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I love you, 19!! Vylance

With no space left between us

a/n: I wanted to write a fic about Laurance and Vylad’s reunion in MCD season 3 with a shipper’s twist (haha). Heavily inspired by the conversations I been having with @crybabytime , so this one is for you sebbi *finger guns*

warning(s): I’m literally dying because I went overboard of the angsty fluff, forgive me


Laurance blinked, sitting up immediately in bed; outside, a full moon hung high as twinkled stars and gentle breeze rolled in from the open window. Cadenza long since gone to bed, after the two of them talked and drank into the early hours—and though he couldn’t sleep, it felt nice to have a night of peace.


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So if I'm getting this right, you don't think Camren are a thing right now? Or that Camila could be out , let's say in the next 2 years?

Right now? Maybe. That eyes on the moon tweet has me knocked up plus some other stuff too. I think 2 years is too soon though but hopefully she does. I don’t want her to end up trapped

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made up fic title: Something better

Another Bill/Laura…Disquiet Follows My Soul

What they’ve gone through to get to this point…she expected better. She’d been foolish enough to hope, but she’d given enough of herself to expect something better than an irradiated wasteland and a fleet angry and desperate enough to give up.

She can’t blame them. She’s given up too. Given up on Earth, given up on her job, given up on Bill. 

Given up on diloxan.

She’s tucked into her rack in the guest quarters when he shows up, his knock soft enough that she might not have heard it, but he lets himself in without waiting for a response from her.

She should tell him to leave, but one look at his face stops her from saying anything. 

In the past few months, he’s looked at her with a mixture of sadness and worry, but now…unbuttoning his jacket and kicking off his military-issued shoes, he’s looking at her with something that looks like need.

She never thought he’d look at her like that again. Like she was the oasis in his desert, like she was the reward for his sacrifice. Like she was a woman, whole and healthy and beautiful.

She doesn’t expect better from him, not anymore, but Gods, she’s so grateful to be proven wrong. She closes the book and rests it on the shelf behind her. 

“You came,” she says.

“I did.”

She doesn’t say anything else, just tugs the covers aside and motions for him to join her in the narrow rack. He eases onto the bed next to her and pulls her into his arms.

“I can’t-” she says, but he cuts her off with a kiss.

“I don’t want to talk,” he says when he finally pulls back from her. “I came here to live a little, with you.”

Living a little. She can still do that. She doesn’t reply, just pulls him closer to her and presses her lips to his while her hands yank his tanks out from his pants. 

He can still surprise her, after all these years. And tonight, she promises herself that she will still surprise him.

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How many people have you had sex with?

I’ve only had one boyfriend my entire high school career and I’m single now.

So he was my neighbor and our family’s were all close and it was perfect. We weren’t allowed to date so when we both got sent to Catholic school is when we decided to date in secret. Well at our school abstinence was the way to go. No way were you getting BC or condoms, so I had to be clever. I still wanted to do sexual things. So I just let him fuck my ass and my mouth. Since every year there were at LEAST 2 girls who got knocked up and kicked out of school.
So jump to my senior year, we’ve been together for 4 years and I thought I was gunna marry this dude. So I decided to let him get my pussy. I marched over to his house (when we were on holiday break) only to find him in the basement fucking this girl. Well I promptly told him we are Over and I never let him touch my pussy. I haven’t talked to him since. Really his loss for losing such an awesome girl. He’s an idiot and I’m happy being single.

Crashing (Karamel & Sanvers) Ch. 7


SHIPS: Karamel & Sanvers


A/N: Do I even need to explain????? Y’all know what the fuck is going to happen in this chapter!! That^^ says everything but I couldn’t resist ALSO: GIF ISN’T MINE!



NEXT CHAPTER: (To Be Announced, but check the masterlist just in case)


Kara sat at her desk, typing avidly on her laptop. She was humming to herself, her bare toes tapping against the soft carpet of her room. She was lost in her writing, as she often was. She wasn’t–couldn’t–think about anything but the story she was crafting in her small room, on the second floor, north corner of her house.

Suddenly, there came a knock. Her head jerked up, and she stood, quickly hopping to her door and opening it. She looked out into the hall and sighed.

“Alex, come on, I thought we were done with this kind of stuff–” she began, but the sound came again, more urgent this time.

She swiveled around and looked to see none other than Mon-El, perched outside her window on a rickety tree branch. Her eyes widened and she ran over, throwing up the sash.

Mon-El?!” She hissed incredulously and he grinned.

“Hey, Kara.”

Kara?” Alex called from outside the door, “You okay in there?

“Oh–oh yeah!” Kara called to her sister.

She turned back to Mon-El and raised her eyebrows pointedly. He shrugged sheepishly and she rolled her eyes. She held out one hand and he took it, smiling gratefully. He put one foot on the sill and looked down, his eyes widening.

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Hi, I love your A/B/O series about Yuuri having a baby!! I was wondering if you'll write when Yuuri gets knocked up or is the mention of how it happened in "baby it's so sweet" as much as we'll get?

Uh I don’t know but probably not because half the joke is keeping it in Yurio’s point of view?

So obviously he wouldn’t be around for that. And honestly I don’t think he wants to think about it hahahahaha. Like I think in his heart of hearts he chooses to believe His Princess and Baby2, who does not have a name yet (a boy tho), were the products of an immaculate conception and Victor was just there with snacks.

I will probably write a heat fic eventually but lmao writing sex is noootttttt my strong point so maybe??? If the stars align???

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(Same anon) it's a really cliche and cheesy film but I love it. Just like S&J , A falls in love first but R doesn't realise then R falls in love but A thinks she's completely moved on and gets married then . A even knocks up his girlfriend at one point, but turns out she cheated 👀👀👀 . S&J have experienced almost identical circumstances with same chemistry but naah, they're just 'best friends', even though R&A were the same 'best friends' but of course they would end up together 🔪🔪



“It’s a thrill to meet you, sir.”  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens run into the Undertaker after Raw, and Kevin’s sell of that chokeslam is a thing of joy and beauty. {x}