knockoff dolls

the most popular girls in school, a webseries about walmart bargain bin barbie doll knockoffs who make poop jokes and call each other shitty globs of donkey cum, has better writing, a more compelling storyline, better foreshadowing, better twists and turns, and more diversity than stevens whole universe


Today was the Malvern Doll Fair and despite the small amount of 1/6th dolls there I did manage to get a bunch of dolls from my wish list.

I got this knockoff Compact Jenny doll I’m probably gonna rebody, a Palitoy Action Girl (with side glancing eyes!), Princess of South Africa, and a ReMent blind box which had these lovely china in it. I also picked up a wooden mannequin cuz why not.

Action Girl fell apart and needs a restringing while I’m gonna rebody South Africa Barbie…. eventually.