knock out festival

Yesterday night in Karlsruhe after they played ''Gott Mit Uns''
  • Thobbe: Jocke!
  • Joakim: What?
  • Thobbe: I seriously need to go to the bathroom. I've had too many beers.
  • - Thobbe gives Joakim the guitar and leaves the stage -
  • Joakim: Should I play the guitar? Actually you don't wanna hear me play guitar.
  • - Joakim starts playing the beginning of Seek & Destroy -
  • Joakim: That's enough!
  • - Thobbe runs back on stage -
  • Joakim: Oh there you are!
  • Thobbe: I had to do it in a bottle!
  • Joakim: Did you piss in a bottle?
  • Thobbe: *thumbs up*
  • Joakim: That's dedication. He did not want you to wait so he takes a piss in a bottle.
  • Thobbe: *thumbs up again*