Dear diary, 

Yes the reports on Megan Rapinoe are true. She will not be ready for the Olympic opener & realistically not until the knock out stage will she really be able to play a significant amount of minutes. But you have to understand I had no choice, I mean what other midfielder with the veteran experience of Megan Rapinoe can you think of? 

anonymous asked:

Honestly what pisses me off about the pinoe situation is that pinoe said she would step down if she didn't feel ready. If you're not ready for the first game you're not ready!!! Also I have a feeling mewis would be asked to play and not HAO but still at least she's game ready

Honestly, I hope and wish HAO would be the one to step in, but at the end of the day a healthy player is better than no player so if its Mewis, you bet your ass I will be happy as well. This is ridiculous, to put someone who hasnt played a competitive match in 10 months in a knock out stage game. 

maybe this whole Megan Rapinoe thing wouldn’t be so infuriating if she was actually a reliable and consistent 90+ minute player BEFORE getting injured in December but she was not and she certainly isn’t going to be in time to make Enough of a damn difference come the knock out stages of the Olympics