved my mouth away from kian swallowing him cum.Kian had a huge smirt on his face.He pulled me to him.Kissing me deeply he quickly flipped me over so i was on my back on the bed.

“Babe youre a natural”Kian said between kisses as he unhooked my bra and attached his lips to my nipple while he massaged the other with his hand.I let out a moan enjoying the sensation.His mouth left my nipple and he started to kiss down my stomach.He quickly removed my lace underwear. His fingers traced over my entrance. My hips buckled.buckled. Kian let out a small laugh about how much I wanted this.He entered a finger, I threw my head back emmedity enjoying it.He entered another finger while his thumb massaged over my clit.I became a moaning mess.

“Babe Imm soo close”I said through moans.moans. Kian removed his fingers whihc caused me to sigh.Kian lined him self up and attached him lips me to mine.His lust filled eyes met mine.

“This is going to hurt, if you want me to stop just say. okay?”Kian said.I just knodded.Kian slowly thrusted into me.I winced in pain.Kian held himself there while i adjusted to his size.I knodded telling him i was ready.As he thursted back in and out tears came streaming down my face.

“Do you want me to stop?”Kian asked as he wipped away the tears.I shook my head.Kian thursted again the pain soon turned into pleasure.I let out a loud moan.Kian picked up his pace.Hitting my g-spot again and again.

“Kiannn”I moaned.

“Baby you so tight”Kian moaned.The next few minuites the room was filled with moans and screams of eachothers name.My nails dug into kians back as he thursted.

“Babbbeee Im gonna”I screamed.

“Me too baby”Kian moaned.Within seconds our juices mixed together and kian thursted a few more times as we rode out our high.Kian pulled out of me and layed next to me on the bed pulling the blanket over our bodys.

After about 10 minuites, kian looked over to me.

“I love you”He said as he put on his clothes.

“I love you to”I said as slipped my clothes back on.I winced in pain.

“Sorry baby youre going to be a bit sore”Kian said as he came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my neck.

“Its okay its worth it”I chuckled. 

Secrets - Part 3 (Cake)

Part 1

Part 2 


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She stood in the waiting room, feeling as though her heart was in her throat. Just a few hours ago she was kissing Luke, and now she was waiting outside Calum’s hospital room as the boys went in to see him. She didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t know if she was ready to face him.

She breathed deeply, feeling like there was hardly any air in the room. Her stomach dropped when she noticed Ashton peaking his head out of the door way waving for her to come in. She stood there frozen in place, feeling a sudden jolt of panic wave through her body.

Ashton approached her, “Cal is asking for you, y/n, hes doing a lot better, but he’s still real confused about a lot of things.. he kind of has like.. amnesia” he tried to say the word without a smile but he couldn’t. “It’s kind of ironic,” he defended letting out a small chuckle.

“Amnesia?” she said slowly, “What is he confused about?”

“Well to start he didn’t even know we’re on tour right now, or that the band is pretty popular.. he thought we were still in Sydney.. that he got hurt at futbol practice or something.”

“What?” she paused trying to understand, “Then .. how does he know about me?”

“We told him there was a beautiful girl outside waiting to see him.. he started to put it together.. kind of .. come in and talk to him.” Ash put a hand on her shoulder, begining to guide her towards the door.

She entered the hospital room hesitantly, not looking directly at Calum at first. She was so nervous, even more so when her eyes found Luke’s, he bit his lip, not letting on at all what he might be thinking.

She looked at Calum now, who was sitting up in his hospital bed. He had a black eye and a bandage covering his left temple where he hit his head and the doctors stitched him up.  

“I was wondering when the girl from the pictures would come in to see me.” Calum said sounding excited. She noticed a few picture around the room of Calum with friends and family, and a few of the two of them with his arms wrapped around her.

“Hey Cal,” she said walking over to the side of his bed. He turned to get a good look at her.

“You’re beautiful” he said and she felt her heart flutter.

“Thank you,” she said softly, blushing a bit.  

“So you’re my girlfriend, ey? An American?” he chuckled, “Its like I woke up in an alternate universe, this is amazing.”

She didn’t laugh at his joke. Instead she lifted his hand in hers, “I’m glad you’re ok Cal, It’s been a crazy couple days.. I was really worried about you.”

