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Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

Now, when he’d fled Cybertron and the Functionist takeover, young Hot Rod hadn’t been thinking of much besides “find the fabled Optimus Prime and save Cybertron”.
He probably should’ve thought of where he’d hide and how he’d begin his search.

After a series of nearly fatal adventures, he found a derelict ship floating in space and made his way inside for refuge. Only to discover that it was inhabited after all. Four Decepticons stared down at him.

“He’s tiny,” said Starscream.
“He’s shiny,” commented Knock Out.
“Query: intended course of action?” asked Soundwave.
The next thing Hot Rod knew, Breakdown had lifted him off the floor and over his head. “Let’s adopt him!” he announced.

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If you ever decide to write something based on the yandere!kobd & jack darby family, I would be a happy camper. Anyway, an idea struck me suddently. Jack manages to contact the autobots by luck, but is caught by his new adoring "parents." Lets just say his punishment includes rendering him immobile for a while, due to damaged feet. KO only coos that its for the best, since his papas' only want him to stay put. "I hope you learn your lesson my little bitlet" cue forehead kiss.

Dear God!!!  Are we talking like???

Pfff!  XD

Actually, I think Knock Out’s preferred form of punishment would be some sort of isolation rather than anything physical.  He knows that he could easily kill Jack with one accidental slip up, and he’d never forgive himself if he did anything to hurt his precious little bitlet.  But being trapped alone in utter blackness for a day or two in an empty room with no form of comfort can do wonders for breaking a defiant spirit…

Knock Out is always extra syrupy and sweet when he lets Jack out of his “punishment”.  It’s only because he loves you, Jack.  You have to understand that.  Your fathers just get their feelings hurt when you don’t appreciate all they’ve done for you.  They’d never do anything to hurt you.  Not their darling little Jack…  

The poor boy is so shaken and contact-starved by that point, that he’s even willing to seek comfort from his captors, which is of course what Knock Out was hoping for.  Jack is especially compliant those first few days, even going so far as to initiate or ask for affection, which his new fathers are more than happy to give. 

Unfortunately, however, their happy family dynamic never seems to last very long.  Eventually, Jack will get sick of playing their twisted little games, and he’ll once again start looking for a way to get off the ship.  When this happens, he gets sent right back into his dark little time out room.  It’s alright though.  Knock Out knows the longer Jack stays with them, they more he’ll eventually come to love them as his real family.  All he needs is a little more time…

Mark’s Egos Encyclopedia Page: King of the Squirrels

Infantile Rodent Tamer, King of the Squirrels

Occupation: Supposed Ruler of the Squirrels

Abilities: Interaction with squirrels and guiding them

Threat level: very low

Friendship level: high

If you’re wondering why there’s a great mass of squirrels crowding around a man in the middle of Los Angeles(*1), it’s probably because that’s the work of the King of the Squirrels.

He acts like he has the nobility and grace of a ruler/aristocrat, but in actual reality, he’s pretty childish. But then again, it’s often said that children often see and interact with more things better than adults(*2). This unique mindset allows him to communicate with and understand squirrels far better than anyone else. Children are often pure at heart as well, so he has won over the love of the squirrel kingdom. In this case, compared to Bim who looks the most like Mark, KotS probably resembles Mark more overall.

It seems that KotS figured that squirrels love peanut butter alongside acorns. I wonder if he knows more about their behaviours and tendencies than scientists do? He probably must if he can speak in a whole different language to communicate with them.

There’s also eyewitness testimonies that KotS also possesses the nimbleness and climbing abilities of squirrels. I’m not surprised; this man-child is pretty pure and wholesome.

Speaking of man-child, even if he is immature, his mindset isn’t that of a clueless child. He knows how to be polite and courteous like a ruler. He’s just really playful and adventurous, surprisingly for a ruler(*3).

He’s not that threatening either. He would never dare attack anyone unless they brought harm to one of his beloved subjects. In which case, you’ll probably get some angry curses from him before he sics a horde of squirrels onto you. He never stays mad for long, however.

