knocked me out

halsey [ badlands ] / starter sentences.

  • ❛  sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m headed straight for the castle.  ❜
  • ❛  they wanna make me their queen.  ❜
  • ❛  there’s no use crying about it.  ❜
  • ❛  do you feel like a young god?  ❜
  • ❛  the two of us are just young gods.  ❜
  • ❛  don’t get cut on my edges.  ❜
  • ❛  my tongue is a weapon.  ❜
  • ❛  if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.  ❜
  • ❛  i keep a close watch on this heart of mine.  ❜
  • ❛  i walk the line.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ll admit that i’m a fool for you.  ❜
  • ❛  they’re coming for me.  ❜
  • ❛  my mind’s like a deadly disease.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m meaner than my demons.  ❜
  • ❛  who is in control?  ❜
  • ❛  i couldn’t stand the person inside me.  ❜
  • ❛  i turned all the mirrors around.  ❜
  • ❛  goddamn right, you should be scared of me.  ❜
  • ❛  can’t help this awful energy.  ❜
  • ❛  are you insane like me?  been in pain like me?  ❜
  • ❛  do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me?  ❜
  • ❛  you run on gasoline.  ❜
  • ❛  i think there’s a flaw in my code.  ❜
  • ❛  these voices won’t leave me alone.  ❜
  • ❛  are you deranged like me?  are you strange like me?  ❜
  • ❛  my heart is gold, and my hands are cold.  ❜
  • ❛  keep on haunting me.  ❜
  • ❛  you put a fever inside me.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ve been cold since you left.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ve done some things that i can’t speak.  ❜
  • ❛  i found god.  ❜
  • ❛  i found the devil.  ❜
  • ❛  we’re lost somewhere in outer space.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ve got a lover.  ❜
  • ❛  it’s coming down.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m such a fool to pay this price.  ❜
  • ❛  i found a martyr.  ❜
  • ❛  i found the savior.  ❜
  • ❛  everybody wants to know.  ❜
  • ❛  that’s the beauty of a secret.  ❜
  • ❛  i don’t have to fucking tell you anything.  ❜
  • ❛  these days i can’t seem to get along with anyone.  ❜
  • ❛  you’re only happy when you’re sorry.  ❜
  • ❛  i hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old.  ❜
  • ❛  you’re dripping like a saturated sunrise.  ❜
  • ❛  you’re spilling like an overflowing sink.  ❜
  • ❛  you’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece.  ❜
  • ❛  you were a vision in the morning when the light came through.  ❜
  • ❛  i know i’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you.  ❜
  • ❛  everything is blue.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m searching for something that i can’t reach.  ❜
  • ❛  i don’t like them innocent.  ❜
  • ❛  what happened to the soul that you used to be?  ❜
  • ❛  do you remember the taste of my lips that night?  ❜
  • ❛  i stole a bit of my mother’s perfume.  ❜
  • ❛  i remember the fear in your eyes.  ❜
  • ❛  feet first, don’t fall.  ❜
  • ❛  keep close, stand tall.  ❜
  • ❛  all we do is drive.  ❜
  • ❛  all we do is think about the feelings that we hide.  ❜
  • ❛  all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign.  ❜
  • ❛  would it really kill you if we kissed?  ❜
  • ❛  what kind of dough have you been spending?  ❜
  • ❛  what kind of bubblegum have you been blowing lately?  ❜
  • ❛  we are the new Americana.  ❜
  • ❛  my demons are begging me to open up my mouth.  ❜
  • ❛  i sold my soul to a three-piece.  ❜
  • ❛  hold me down.  ❜
  • ❛  knock me out.  ❜
  • ❛  throw me in the deep end, watch me drown.  ❜

anonymous asked:

The warnings on HBO website about 7x07: Adult Content, Adult Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity. I mean NUDITY. I'm deceased, bye.

nudity warning posted on hbo website for 7x07. thought you would appreciate that #epicboatsex

Hahaha thanks anons. It’s coming!!!! I am trying to keep my excitement in check because another anon told me we had one on episode 6? Literally just for Jon’s abs? i haven’t checked this to verify haha.