He watched her carefully, “I hate that I can’t remember you,” he said frustratedly, “Its like I’m trying so hard but theres nothing there, but some how I knew.. when you walked in the room.. I knew I loved you.”

Her heart sank and she swallowed hard. She could feel Lukes eyes burning holes in her back. A million thoughts rushing through her mind at once.

“I need to know everything,” he continued, “about you.. about us.” he insisted.

She shook her head, not knowing how to feel. This was the guy she fell in love with, not the guy who broke her heart.

A smile crossed her lips and she weaved her fingers into his. “You wake up from a coma and find out you’re a rockstar and you want to know everything about me?” she giggled a bit like a little girl.

“The doc says its short term memory loss, things are gonna start coming back to me in a few for now you’re my priority.. all the other crap can wait.”

“Ay man,” Michael chimmed in, “at least listen to some of our songs or something.” he laugh.

Calum didn’t take his eyes off of her, it was like there was no one else in the room. “How are you mine?” he said shaking his head, “How did I convince you to date me?” he asked laughing a bit.

She jumped when she heard the nurse come into the room, “Okay gang,” she announced, “Visiting hours are over.. you can come back tomorrow.”

Calums face fell when he realized they had to leave him, more because she would be leaving too. He girpped her hand tighter as the boys began walking out of the room. “You’ll be back in the morning?” he asked sadly, “I don’t want you to leave.” Her heart fell.

“Of course Cal, Ill be here first thing.” she assured him with a smile, “Here, give me your phone.” He handed it to her and she opened an imessage to herself, “Here..” she handed the phone back to him, “If you can figure out how to use this thing you can text me as much as you want.” She gave him a wink and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, promise.”

She left the room, meeting the rest of the guys in the lobby. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at Luke, she was so confused. As they all filed into the escalade that was taking them back to their hotel she felt her phone vibrate a couple times. Once she sat down she unlocked her phone.

C - Hey beautiful
C - girlfriend
C - I miss your smile already

She locked her phone quickly, feeling Lukes eyes on her. She looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes that had pulled her into his embrace the last few days. She had found comfort in him when she was hurting because of Cal.. but now.. what now?

Calum doesn’t even remember her.. he surely does not remember the other girl, right? He doesn’t know what he did to her, how he hurt her, how she was leaving him. Everything was different now.. if she wanted.. things could go back to the way they were.. she could have a fresh start with the guy she thought she loved .. but then theres Luke.

She typed out a quick reply before getting out of the SUV,

- I’ve been missing you for a while now

She locked her phone, shoving it back into her pocket before following the guys into the hotel.

Luke grabbed her hand once they entered the lobby. Stopping here as Mikey and Ashton got into the elevator. He pulled her along down the hall into an empty conference room where they were away from prying eyes.

Once inside, he reached around her to close the door behind them, being sure to brush his hand on her waist. There was that feeling again, it came instantly with his touch.. she wanted him.. and she knew it was fucked.

“What are we doing in here Luke?” she asked.. partly knowing what was coming next.

“We need to talk,” Luke pressed, “This is the most fucked up thing ever .. you know that?”

She knodded her head, feeling the same way.

“Thats my best friend and I couldn’t be happier that he is okay .. but fuck I hated watching that.. the way he talked to you, the way he looked at you.. like it was all new .. and you.. I saw that look in your eyes too .. and you know what? FUCK.. part of me cant wait til he realizes what a piece of shit he was to you because you know what fuck him.. I told him to stay away from her.. I reminded him how perfect you are.. told him it would be a mistake if he did anything that would hurt you .. fuck him he deserves to lose you.. not a second shot.”

She looked at Luke carefully, tilting her head a bit and looking deeply into his eyes. Her heart was torn, how did things get so complicated? There was just so many secrets, she couldn’t contain them all much longer.

“I was leaving him,” she wispered half heartedly, “Thats where I was the other night .. waiting to board a plane home.”

He looked down to the floor, tilting one of his black chucks on its side awkwardly. He raised his gaze slowly to meet hers, “I’m sorry,” he wispered, “this can’t be easy for you.”

She exhaled deeply almost laughing, she shook her head slowly, closing her eyes. “I told him I hated him, that I never wanted to see his face again .. and when I said it .. I meant it,” she paused for a moment, “He broke me, Luke, my heart was in pieces.”

