knocked unconscious by dad


Imagine #8 || Request 5 pt.2

I hope you guys like this part 2 of the Veela imagine! Sorry for any errors and this one’s pretty long (for me I guess) I don’t know if there should be warning of any blood but I guess you should expect that since it is Teen Wolf and…I can’t do smut ‘directly’ per se but I can only make an imagine that will lead to a smut sooo


Painful-that was the only word to describe what you felt the morning you woke up. 

You felt sticky from the cold sweat on your skin, the blanket already kicked off of the bed from irritation when it clung to your body. Your back hurts, your joints, your head, chest- everything! It made you unable to get up or simply just sit up without whimpering in pain. After knowing your heritage, you weren’t so happy that your parents kept it a secret that you were adopted. But nonetheless, you were glad that it was them who adopted you and not anybody else for the reason of you not getting to meet Scott, Stiles and the others-especially Brett. Hell if anyone else adopted you, you’ll only get thrown somewhere or get killed because of what you were. And right now, what you were was starting to make itself known.

With a painful scream, you were sure that you woke the neighbors that lived quite far from your house from the loudness which made your parents rushed in your room panicked.

Your dad rushed to your side, wiping the sweat on your forehead while hushing your cries.

“Princess, it’s going to be okay,” you heard your dad’s accented voice coaxed you to calm down, rubbing your arm in a comforting manner before planting a soft kiss on your forehead.

“She’s burning up!” He says in a panic.

You didn’t know what else was going on since your eyes were closed because it decided to give up on you a little over a while ago –making you see only bright lights which intensified the headache you were feeling at the back of your head.

“Brett-” You heard your mom say somewhere in the room. “-it’s Y/N. We need your help.”

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injury cringe in eastern europe: when my dad was a teen and in scouts, one kid fell out of a tree, broke his arm and was knocked unconscious - while they waited for help my dad and his friends used his mangled body as a picnic table to prepare sandwiches. Another time a kid broke his leg on a trip but they all made him keep it a secret for 3 days so they wouldnt all have to go home