DIY Knockoff Cinched Quartz Drop Earrings Tutorial from Pacific Rain.

These DIY Knockoff Brass and Quartz Earrings were made using a hardware store brass rod that was hammered flat. For lots of DIY knockoffs of all kinds go here:

For a roundup of 18 of my favorite DIY Rough Crystal Tutorials go here.


So over the weekend I went to a county fair, and some booths were selling these sets of shitty knockoff Pokémon cards along with equally shitty knockoff toys. Upon taking a closer look I realized that the names they came up with for the Pokémon are amazing, so I’ve compiled some of the visible ones. 

External image

“Lord Flower”

External image

“Common Carp King”

External image

“Pond Dragon”

External image

“Big Beaked Mew”

External image


External image

“Gas Bomb”

External image

“Bird Moudo”

External image

“Volcano Ox”

and my personal favorite,

External image

“Three in One Magnetic Monster”

Each card also has a “skill” listed on the very bottom, and some of them are… interesting.

“Fierce Blood Sucker”

“Broken Pottery”


“Turn Around and Fall”

“Tray of Broken Plates”