knock out's revenge

anonymous asked:

You think u6 Namekians have a surprise under their sleaves because Toei saved them for half the tournament to be over? A powerful skill, or a transformation, or maybe they know how to fuse temporary, OR eventually they will fuse with Piccolo so universe 6&7 can both with if the last fighter is a mix of both the universes

Actually, I find that doubtful. I’m expecting them to be both Warrior Types and maybe close to Piccolo’s level, especially if they’re Super Nameks, but other than that I don’t think they’re going to have much of a role.

I do expect them to gang up on Gohan, I’d believe both of them would take the advantage of seeing Piccolo trying to protect him to knock him out and maybe  Gohan revenge-knocking out the two Namekians, but that’s also a stretch. Despite Gohan having tapped back into his Unleashed Potential ability, I doubt he’s already strong enough to take down both of them.

Also, if they are Super Nameks, I can expect them to possibly go Great Namek (you know, the mega giant namekian thing Piccolo pulled during the Tournament against Goku) but other than that? Not much.

I definitely don’t see the three fusing together to have a double-universe fighter on the stage. Not only would that rival Jiren in power - which already allows us to erase the possibility, since ONLY GOKU CAN DEFEAT JIREN - but it would probably not work either due to the fact that they come from different Universes… and it’s probably disallowed in the ToP as well.