knock it back darling

Creepypasta #638: The Shed

Story length: Medium

As my wife and I lay asleep side by side, I heard a bang come from downstairs. I listened more carefully… Nothing. My wife patted me on the shoulder and kissed my cheek.

“I heard a noise. The foxes have probably just knocked over the bin. Go back to sleep, darling”, I whispered.

I felt so on edge that night, like something was out of place. But I couldn’t figure it out. Giving up, I fell back to sleep.

BANG. I shot upwards and scrambled around under the bed, looking for my golf clubs. Someone had to be there, unless a fox had gotten in. As I slowly neared the bedroom door, my wife grabbed for me, muttering something. 

“Go back to bed, everything’s fine”, I said. “I think a fox has gotten inside”. 

She kissed me on the cheek and scuttled off back to bed.

The back-door had been wide-open, banging against the wall. As I went to close it, I saw the shed door swinging in the wind. How strange, I hadn’t been inside in months.

The shed was quite large. One of the reasons I wanted to get rid of it so much. Inside were packets of food, canned meat and a dirty old mattress. I dropped to my knees, my mouth unable to utter a single word.

I stared at the corpse that lay on top of the mattress. Mind and body numb. Unable to cry or scream. All I could do was stare at her; my love, my wife. Scratched into the surface of the wood next to her body were the words, “your bed is warmer than mine”.

Credits to: bumfree