To be fair tho those abs are dangerous. Knock me right out.

Hey im just wondering

Yo know how Nanu in Pokemon Sun/Moon lives with like 12 meowths? And also there’s a lady on one of the routes in… Akala, I think, who lives with like 8 stufful?

Reblog this and put in the tags which single pokemon you’d adopt like 10 of and contentedly live with. Bonus points if you say why and what you’d do with them. I’m curious…


times have changed

what he says: im fine

what he means: well here’s- here’s my surprise. im not doin it. le- listen, i’m done. taako- that’s me, hi- i’m done with elevators. never again. last time i was in an elevator, vines tried to eat my dick, i’m never getting in an elevator again, suck it. nope. not in a million bajillion my- my dudes- you’ll have to knock me out like b.a. baracus gettin on a plane. i- no way, absolutely not, noOOO elevators for taako. go for it thugs. taako’s here. terra firma, baby. ….why can’t- why- i don’t even think im needed to do this, this is unimportant- and - the- dont do it i swear to god, you will not like how this ends. i will burn a spell slot on you i give no shits


“Rapunzel, from the moment I first met you and you knocked me out with that frying pan, I knew it was love. You’re my light, you’re my best friend and I want to be your partner in all things […] I love you Rapunzel, and I wanna spend the rest of our lives here together.”

Hi guys! Here’s a little masterpost of quotes from children’s books that you can use in your bullet journal, or anywhere else you feel like!


  • “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
  • “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
  • “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” 
  • “You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them…In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night…You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.”
  • “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”
  • “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” 


  • “If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”
  • “When you will not fly into a passion people know you are stronger than they are, because you are strong enough to hold in your rage, and they are not, and they say stupid things they wish they hadn’t said afterward. “
  • “There’s nothing so strong as rage, except what makes you hold it in–that’s stronger. It’s a good thing not to answer your enemies.”
  • “If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that–warm things, kind things, sweet things–help and comfort and laughter–and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all.”
  • “Somehow, something always happens just before things get to the very worst. It is as if Magic did it. If I could only just remember that always. The worse thing never quite comes.”
  • “But I suppose there might be good in things, even if we don’t see it.”
  • “You don’t forget, but you bear it better.” 


  • “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
  • “It’s wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can’t have the one you want.”
  • “Love is a great beautifier.” 
  • “Watch and pray, dear, never get tired of trying, and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”
  • “I want to do something splendid…something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead. I don’t know what, but I’m on the watch for it and mean to astonish you all someday.” 
  • “Conceit spoils the finest genius.” 
  • “Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.”
  • “Life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom.”
  • “The only chivalry worth having is that which is the readiest to to pay deference to the old, protect the feeble, and serve womankind, regardless of rank, age, or color.”
  • “Books are always good company if you have the right sort.”
  • “The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”
  • “Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort that is.”


  • “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” 
  • “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable…” 
  • “I have found it impossible to talk to anyone about my problems. I couldn’t face the embarrassment, and anyway I lack the courage. Any courage I had was knocked out of me when I was young. But now, all of sudden I have a sort of desperate wish to tell everything to somebody.”
  • “I’ve always said to myself that if a little pocket calculator can do it why shouldn’t I?”
  • “There is little point in teaching anything backwards. The whole object of life, Headmistress, is to go forwards.”
  • “I’m afraid men are not always quite as clever as they think they are.”


  • “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”
  • “Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully.”
  • “Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life. ”
  • “You must never feel badly about making mistakes … as long as you take the trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than you do by being right for the wrong reasons.”
  • “The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what’s in between.”
  • “What you can do is often simply a matter of what you will do.”
  • “What you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.”
  • “Whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way.”


  • “You cannot change what you are, only what you do.”
  • “We are all subject to the fates. But we must act as if we are not, or die of despair.”
  • “Every opportunity will come again.”