DIY Knockoff Anthropologie Rhino Bag Tutorial from Confessions of a Secret Crafter. This isn’t as hard as it looks - you can use an inexpensive purse, cut through the upper layers of the flap and then lay in the leather. For Anthropologie’s Cross Body Rhino Bag go here. For a huge archive of knockoffs go here:

DIY Knockoff Cinched Quartz Drop Earrings Tutorial from Pacific Rain.

These DIY Knockoff Brass and Quartz Earrings were made using a hardware store brass rod that was hammered flat. For lots of DIY knockoffs of all kinds go here:

For a roundup of 18 of my favorite DIY Rough Crystal Tutorials go here.

Prettyxsimblr’s Base Sim!

  • AKA - “The Knockoff Aria Bellerose
  • BKA - “The Lightskin Aspen Palmer

…what I’m trying to say is that - if you’ve ever wanted a sim to look like “my sims” - this girl is the CLOSEST you’re gonna get :)

hair | skin | brows | face shine | mascara | lips | (optional : calvin klein gear)


make her get pregnant from a fineeeee male sim & BOOM - you have my kids too ! lmao , you’re welcome in advance :)

DIY Stamped Angel Wings Sweatshirt Tutorial from This Fashion is Mine. This may look like an expensive DIY at first because you need 8 feather stamps (4 of varying sizes for each side), but it’s not. Sticky back foam is used for the stamps and can be mounted on wood blocks or heavy cardboard. For pages of sweatshirt DIYs go here: