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REQUEST: Hey i just read all of your fics hehe and i really like your writing! Can I request a very protective demon!tae fic pls? Doesn’t matter if fluffy or smutty thank you so much x

GENRE: Demon!au, Supernatural, smut(to come), slight angst, i have to make this fluffy of course

He was never supposed to meet her, but when he did, all he wanted to do was to keep her.

(PT3/??) - PT1, PT3

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James March: Kept Secrets

James Patrick March.

The man you loved oh so dearly. He treated you no less than a queen. 

You’ve been seeing him for almost 3 months now. He insisted that you move into the hotel to stay with him, but as tempting as that sounds, you just weren’t ready yet. 

There’s also something very mysterious about him, something off. He was very secretive about his “work”. You’ve confided in your friends about it, but they said that you’re just overthinking it. “You deserve happiness, Y/N. I haven’t seen you this happy in so long. Don’t ruin a good thing.” Your girlfriend had once told you.

Today is your day off and of course, you’re going to spend this day with your lover. Pulling up to the front, you handed your car keys to Valet per usual.

Ah, the Hotel Cortez is your safe haven. A place you could call home. 

Hazel Evers was the first person you saw upon entering. She was happily vacuuming the carpets in the lobby area. Thanks to her, this hotel is always spotless. “Well hello there, Miss Y/L/N.”

“Hi Miss Evers. Can you take me to James?” You asked.

“Oh I’d be more than happy to, dear.” Miss Evers accepted with a smile.

Upon reaching the elevator, Miss Evers pressed the button for Floor 7. You found it a bit odd because James is usually on Floor 6 in his office in room 64. You tilted your head in confusion as you were examining the lighted “7”.

Before you could get a word out to question Miss Evers, she disrupted with small talk. “It’s oh so lovely to see you. Not to mention, there’s always sheets for me to launder whenever you come to visit!” Miss Evers said excitedly.

“There sure is.” You chuckled while you shook your head. You and your boyfriend always had a habit of getting freaky and making a mess of his bedroom. He’s so lucky to have Miss Evers to clean up after. You’ve always wondered what he’d do without her. You’ve never seen him do his own laundry or cook his own food. James has always had her to do that work, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

*Ding* Goes the elevator doors opening as you reached Floor 7. Come to think of it, you’ve never been on this floor. It was much darker than the rest of the floors you’ve come to. There were lights flickering here and there, not to mention the silence. Although the rest of the floors were quiet, you could still hear a few of the guests’ voices peek through the walls, but Floor 7 was just silent.

“Feel free to wait here, dear.” Miss Evers stopped you halfway.

“Um okay?” You responded.

2 doors down from where you were standing, Miss Evers knocked 4 times. There was no response, so she knocked again.

“I’m busy!” A loud, male voice replied. That very voice you recognized as James’s. There goes him being rather secretive again. The least he could’ve done was open the door and show his face. But no, he had to say it on the other side of the wall. It started to annoy you and that built up frustration had you rushing towards the door to find out for yourself.

“Ah yes, but-” Miss Evers started, but you cut her off and opened the door.

“What the hell is-” You started, but seeing what is right before your eyes causes you to take a step back. A man lying dead in what looks like a silver tub of some sort. There was blood all over the carpet. 

Your boyfriend was instantly shocked from being caught that his jaw dropped once he saw you. He is a god damn murderer. But why is it that you feel so relieved? Maybe because you were expecting to catch him in bed with another girl?

James immediately threw his saw on the floor that he was using to saw the man’s body into pieces and rushed towards you. Splatters of blood were on his face and clothing. “Dearest.” He clutched at your upper arms. “I-I-Uh.” James was at a loss for words, which was a first since he’s the type that always has an answer to everything.

You shook his grip off of you and his eyes filled with sadness knowing you didn’t want physical contact with him. He didn’t want you to see him as this monster, although he’s killed hundreds of people. “You kill people? That’s what all this work is about?” You asked in a stern tone and Miss Evers found it as her cue to leave the two of you alone.

“You disapprove?” James frowned.

This feeling is something you shouldn’t feel, but you’re drawn to this darkness about James. He’s never laid a finger on you, nor has he ever shown aggression towards you unless he’s being dominant in bed. But this is something could never tell your best friends because they would think you’re out of your damn mind. You wouldn’t blame them though.

Your mouth formed a line, showing an emotionless expression. “Just don’t be late for dinner, James.”

“Of course my queen!” James was overjoyed that you were accepting of his hobby as no one in their right mind would be. “I’ll see to it that Miss Evers prepares your favored dishes.”

You smiled after seeing how happy you’ve made him and he grabbed your left hand, leaving a long kiss at your knuckles.


i know i can love you much b e t t e r than this
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Secrets - Fratboy!Calum [SMUT]

Requested by Anonymous

Summary~ Frat boys pay a lot of money for their status and Calumis no exception which is why he has to keep his reputation up and a girlfriend is not part of that image

Word Count - 905

“It’s the deal babe,” Calum lays on the bed holding your hand as he looks up at you.