In that way, it’s pretty easy to befriend KotS. He’s very talkative, and enjoys the company of other humans as much as he enjoys squirrels. Though, other humans are driven away by his strange and child-like personality in the first place. That leads to his company comprising of mostly squirrels, further alienating him more from society. Thus, he’s not used to conversing with humans as a result of this isolation. He’s not adept at reading people’s feelings through facial expressions and tone as well, but he never means to do harm. He will know if you’re uncomfortable and cease immediately. Please bear with him.

He’s also not that kept up with human civilization and development. Truly, he is a hopeless case.

Don’t ask me where he got the red robe and crown from, though.

How to deal with him: like stated before, there will most likely not be a situation where he sics his squirrels on you aggressively. The squirrels do not pose that much of a threat either. The most they can do is nibble you and bring some discomfort(*4). KotS himself is completely harmless. Aside from communicating with squirrels, he has no other special abilities worth mentioning. You should not feel threatened at all around him. There should also be no reason to take the initiative to hurt him(*5).

1.) Wherever his place of activity is. It’s mostly Ohio though.
2.) Like ghosts and other supernatural creatures.
3.) It should be worth noting that squirrels have a lifespan of 6~12 years in the wild. He’s not above giving them funerals, either.
4.) Unless, of course, they have rabies. In which case, seek medical help immediately.
5.) If you do, come see me after class.

How my monthly friend...knocked out a King (CompanyXreader)

Words: 822

As the sun rises in the sky, you feel yourself drift back into consciousness. Opening your eyes you find yourself resting gently on the ground where you had fallen asleep the night before. Upon searching the others, you find them all asleep and sigh contently. Staring straight at the drifting clouds you embrace the moment of quiet and tranquility while you could, knowing that once the dwarves woke you would be bombarded by noise until nightfall.

Your calm is broken by a sudden pulsing pain across your abdomen, wincing you move to turn on your side when something splashes under your hips.

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if len had an instagram u KNOW that boy would low key meme it the fuck up. maybe he takes a pic thru the window while at argus of the cold gun's core icing the room to knock out king shark, who you can also see in there mid falling over, and barry's off to the side giving a thumbs up.. "cracking open a cold one with the boys"

i like the implication that leonard stops mid heist to make a meme. this is very relatable

tater always considered himself a dog person. dogs are loud, energetic, sweet, goofy… tater sort of identified with them, even if he hasn’t had one since playing in the nhl

then he meets kit

it’s a wary meeting at first, what with alexei pretty sure he doesn’t like cats and kit not liking much of anyone besides kent. tater’s not really sure what to do with this small, white floof he’s secretly afraid he’ll crush, but he has to admit that - objectively speaking - she’s kind of… cute

when the falconers’ cup dreams go up in a puff of smoke but the aces are still going strong, tater agrees to look after the cat for the duration (he gets some… favors… he’s been asking for in return). the first night is a tenuous peace, with tater watching kent’s game on tv and kit perched on what must be the most ludicrously expensive cat tree alexei’s ever seen, watching him cautiously but unafraid. it’s a start

most days, he’s up before dawn; he has to be to get his run in and miss the oppressive, shimmering heat of the desert. kit is usually up but just barely, not long enough for her to be looking for food. she’s usually resting on the back of the couch, chin on her paws. her eyes track tater as he opens a can of wet food for her and her ears twitch just a bit, but she doesn’t make a move toward the food until tater’s gone. at least he assumes as much, since the bowl is always empty when he returns from his jog, the first rays of light peaking over the mountains

it’s not until the third week of playoffs, when the aces are this close to knocking out the kings, that tater decides to sleep in for once. something tugs him out of unconsciousness to find the morning sun spilling across kent’s white comforter. it takes him a moment to place himself in context and a moment longer to realize it’s kit’s plaintive cries, coming from the floor next to the bed, that have awoken him

