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Tfp decepticons reacting to having their decepticon logo being traced with their s/o's finger? (I love your blog ;) its so creative and fun!)

I really like this prompt aaaaa
Thank you!! 

Knockout TFP

He really likes the feeling, probably chuckles and asks ‘would you like me in a room alone later?’ 

Breakdown TFP

He chuckles and jokes about how it tickles 

Starscream TFP

He sits back and relaxes when you do it, enjoying the feeling 

Soundwave TFP

He would tilt his head and bring a hand up to your face to reciprocate the gesture 

Airachnid TFP

She would chuckle and sit back, loving the attention

 Megatron TFP

He takes it as both a sign of loyalty and affection, he enjoys it 

Shockwave TFP

He wouldn’t react at all, but if you stopped, he would grab your hand it bring it back, he enjoys the feeling 

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Did u get my ask about tfp cons reacting to a human with a cold or nah? Bc this is me sending it again if you didn't lmao

hoo finally some more of my BOIS (im making these s/o responses k)

Decepticons (TFP)

  • Starscream and Knockout are disgusted. Knockout is more concerned than Starscream is, but still refuses to get close to you until you’re sleeping and not coughing and sneezing everywhere. Starscream just… leaves.

  • Megatron is more concerned than the first two, but he’s still got a war to fight and a ship to lead. When he’s got free time, he’ll take you to his berthroom and tuck you in, asking someone to get you something warm to drink and something like a heat pad for you to snuggle with until Megatron can replace it with himself.

  • Soundwave and Breakdown are both pretty worried about you. They don’t understand that having a cold doesn’t mean you’re going to die, so they spend all their free time right by your side and checking up on you. You might have to explain to them that there’s a difference between a little virus and a huge disease. They’ll eventually become more comfortable.

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idk how you've done it--I don't really like kids and usually I hate when pregnancies happen in a fan fic, but with KNOCKOUT I'm like CRAVING for Bo and Harry to have a baby. I want it so bad. I don't know if that's the way you want their story to go, but somehow your writing and the way you've portrayed Harry and Bo's relationship is just perfect and I'd support the hell out of them being parents

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have a doc on a memory stick somewhere with H&B as parents. Lots of bambinos!!! Xx

“I don’t think it was the right time for us then.”

In the months post their reconciliation, Bo had exams to prepare for and lecturers to impress with heavily researched essays. All on top of social expectations and a house search for second year which was a steep learning curve. Finding anything half decent, which didn’t once have a zoo in the back garden or actually had a properly functioning electric meter was practically a miracle.
And during that time, Harry was in no man’s land, between stages of his life that felt like the odd, uncertain few days between Christmas and New Year. He was on the brink of a fresh start but was teetering on the edge just waiting for the push. Bo couldn’t have known it at the time, but she was the catalyst; a whatsapp message of, “I made too many pancakes for pudding because I was thinking of you. Tiff ate yours. I miss you.”

“And now?” Harry asks, turning the silver ring on his index.
“Well, now,” Bo starts, worrying her lip with if what she’ll say will be a push too far. “Now I want you to kiss me.”

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Hi! Could I have some fluffy headcanons with TFP Knockout with their s/o and TFP Starscream with their s/o .(please include cuddling headcanons omg) . I hope you have a fabulous day, your writing is absolutely magnificent!~

I got two requests for fluffy Knockout headcanons, so I’ll do both together! Thank you very much! I hope your day is wonderful too! <3

TFP Knockout:

  • He likes when you stroke the fins on his helm. It’s honestly something he finds so relaxing and he really enjoys when you do it
  • He has so much love to give, he’ll compliment you all the time and he always makes sure you’re safe and comfortable. He /loves/ receiving affection from you in return
  • Cuddling with Knockout is pretty nice, actually. He’ll mass displace himself (or use his holoform), so it’s easier, and he’ll have you sit on his lap with his arms around your middle, or he likes to have you lay on his chest if he’s lying down

TFP Starscream:

  • He’s not really one for cuddling with you, but sometimes he might want to. He fidgits and moves around a lot though, and will probably complain the entire time
  • He’ll take you flying when he’s not busy. If you’re not comfortable being in the air, he’ll do little tricks for you to watch
  • He gets genuinely flustered if you compliment him. He’ll get cocky about it later, but right after you say it, he gets embarrassed. It’s cute