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what annoys me about sakura is that she barely criticises sasuke, the only time she actually spoke up and pointed out his shitty behavior to him was during the chuunin exams when they were in that forest, saying that naruto wasnt a coward at least. but that was the only time in the whole manga, even though sasuke behaved in a problematic way most of the manga. she has no problem criticising naruto often, but barely does that to sasuke who deserved it too. shes like sasukes submissive dog

Goodness gracious Anon, think about it.

After Part 1, it wasn’t about whether Sasuke deserved criticism or not, it was about saving him from the phenomenon which was causing him to act that way in the first place.

I mean seriously, at the beginning of Part 2, Sai was criticising Sasuke, and rightfully so from his perspective because he knew nothing of the situation, and what did Sakura do? She knocked his teeth down his throat for badmouthing him. Why? Because she knew that Sasuke was a good person at heart.

Another example, Naruto and Sakura hear of the crimes Sasuke has been committing as part of Akatsuki’s new recruit, and what does Naruto do? He willingly lets himself get beaten to a bloody pulp by Karui on Sasuke’s behalf. Why? Because he knew that Sasuke was a good person at heart.

Another example, Naruto basically hears the same thing from the Raikage, and what does he do? He begs for Sasuke to be spared. Why? Because he knew that Sasuke was a good person at heart.

Another example. Naruto sees first hand the horrible things Sasuke has been doing in the Land of Iron, to the point of almost killing Sakura. And what does he do, he defends his actions, saying that he knew why he was doing what he was doing (because he had heard the truth from Obito). And again, rather than criticising Sasuke, he empathises with him. Why? Because he knew that Sasuke was a good person at heart.

You’re really gonna bash Sakura and call her “Sasuke’s submissive dog” for the sole reason that she didn’t criticise his actions in Part 2, when you have Naruto right there, hearing about and seeing Sasuke’s transgressions first hand, and not a word of criticism was spoken from him either.

Where’s Naruto’s hate Anon? Tell me.

I’ll reiterate this - whether or not Sasuke deserved to be criticised wasn’t the point. The mere fact that they went against him and tried to stop him was evidence enough that they acknowledged his problematic behaviour. But the fact is, Sasuke was their friend, so they wanted to help him, to reach out to him, and to save him. Criticisms would have gotten them nowhere.

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For I don't know how to tag yet and I just saw that Iggy post. Vatsunara. tumblr. com/post/163202517247/so-hypaalicious-would-this-apply-to-that-iggy-fic

Just make him older and fresh out the shower and that’s EXACTLY HOW I PICTURED HIS ASS WHEN I WROTE DADDY!IGGY

And… I peeped your tags…

You are not in Ignis hell, you say? Well…

As a high ranking member of the order of Scientia, I feel … compelled… to share with you the praises and grace of our bespectacled lord.

We are handicapped on all sides, but we are never frustrated; we are puzzled, but never in despair. We are persecuted, but we never have to stand it alone: we may be knocked down but we are never knocked out! Every day we experience something of the death of the Lord Jesus, so that we may also know the power of the life of Jesus in these bodies of ours. Yes, we who are living are always being exposed to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may be plainly seen in our mortal lives. We are always facing death, but this means that you know more and more of life.
—  2 Corinthians 4:8-12 (trans. JB Phillips)
Cillian Murphy Imagine

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Being a second wife could be hard. People make up stories about how you got together and some even hate you. But you got lucky. Very lucky. When you met Cillian you knew how he already had been married before and he had 2 sons already, but non of that bothered you. When meeting the boys you were very worried but it all changed as soon as you saw them. 

When thing got serious you were starting to think the boys were going to hate you. Dating their father is one thing but getting married to him is another thing.  For a moment you thought about cancel all of it, you never want to hurt the boys, but you were very wrong. 

The day of your wedding you really were freaking out. No one knew how to calm you down, as you tried to calm yourself down small knocks came to the door, then two small head showed up. 

“Boys, what are you doing here?” you said as they walked in.

“We’re really sorry, but we wanted to talk to you” both of them were holding something behind their backs. They looked at each other then handed you a book. “We made this for you” they said as you looked at it. 

The book they had made had the word Family  written on the top in their hand writing. Opening  it you saw all the photos you had taken with them and their dad. You were close to tears. 

“We know you’re not our real mom, but we still love you like our mom” that made you cry. 

“Oh boys, thank you” you pulled them both in a hug ”I love you” that was a moment you would never forget and the album will always be your favorite. Turns out they had been acting weird because they were making the album. Album filled with love and happy memories. 

When you told Cillian about this moment he hugged and thanked his boys, he also was unbelievably happy they had accepts you. He loved you very much and wanted the boys to love you too. They did, more then you can imagine. 

The way entitled cishet women who pretend they’re kweer because mogai thing of the month talk about gay men only became possible because the ideas that people in the community had about gay men being the “privileged group” “the top of the totem pole” “the [insert oppressor group in non related social system]” or whatever else you want to call it became acceptable. 

When you successfully create and promote rhetoric about gay men (and also lesbians) that directly challenges and calls into question their status as oppressed people who suffer horrific violence, you create an atmosphere where questioning that said violence even occurs at all is acceptable and a necessary part of a progressive kweer space. You create a space where basic homophobic beliefs are really “justified” because well the gays are at the top of the totem pole, what harm can the “more oppressed” do to them? They’re just knocking them down a few pegs, it’s not like with how bigoted the gays are they don’t deserve it either way? Do they really have a right to complain with how biphobic they are for not caring about straight couples?

And that coincides hideously neatly with outgroup members waltzing in and eagerly taking up this attitude toward gay people to justify not just their abuse, but also their agenda to radikally restructure lgbt movements and resources to accommodate them at the expense of gay people.

Move over, ace is the new gay ;(

Okaaaayyyy so I just had the biggest wtf moment I’ve ever had in a video game:

So I’m playing Breath of the Wild, yeah?

I’m in one of the lakes in the Faron Area, pulling up treasure chests, minding my own business, when out of nowhere these electricity bombs hit me and knock down a few of my hearts.

I turn the camera to see what’s causing this and to my shock and surprise motherfucking Farosh the lightning dragon is coming out from the middle of the lake.

Now I don’t need any items from it, I already got the two horn shards to upgrade my armor, but still. I was not expecting this.

Lucky me I have the shock proof armor upgraded to “unshockable” so I’m okay :3 (I also nabbed another scale tho Idk when I’ll need it)

But yeah, I’m still a bit shook 0-0

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Y'know, I could see for the TTTAU that Blue Lips would fit Tucker quite well. Mainly with the whole "They marched along the railroad tracks and smiled real wide for the camera lenses. They made it past the enemy lines, just to become enslaved in the assembly lines." Seeing as it was all dandy and they were ready to take out the Mercs- then they got knocked down and Wash got shot.

Good point but I will never see that song as anything but Homestuck, I’m sorry, it’s just stuck like that


times have changed

all these white people coming for john boyega better back the fuck up. he’s right about the lack of black people in game of thrones, lord of the rings, or any major show. got literally has two black characters and their purpose is to cater to the white narrative. don’t bring up westeroes is based off medieval europe as if black ppl didn’t exist around that time, also even that argument doesn’t matter because GOT is show with dragons and white walkers but that’s realistic? y'all just hate the fact that black people are tired of never being represented and when we are, there’s always some racist to knock us down. ex. white ppl complaining about black panther being too militant. when will y'all shut up and just listen???