he peers over the edge of the bed and her clear green eyes swivel up to his. she lets out one more cry that, fuck him, tugs on his heartstrings, before chirping and padding across the hardwood toward the door. he just stares after her and within a few seconds, the little pats of her paws stop. she looks over at him, still laying there, and comes back over, holding eye contact and prancing impatiently in a few lopsided circles before coming closer

alexei slowly extends a hand out from under the covers, palm up. she sniffs it daintily, watching him, before she bumps her head against his knuckles and he can’t help but smile. she meows again, quiet and conversational, before walking off toward the door again

maybe cats aren’t so bad

One-Shot(s) Man

5 Punch: Reversal (or an AU where Genos is the 25 y.o. Hero alongside his reluctant Disciple, 19 y.o. Saitama; Saitama is still OP but Genos has absolutely no idea)

“So, you want to be a hero?”

“Well yeah. For a hobby, I guess." 

Golden eyes narrowed at the slight boy before him, unruly mop of black strands and eyes that belied a hollowness one would associate more with a middle-aged man undergoing a midlife crisis rather than a teenager at the cusp of adulthood. But still…the boy had potential. He had, after all apparently survived Genos’s Incineration and somehow, someway lent a hand in defeating Mosquito Girl, though the exact details of both were unknown. And as far as Genos saw, the boy had no one else to turn to. "I see…to undertake such a goal, you need proper guidance. Very well…I accept responsibility.”

Saitama frowned, eyebrows bunching together in puzzlement and panic. “Eh? That’s not really nece—”

“Do not worry; it’s of no burden to me. It is the least I can do after the damage that befell your apartment. And from now on, please refer to me as ‘Sensei.’”

“Weren’t you just listening?!”

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This one “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” With DaiSuga or KageHina pleaseeeee????

((Why not both?))

“Daichi-san, Tsukishima’s making rude remarks again,”

“Knock it out, Tsukishima!”

“The king started it–”

“You guys yell a lot,” Hinata whines.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Daichi snaps, glaring at Hinata, who shrinks back immediately.

“N- nothing, it’s just…shouldn’t we get along? We’re a team.”

“Hinata’s right,” Suga chimes in. “You guys don’t seem to get along well.”

“I have an idea! My mom and dad always make me and Natsu /pretend/ we’re a happy family when we’re arguing. We play house.”

“That’s weird, Hinata,” Tanaka says.

“No, no, Hinata has a point, kinda!” Asahi says, “When I’m feeling anxious, I just pretend I’m fine and trick myself into being fine. If you all pretend you get along, you might actually get along!”

“Now you’re in on this too, Asahi?”

“I’m game,” Noya says, “But only if Daichi-san and Suga-san are Mommy and Daddy.”

“Not you too, Noya-saaan,”

“Then it’s decided. We’re…playing house.” Daichi coughs uncomfortably. “I’ll…be daddy?..”

“Daichi you perv, not in front of our kouhai’s~” Suga purrs, snuggling into Daichi’s back. He then switches back to normal to address the others, “Then that makes me mommy!”

“S- suga-”

“I wanna be Daichi and Suga’s kid! Me and Yachi! Please!”

“Ok, Hinata, Yachi, you’re our kids.”

“I want Hikota.”

“Ok, Kiyoko, you can take Yachi and be our neighbor.”

“And Yamaguchi.”


“C- coming!”

“Asahi and I will be the other neighbors,” Noya volunteers, snatching up his boyfriend’s hand. “We’ll take Kageyama and Tsukishima.”

“Kinnoshita, Narita–”

“Sorry, senpai, but this is where we duck out.” Kinnoshita says, already sliding out the gym door.

“Yeah, it’s just not what we want to do with our extra time…”

“Yeah, it’s just weir-”

“Nice try, Ryu.”

“You’re staying here, Chikara.”

Daichi and Suga smile threataningly at the two squirming Kouhai’s in their hands.

