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Could I have a scenario with Nebuya and his shorter partner, where he's teasing them about their height? That would be so lovely!

this fo you hq-scenarios

“Look, I can even lift you up!”

You scream in delight as the tanned and muscular teen picks you up and lifts you over his shoulders. He quickly sets you down on your feet before giving you several pats to the head as he decides that it’s time to return to his previous activity - push ups.

Eikichi, this is the only time we could be together and you’re doing push ups…”

There’s something about that disappointed tone that causes him to stop as he decides to sit on his butt with both legs crossed. He stares at you, eyes narrowed and brows furrowed before he darts forward and knocks you down and starts to poke your sides. The uncontrollable giggles escape and he starts smiling down at you before he decides setting his head on your stomach would do just fine.

“This is nice.” He pokes your stomach, muttering ‘squishy’ to himself quietly.

And then you feel it.

“Eikichi, stop making use of my height!”

The guy had moved himself upwards to stuff his head between your breasts.

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I've been reading through your text posts and I've noticed you knock mako down a lot? why?

tbh most of it is done in jest. I don’t like romantic makorra so I love poking fun at its flaws and mako does get the brunt of it but 99% of the time it’s not serious. I’m actually fairly indifferent to mako himself as a character. don’t love him or hate him.