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If you were a teenager in the ‘90s, you probably remember Fight Club quite fondly as the counter-cultural classic that caused a generation to rebel against the mainstream by … going to see Fight Club. But watching it now, it’s hard not to see its flaws – like the fact that the bulk of the movie is about the trials and tribulations of being an affluent white guy whose central conflict is “I am dissatisfied with my comfortable lifestyle and well-paying office job during the economic boom years of the late 1990s.” And unusually for an anti-consumerist satire, this movie is filled to its grimy brim with product placement, including everything from Krispy Kreme to Starbucks and Pepsi.

So you’re an asshole for buying IKEA, but it’s cool to attempt to subliminally force your audience into craving brown sugar water? That’s like if An Inconvenient Truth was peppered with references to how super-cool ExxonMobil is.

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