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Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

Now, when he’d fled Cybertron and the Functionist takeover, young Hot Rod hadn’t been thinking of much besides “find the fabled Optimus Prime and save Cybertron”.
He probably should’ve thought of where he’d hide and how he’d begin his search.

After a series of nearly fatal adventures, he found a derelict ship floating in space and made his way inside for refuge. Only to discover that it was inhabited after all. Four Decepticons stared down at him.

“He’s tiny,” said Starscream.
“He’s shiny,” commented Knock Out.
“Query: intended course of action?” asked Soundwave.
The next thing Hot Rod knew, Breakdown had lifted him off the floor and over his head. “Let’s adopt him!” he announced.

anonymous asked:

If you ever decide to write something based on the yandere!kobd & jack darby family, I would be a happy camper. Anyway, an idea struck me suddently. Jack manages to contact the autobots by luck, but is caught by his new adoring "parents." Lets just say his punishment includes rendering him immobile for a while, due to damaged feet. KO only coos that its for the best, since his papas' only want him to stay put. "I hope you learn your lesson my little bitlet" cue forehead kiss.

Dear God!!!  Are we talking like???

Pfff!  XD

Actually, I think Knock Out’s preferred form of punishment would be some sort of isolation rather than anything physical.  He knows that he could easily kill Jack with one accidental slip up, and he’d never forgive himself if he did anything to hurt his precious little bitlet.  But being trapped alone in utter blackness for a day or two in an empty room with no form of comfort can do wonders for breaking a defiant spirit…

Knock Out is always extra syrupy and sweet when he lets Jack out of his “punishment”.  It’s only because he loves you, Jack.  You have to understand that.  Your fathers just get their feelings hurt when you don’t appreciate all they’ve done for you.  They’d never do anything to hurt you.  Not their darling little Jack…  

The poor boy is so shaken and contact-starved by that point, that he’s even willing to seek comfort from his captors, which is of course what Knock Out was hoping for.  Jack is especially compliant those first few days, even going so far as to initiate or ask for affection, which his new fathers are more than happy to give. 

Unfortunately, however, their happy family dynamic never seems to last very long.  Eventually, Jack will get sick of playing their twisted little games, and he’ll once again start looking for a way to get off the ship.  When this happens, he gets sent right back into his dark little time out room.  It’s alright though.  Knock Out knows the longer Jack stays with them, they more he’ll eventually come to love them as his real family.  All he needs is a little more time…

How my monthly friend...knocked out a King (CompanyXreader)

Words: 822

As the sun rises in the sky, you feel yourself drift back into consciousness. Opening your eyes you find yourself resting gently on the ground where you had fallen asleep the night before. Upon searching the others, you find them all asleep and sigh contently. Staring straight at the drifting clouds you embrace the moment of quiet and tranquility while you could, knowing that once the dwarves woke you would be bombarded by noise until nightfall.

Your calm is broken by a sudden pulsing pain across your abdomen, wincing you move to turn on your side when something splashes under your hips.

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if len had an instagram u KNOW that boy would low key meme it the fuck up. maybe he takes a pic thru the window while at argus of the cold gun's core icing the room to knock out king shark, who you can also see in there mid falling over, and barry's off to the side giving a thumbs up.. "cracking open a cold one with the boys"

i like the implication that leonard stops mid heist to make a meme. this is very relatable

a dime bag of that immortal,
hopping in portals–
introduce Apollo to the blunt tip;
there’s a cipher in my chest:
while getting duckets
with these bucket crabs
my soul whips
as my heart beat-boxes
over smooth jazz;
hard lessons, hard knocks,
you might as well
build a pillow fort
with all those soft thoughts;
you can find Forrester
in that pine box;
they call em good cops
cause the see no evil–
them birds flying high
but we don’t see no eagles;
birdie, regal,
there was a hole in one
because he wasn’t up to par;
you ain’t really American
unless you in a foreign car,
you might as well raise it
before we trip over this fucking bar;
my black whole
all I see is fucking stars–
maybe I’m punch drunk:
I am an alcoholic
—  knock out kings
Love is Blind

Strange Magic Week- Day 1: Cannon-Divergence   


When the Bog King came to he was in an immense amount of pain. His jaw ached and a newly formed lump pulsed on the back of his knobbly skull. The real problem was when the King tried to raise his hands to assuage said bump he found they were bound together behind his back.  The Bog King’s back was stiff, and his poor wings were trapped under him. Worst of all though was when he opened his eyes, the Bog King saw nothing, nothing at all, just black.

The Bog King of the Dark Forest let loose an almighty roar that was worthy of his title. 

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