He reached out for her hand, but she pulled away gently, not wanting to deny him .. but knowing his touch would only bring her closer.

“You know what the sick part of this all is?.. you’re right .. when we were in that hospital room today.. that was the guy I fell in love with.. he was charming and funny and being close to him made my heart beat faster .. it made me want everything to go back to what it once was .. before I knew…” she paused trying to hide her emotions, “before I knew there was someone else.. and now? thats a possibility now… things could go back to the way they were” She looked up at Luke, who now had a defeated expression across his face.

She bit her lip and reached up to put a hand on his cheek, “I didn’t finish,” she wispered, “The even more fucked part is I’m standing here with you and it’s taking everything in me to resist you Luke .. How did this happen?” she shook her head again, “Why can’t I stop thinking about you?”  

She felt her phone buzzing in her pocket again, she took it out and saw new texts from Calum. Luke looked down at the phone in her hand as well.

“You should probably answer him,” he said unconvincingly.

C- Soo start telling me everything I need to know beautiful
C- Whats your favorite color?
C- Your favorite song?
C- How did we meet?
C- God, I have a million questions for you beautiful

She looked up to meet Luke’s stare, “I.. I don’t know what to do, Luke.”

He shrugged his shoulders with the same defeated look on his face, “I guess you’ll figure it out soon enough.” He walked past her and through the doors out into the lobby of the hotel.

She stood there, feeling more helpless then ever.. Luke was right.. she needed to figure this out… soon. She sank to the ground, pulling her knees into her chest. Her heart had gone from broken into pieces to simply torn in two.. and she didn’t know which was worse. She pressed her forehead to her knees, “FUCKKKKKKK” she screamed into her thighs, hoping noone could hear her.

She lifted her phone, punching in her reply:
- Purple
- Choosing a single song as my favorite is impossible
- You pushed Luke and he knocked directly into me outside of a Starbucks in Manhatthan… coffee spilt all over my notes for an exam I had that day.. I freaked out .. and long story short, somehow you convinced me to skip class and come to your show instead.. that you’d make it up to me and that I wouldn’t regret it. You were very charming, cocky, but charming.

She felt herself smiling at the memory.

- I always wondered if you did it on purpose to get my attention, but you’d never tell me

Her mind wandered back to Luke.. what would things have been like if it was him that day, begging her to come to his show? Would they have ended up together?

Her chest tightened at the thought.. Could Luke have felt this way about her all along? Had Calum pushed him into her on purpose.. because he’s so shy? She shook her head trying to clear her mind of the idea.. no way.

Her phone buzzed again:
C- either i did it on purpose or im the luckiest guy in the world ;)
C- I cant wait to see you tomorrow beautiful, havent stopped thinking about you since the second you left

Part 4 (ending)

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“What do you see in him,” I asked her.

“What do I see in him? I mean have you seen him! He’s hot! He’s soooo good looking I swear,” she says with a daydream look in her eyes.

It was her response that made me smile. It made me smile because I saw so much more than that in him. I saw his obnoxious laugh that would take over his whole face. It was so contagious and god it was my favorite song. I saw how kind he was to people. There was never moment that I could remember where he was rude to someone. He was always eager to meet other people and always greeted then with kindness and I guess thats the first thing I found attractive in him. I love how he cares about his grades and his sports it shows that he’s definitely going to get places in life even if its not with me. I love how hes himself 100% of the time and how he’s humble and down to earth and the total opposite of the last boy that broke my heart. He’s shy at first but once you get to know him its like he’s an open book yet he holds so many more secrets I have yet to discover. I love how he dresses it sounds silly because its actually sorta dorky but it only adds up to the reasons why I find him attractive. I find ______ ______ so attractive for the human being he is. I find him attractive for the soul he is inside and that’s why her response made me smile, because she didn’t know who he was at the most random times of the day. She only knew the exterior and even then she didn’t see everything. Shed never love him like I could and that’s why she made me smile.

“What do you see in him,” she asked me looking at me seriously.

“So much. I see so much in him….,” that was my response to her and all she did was simply knod and I could tell that she wondered what it was that I saw.

