knock off dr. pepper

I drank a knock off version of dr pepper called dr becker and honestly the aftertaste was like I had inhaled the smoke of a thousand burning sugarcane plants who had been watered with cherry coke for seven years and seek nothing but to wreak vengeance on my mouth for daring to partake of their forbidden remains

earth-empress  asked:

In Texas there's a grocery store chain called H-E-B which stands for the founder initials. His name was literally Howard E. Butt. There's even a Dr Pepper knock off called Dr. Butt. I thought you would like to know this.

dr butt….they had to call it heb because he couldn’t call it butt’s

Dubious grocery store-brand Dr. Pepper knock-off, via Frood’s Foods, the leading chain of supermarkets in some legally estranged arm of the galaxy.

Flavor described as “like drinking cola from a sickly parallel universe where they never got around to inventing rock ‘n roll”, which only adds to the allure; the artificially flavored line is perilously redundant.