knock out kings

How my monthly friend...knocked out a King (CompanyXreader)

Words: 822

As the sun rises in the sky, you feel yourself drift back into consciousness. Opening your eyes you find yourself resting gently on the ground where you had fallen asleep the night before. Upon searching the others, you find them all asleep and sigh contently. Staring straight at the drifting clouds you embrace the moment of quiet and tranquility while you could, knowing that once the dwarves woke you would be bombarded by noise until nightfall.

Your calm is broken by a sudden pulsing pain across your abdomen, wincing you move to turn on your side when something splashes under your hips.

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Check out our first performance as Knock Out Kings aka K.O.K. Performing members: Captain Sexo (Jonathan), Mei (Taka), Jomo (Jomo), Texas Jazz (Jazz), Dope Gundam (Long), Hella Ella (Ella), and Chef Rocka (Andrew). Thanks for watching!