“You two can be the uncles. Since we’ve already lost two other teammates, this volleyball can be your newborn infant.” Daichi thrusts a volleyball into Tanaka’s chest, and he hurriedly cradles it, fear evident on his face.

“Ok, shall we start?” Suga suggests, smiling brightly. “Is everyone ready?”

Everyone chimes in their affirmations and Daichi coughs.

“Alright. Hinata, our neighbors are coming over today.”

“And your uncles,” Suga smiles, linking arms with Daichi, who blushes deeply.

“Hey, no fair, why can’t one of us be–” Tanaka trails off when Daichi glares in his direction, shrinking behind Ennoshita. “I mean…Knock knock?…”

“Come in,”

“Uncle Tanaka-senpai, uncle Ennoshita-senpai!”

“H- hey, squirt! (?) How’s our favorite nephew?”

“I’m great!” Hinata beams when Tanaka shifts the volleyball to one hand to pat his head. “My boyfriend is coming over today!”

“Boyfriend?” The question seems to resound across the whole group, and Shimizu seems to collect herself first, lightly pulling Yamaguchi and Yachi to the “door”.

“Knock knock,”

“Come in, come in,” Suga snaps out of it next. “Hello Kiyoko-chaann,”

“Oh, Koushi-chan, it’s so nice to have meet ups like this, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, yes. Hikota and Tadashi can go play with Shoyou if they’d like,”

“I- I’ll stray here…” Yamaguchi mumbles, clinging onto Shimizu’s sleeve as Yachi walks over to “play” with Hinata.

Suga smiles and turns to walk back to Daichi, Shimizu in toe, to see them all staring at him. He giggles. “What? If we’re playing, we’ve gotta act the part, ne, daddy?”

Suga stands on his tiptoes and steals a kiss before turning to have “mommy time” with Shimizu, leaving Daichi sputtering.

“S- Sug- not in front of the kiiidds,”

“Knock knock…”

“Ah, very good Tsukishima-kun! You can knock on the door all by yourself!”

“Shut. Up.”

“Now, that’s no way to speak to your father!”

“Ah, now now, boys, no need to argue!” Suga is opening the door once again, letting his final guests in. Immediately, Tsukishima is grabbing Yamaguchi by the hand and dragging him in the general direction of the other “children” playing, stopping about three feet away before plopping onto the floor and turning to observe the “adults”.

Hinata jumps up with a squeal. “Boyfriend!”

For a horrified moment, Tsukishima thinks Hinata means him, but he runs past him and crashes into Kageyama instead.

“Oh? He’s your boyfriend Hinata? The neighbor boy we let sleep over every weekend?” Daichi raises an eyebrow. Very fatherly. Everyone could tell he was looking at the matter from a paternal instinct, and honestly, so was everyone else.

“Yep!” Hinata nuzzles into Kageyama, who’s face was bright red and looked like he wanted to strangle him.

“H- Hinata, you can’t date the neighbor kid–” Daichi tries to reason.

“And just why not?” Hinata sasses.

“Because it’s awkward for your parents!”

“That’s not a reason,” Hinata sticks out a tongue.


“You can’t tell me what to do!” Hinata stomps his foot and – to accentuate his point – tugs Kageyama down for a kiss. When they pull back, Kageyama is a sputtering mess and glares at Hinata with a flushed face.

“O- ok…” Suga wrinkles his forehead. “Do whatever you want.”
“Good.” Hinata then skips over to where Tsukishima and Yamaguchi were sat “playing”.

Daichi sighs dramatically and goes over to where the rest of the “adults” were.


“Who are you kidding, Hinata’s yours,” Suga purrs, latching onto Daichi’s arm and nuzzling into his shoulder. “The next one’s mine.”

“Oh really? Where does he get his beautiful looks then?”

Suga flushes pink, giggling. He presses a kiss to Daichi’s cheek, still giggling. “Dai, not in front of the kids,”