knockoff collection

man some people in the little mix fandom have gone stirfry crazy - calling themselves fans then slutshaming the girls for writing songs about sex and embracing their sexuality in the new music video. why is it that female empowerment only works if you’re someone who is more demure in nature or more stereotypically feminine? the girl next door type? but what about the women that don’t fit into that mold? what is so fundamentally wrong with women embracing their sexuality, talking about sex and being sexy? as long as it’s their choice to do so then all for it! isn’t it time that women weren’t shamed for being sexual? because i hate to break it to you, we are sexual. there are women out there who do love sex, want to talk about sex, want to act sexy, want to be in control of their sexuality, are the dominant partner in a relationship, and they are no less better than the women who don’t. it’s that age old feminist argument all over again – is it more feminist to be a career-driven independent woman than a housewife? well fucking no because the whole point about feminism is equality between the sexes, giving agency back to women to do whatever the fuck they want to do. if they want to be housewives, hell yeah to them! if they wanna be career-driven women, hell yeah to them too! if they want to be sexual, super hell yeah! if they want to wait till marriage, hell yeah again! and if they don’t want to have sex at all, triple hell yeah!! 

honestly these pseudo-feminist warriors need to grow the fuck up or pick up a book on feminism or something. or maybe just learn to mind their own damn business.