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Hi i love your work. I wanted to knowif maybe you could do a knockout x reader. Where he flirts with you cause he likes you and you flirt back. Or whatever you want to write. I understand if you dont want to. Thank you anyway.

Deepdrive: Sure thing! I just want to apologize in advance if the flirting isn’t very good, as I am not too good in this area.

Knock Out gives you a bright smile when you enter his med bay, he didn’t get to see you often and he was hoping he would have the chance to talk to you again. He glances at you and sees that you’re uninjured.

“Hello beautiful, what brings you here to my med bay, you don’t seem to be injured, so could it be for my company.” He says playfully with a smirk. You stare straight back into his optics unblinkingly matching his smirk. 

“Only if you’d be willing to be caught be slacking off.” There was a little cheekiness to your tone, and Knock Out hid his surprise, were you flirting back? Or were you just playing along?

Through sheer practice Knock Out answered coolly, “For you, anything.”

And thus the two of you began to talk and flirt, neither of you sure if the other was serious in their affections to the other, and neither of you willing to straight out admit it. The more the two of you bantered, the deeper Knock Out fell for you, become enthralled at having an equal rival, whether you meant what you were saying was true or not.


My Fluffy Red Boy is now clean! XD

Let me just talk about this scene in TFP in the episode “Triage”

After Megatron asks Knockout to repair Soundwave’s visor, there is a long pause while ominous music plays in the background. We see Knockout looking unsure and gritting his teeth while looking at Soundwave.

What is there to be uncomfortable about is the question. Knockout is a doctor so he should be okay with examining others and seeing their ‘personal parts’. But having to repair Soundwave’s visor makes him hesitant.

Was this supposed to set up or hint for a Soundwave face reveal? Is his face too damaged/terrible to look at so that’s why he always wears a visor?

In these shots we can see Soundwave’s eyes under his visor, which means he does indeed have a face.

So most likely TFP planned for Soundwave to have a face reveal at one point but never got to it