“I know but I’m just tired of sneaking out the frat house every Sunday morning,” you smile at him.

“I know, but eventually we’ll can be as shameless as we need to, but we’ve talked about this,” he smiles brighter looking up at you, “Please?”

“Fine,” you sigh. “Just let me get my things”

“Good, don’t be long and I’ll follow behind,” he lies back, stretching before standing up.

You get your things and open his door checking left and right as you go to make sure no one else is roaming the frat hallway and you wander out, Calum remains a few meters behind watching you go and when you get to the end of the hall, at the top of the stairs you see a bedroom door open and a guy stands in the doorway

“Well aint you a cute one,” he winks at you before turning to Calum, “Nice one Calum, didn’t think you’d get girls as smart as her. Must be making a rota by now, saw her coming out of your bedroom a couple months back”

You walk away from him heading back to your dorm looking simply like a one night stand but when you’re halfway down the drive your hurt feelings are banished as you get a text from Calum;

See you Monday, late night dinner? xx

The next Saturday comes around and you and your friends find yourself back at the frat house for another party, after a fair amount of your persuasion.

“Who are you out for this weekend?” you ask your friend.

“Just some fratboy I expect, but you are you actually going to end up with someone this weekend?” she questions you.

You shrug, looking directly at Calum with a smile, “I’ll keep my eye out”

You don’t get drunk. That’s not necessary for you anymore, you used to just so that you could have to confidence to get a guy to take you home, now you spend the night watching Calum. You see him with his friends, girl after girl practically throwing themselves at him and he absorbs the attention like a sponge flirting back, never further than a wink and maybe an ass grab but still. Looking closer though you saw him deflecting their advances easily like rain on a windowpane.

By the end of the night Calum has gone missing so you decide to go about it as you usually do, so you go up to his room knock 4 times and then go inside. A part of you expects to see Calum with his lips locked on another girl, a part of you always expects that, but there he is sat on the bed smiling at you.

He stands, “God you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this tonight,” he presses his lips to yours in a rushed way and backs you against the wall.

“I’d never have guessed”

“Does all that really bother you?” he looks you in the eye, face only milimeters from yours.

“Yeah, kinda,” you reply.

“I’m sorry, you know how it is though, they’d go down through me if I was ever seen as in anyway whipped,” he smiles.

You then smile more, “What’s wrong with a guy being whipped?”

You push him walking him backwards to the bed and when he hits it he falls to sit and yo straddle his waist. Your lips find his and immediately you feel his hands sliding underneath your clothes, desperately trying to decrease the space left between you. He manages to get you into just your underwear and with that you push him back so he’s lying down.

“God you’re beautiful,” he mumbes gripping your waist.

You smile at him, tucking your hair back and unbuttoning his flannel shirt. He pulls you into a kiss again using his hands to grind you against him, moaning a little against your skin. He kisses down your neck and when you begin to feel him harden beneath you, you turn your attention to the buckle on his bet and removehis jeans.

“Baby, fuck,” he pants now getting worked up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll put you out of your misery soon enough”

When the final items of clothing between you are gone you move to kneel above him, kissing dark marks onto his neck as you go until he stops you, lifting you and positioning you above him. He supports your weight as you lower yourself onto him moaning out and arching your back. He desperately tried for friction so you start to move your weight, his hips bucking against yours as he becomes a mess beneath you.

“I’m not going to last,” he whimpers.

When you feel him get sloppy you clench around him and know he’s reached his edge, riding out your own high you fall next to him.

The next morning you wake up next to him, a mess of limbs and sheets, tucked under his arm. Looking at his wall clock you see that you’ve slept long past the time you’re usually out the door and go to get up.

“Shit, I better go, we slept n”

He pulls you back down, “No, you should stay a little longer,” you lie down and he trails lazy fingers up and down your arm, “No more secrets, okay?”


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Masterlist // Request

Theory or fact...?

So, the Master and the Doctor are both timelords, yeah?  In the episode “The Sound of Drums”  the Doctor calls Saxon by his real name, Master.  And he chose that name.  The Master replies with, “As you chose yours.  The man who makes people better.”  Funny that their names show their exact intentions.  The Doctor saves humanity and other species time and time again.  The Master only wants to rule and be “worshiped.”  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT O.O 

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Team Skull during the holidays. The caps are replaced with santa hats, all they drink is hot chocolate or eggnog while all they eat is christmas cookies and candy canes (which they've been told not to sharpen them after a recent incident), christmas rapping, the tree is knocked over about 3-4 times a day and most of the ornaments are broken (if there are any left), Gladion's more or less the Grinch--

Grunt 14 got shanked by a candy cane, which is why theyre banned