This guy was probably one of the favourite people I met whilst wandering around in Singapore and the photo I was most excited to see developed. I left my friends to explore the area we were in abit more. I had just finished a roll of film and sat down to put in a new roll, as I looked up I saw this man looking at me with the exact same expression seen in the photo. It seemed like geniune happiness, I smiled back, it was contagious. After i finished putting in the new role, I asked him if he wanted his photo taken, he smiled and knodded. After I took the photo I walked off and looked back to see his mates coming over and patting him on the back.

Being able to capture that moment or a person’s emotion is an amazing thing.

He hadn’t said a word to me yet he was able to make me smile and feel his happiness, he didn’t have desinger clothes or a flashy job but he was happy. It may seem cliche but smile, be happy, spread your positive energy with all those around you.

Smiling cleaner.
Singapore, 2014.

Reigisa fifth episode headcanon time!!~

Okay are you ready guys?

So this episode will probably and might certainly play out Nagisa’s feelings of Rin, Haru, and Makoto’s graduating.

Maybe they were discussing about an assignment or just amongst themselves about the future and nagisa overheard.

Then he starts acting weird, as said in the summary of this episode.

And everyone noticed, especially Rei.

Maybe nagisa tries to hide his sadness from Rei as much as he can.

Like for example when they go on the train nagisa puts he’s head on rei’s shoulder as if he’s going to take a nap like he always does, but really he’s trying to hide his sad face from Rei and doesn’t want to talk to Rei knowing he might show weakness.

And maybe rei notices this.

And when he tries to confront nagisa about it, nagisa maybe tries to act out harshly about it and walks away leaving rei hurt.

Then rei goes up to the other members and tells them this, and haru’s the one that points out Nagisa’s past, being the one that helped nagisa out quite a bit during their years they swam together as kids.

He tells about Nagisa’s past about bullying (the girls swim suit maybe) and how he let nagisa cry on him multiple times. And they all make a conclusion that nagisa is trying to hide his sadness from all of them so he might not seem like a bother.

And all the while rei clenches his fists and feels like he should of known these things; he owes nagisa so much for all that he’s done for rei.

Then like makoto would call rei’s names, and when rei looks up makoto gently looks at him and saids:

“You’re the only one that can truly help him rei. You’re the closest person to him out of our group……and the only one that’s truly going to be there for him next year…….. Please, take care of him ^^”

And rei looks a little shocked before knodding his head and saying “yes!”

Then he goes by Nagisa’s house and his mom answers the door. She tells rei that nagisa doesn’t want to talk right now, and that rei should wait awhile.

Then rei just shakes his head politely and tells her that he only came here to give him a gift.

He hands it to her and asks her if she could please give it to him before bowing and calmly walks away.

Nagisa’s mom goes to Nagisa’s room, and knocks on the door only to hear nagisa protest that he really doesn’t want to see anyone.

She opens his door, walks to his desk to put down the present and sits next nagisa curled up in a ball on his bed.

She then saids:
“That was rei-kun just now. He left a present..”

She then presses a kiss on Nagisa’s head.

“I’m so glad you have such a caring friend nagisa…”

She then leaves the room quietly, leaving nagisa to slowly turn around and look at the present on his desk.

He slowly gets up and opens the present; to find a strawberry shortcake with five letters attach to the casing of the cakes box.

He finds that all the letters are letters from everyone; haru, mako, gou, rin, and rei.

All of them are saying how much nagisa means to the team as well as how much nagisa is as a friend. Each letter makes nagisa almost to tears, but then he reads the last letter; rei’s.

His letter starts saying maybe all the things he said in his interview, and at the end of the letter it might say:

“Out of all the beautiful things I’ve in countered in my life so far, your are the most beautiful person I have come to know. Why would I want to leave such a beautiful gift?”

And that’s when nagisa bolts out of his room, goes outside, and runs to find rei.

When he catches up to rei he shouts his name, make surprised rei to turn around.


Then Nagisa tackles him into a hug, just sobbing into his chest.

And rei looks at him, his eyes doing his signature gaze.

He then hugs him back and they just stay there holding each other.

The next day nagisa is all bubbling and saying hi to everyone and they are so relieved he’s back to normal.

Then he tries to tell everyone thank you, for everything and he starts tearing up agian, making makoto start crying too, leading to everyone to have this cute group hug.

