So I achieved my main goal xD
But instead of closing the stream, I got suggested to draw something with “Transformers!” :3

(So I “cooked” up this idea back during my Japanese class today, and it hit me!)
Since it was suggested + I had an idea = DOING IT!!! xD

I wanted a tiny mini “Drift” in a bowl of soup, but all of a sudden I got suggested to add “Knockout”, and my own mind wanted to add “Wing” so I added two extra characters to the picture and; viôla!

A cute sketch of “Transformers a La Soup” xD

anonymous asked:

Do you guys have any or know any tutorials for how to deal with someone that you don't like ooc? I don't want to cause drama but I also don't want to interact with them IC or OOC and often they address me to say something judgmental about my character.

Hi, darling! First I’m really, really sorry that you have to deal with this. Especially when it’s an rp you like, having to deal with someone you don’t necessarily get along with can be frustrating. I actually sort of had a run-in with this a little bit ago. Not fun. Anyhow, here you go, my friend. 

  • Admins: Okay, I understand that this isn’t the most fun conversation to have with someone. But if this person truly is hindering your rp experience, maybe try talking it out with an admin? It differs case to case, but sometimes it actually does work! Really, you have to make a judgement call, though. Whether what’s offending you is worth taking to the admins is something only you can say for sure. It usually is. (If you want to come off anon and talk more about it, I have no problem helping you out). In some situations, though, I’ll admit that’s a little tricky. In my case, the admin and the person I was struggling with were close friends, so this was a no-go for me. And in that case (or something similar), I’d skip this and go to the next point. But I will say, that’s just me. And the admins are primarily there to accommodate all members, not just their friends. But it all depends on your comfort.
  • Your character is great: The rpc is quite small in comparison to other communities, but there’s still a lot of people rping here. So it’s inevitable that you run in to a few people that you simply don’t get along with. Or worse yet, just flat out don’t like you. And it sucks. And it’s frustrating. But it’s also the way it is. But please, please, please don’t let this make your confidence in your character falter. I don’t know why this person feels the need to judge your character in particular. But hold on to that love and muse you have for your creation, because I’d hate to see OOC drama take that away from you. And I assume you do, in fact, love your muse. It’s yours, after all. I’ve no doubt they’re fantastic, by the way. And your character is constantly growing– which is the even greater thing! This is the most important thing I could tell you. 
  • Confrontation: I’ve found sending a quick ask actually does work. “Hey, listen. When you said X, Y, and Z it actually bothered me a little. I don’t mean to start any drama, but I’d like to know why you said what you did. It makes it a little bit hard to interact with you, when I feel like you don’t want to rp with me in the first place. Is there something I did to make you feel this way? etc, etc.” Often times, that last question -when it does get a legitimate answer- solves the issue altogether. And best case scenario you can both talk it out. Otherwise (and if this person is the passive-aggressive type) confrontation in and of itself scares people into stopping the hurtful things they were doing in the first place. It may not make you feel totally better, but it will relieve you of the problem. And if said mun doesn’t have an answer for you, then guess what? You now have reason (if the judgemental things they said were obvious, and not an inkling) to take it to the admins. Or, you can simply go about your rping experience knowing they were simply being hateful, and that it wasn’t anything you did. Which is a nice thing to know.

Here are some guides for you. (x, x isn’t exactly your predicament, but she has some solid advice in here regardless, as per). Good luck with this, love. Again, I’m sorry this kind of problem has found you.

Moria… You fear to go into those mines. The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum… shadow and flame

Day 2- Orange

Colors Used:

China Glaze- White On White, Lemon Fizz, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sun Worshiper, Orange Knockout

Sinful Colors- Black On Black, Clementine, On The Bright Side

Essie- As Gold As It Gets

Sally Hansen- The Last Adventure

OPI- Matte Top Coat