Rei stands back a little long to look at nagisa, his gaze present agian and softly saids

I won’t leave you, nagisa-kun….“

Then he enters the group hug~

Yay let that happen kyoani; or at least of something close to that ^^’

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Alcor, indignation

She was actually serious. Dipper looked at the woman for a moment. Her hand was held out, a handful of tickets sticking out and pointing towards him, as if to say, “You could have us. And you could let Mabel and the family into the convention by legitimate means. But for a price.”

“Can…” He swallowed, “Can you repeat that?”

The summoner jumped. “Oh, yes, of course. There will be a Twin Souls book signing at the next demoncon, but our featured Alcor cosplayer canceled on us and we need a backup. In exchange for tickets to the con, you will act as his stand-in.”

“So I did hear right.” Dipper sighed “But did you accurately hear about how much I h̶͉̀a̜̲͞t̵̛̗͍͚͔̣͞e̥͓̟̺͕̤̝͡ Twin Souls?”

“I know. I figured it was a long shot, but pleeeeeeeaseeee! This is the first con I’m coordinating and it took so long to book Limey Snippet and he won’t come if not enough tickets are sold. You’re my only hope, help me!”

“You really are serious.”Dipper stifled his reaction to the reference. “Wait, Limey Snippet? From the Collection of Unfortunate Circumstances?”

She knodded.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said under his breath. “Okay. But I want eight full-access passes for every day of the convention, and I will make appearances for the total amount of one day, but I choose when I make my appearances and I’ll go by the alias of Marven Jade.”

“Done.” She held her hand out. Now that he was looking closer at her, he noticed the bags around her eyes that he was all too familiar with.

“And get some sleep right after this.”

“I’ll try.”

“No. ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’”

Her eyes widened and her hand shot up and grabbed his. She also went for a fist bump. As he blipped out, he saw her collapse. He waved a hand and made her drop onto her bed. He considered it advanced payment for him blipping to the first spot in line for Limey Snippet’s book signing next to the Twin Souls stand. Also, he decided to never mention that “every day of the convention,” meant every demon-con. And he used those privileges even after she retired. It was only fair.

Everything had changed in ninety minutes...

I hadn’t cried. I hadn’t spoken. I just sat on a chair with a firm grip on his hand.

Coma they said. Well that was the only thing i heard. Thats when everybody started to cry.

Ninety minutes ago everything was fine. Ninety minutes ago everything was normal. Ninety minutes ago i had no idea i’d be in the hospital today.

There was a bruise on his temple that looked somewhat like a poppy. A cut on his cheek. Stitches above his eyebrow and his is hair had fallen onto his forehead.

“This is my fault” It was the first time i had spoken since getting to the hospital.If you could call that speaking, it was bearly even a whisper, but Calum heard me. “No its not” he said flashing me a friendly smile from his chair in the corner of the room.

“yes it is, if i hadn’t of told him to go he would not have gotten into his car"again it came out bearly a whisper. "No its not” Calum repeated forceful this time like he was trying to force me to believe it. which I didn’t. 

The room fell silent. I watched as Calum looked at one of his bestfriends lying in a hospital bed.”if its anyones fault its mine i asked him to come over”he droped his head as he spoke. His voice cracking at the end.

“How is it your fault, you didn’t hit him with your car"it came out much louder and angryer then i had intended. He looked shocked at first them smiled slightly "neither did you”. This caused me to smile slightly but only until i looked back at the boy lying lifeless in the hospital bed. 

“He’s going to be fine"calum continued as he pulled his chair to the other side of the bed sitting directly oppisite me."they said there’s a good chance he’ll wake up"i could hear the sincerity in Calum’s voice i know he’s only trying to make me feel better.

"That means theres a chance he won’t"i replied in a toneless voice. "Dont tink like that, you know he’d hate you thinking negitively” Calum replied with stern expression. 

“i’m going to get coffee, you want one"he askes with a friendly smile. I knod. 

After Calum stepped out i turned my full attention back to the boy in the bed. His chest rising and falling slowly. The beeping of the mechines keeping him alive. 

Calum came back in moments later and handed my my cup before returning to his chair. Calum glanced at the boy in the bed then at me. “He will be okay, he told you he’d never leave you, he promised you. You know he’d never break that promise. He loves you”

He broke his promise and left three days later. That was the first time i cried.