So this is for assholelukey and quiffedluke’s blurb night!

Your relationship with Luke used to be simple: spending time at one another’s houses across the street, helping out the other with chores, seeing one another almost every day. He was just the nerdy friend on the other side of the road, the friend with a flat fringe, knobby knees, and a scrawny torso, the friend you knew you would never grow feelings for–simply because he was Luke.

And then puberty hit. Luke became famous. Started recording. Left for tour. And it was all completely alright to you; you understood, you were happy for him. But you didn’t expect him to come back home to Sydney looking so…good.

You were outside one sunny afternoon, sitting on your porch steps and sipping a blueberry smoothie you’d whipped up, just watching the few cars passing on the road and listening to the birds chirp. Suddenly, a black car pulled up the street and turned into the driveway of the Hemmings household. You watched as the door opened and Luke stepped out.

He looked so good, as always, and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes at how pathetically quick you crumbled when you perceived him, a SnapBack adorning his head, wearing a black t-shirt and a matching pair of black shorts.

He slammed the car door and peered around, taking notice of you sitting on your porch. You waited with a held breath as he smiled slightly, shielding his eyes from the sun and waving you over with his other hand, “Y/N, hey!”

“Hi!” You called back, “How are you?”

“Good!” He said, locking his car and beginning to walk down his driveway, crossing the street. Immediately you panicked, but you knew you couldn’t do anything now. Luke walked up your driveway, grinning at you, “How are you?”

“Hot,” you blurted. His left eyebrow arched as he grinned at you teasingly, and you blushed, taking a sip of your smoothie before speaking, “I mean, it’s boiling outside, so naturally I’d be–do you want to sit?”

You quickly gestured to the spot beside you, hoping that your face wasn’t as red as it felt. Luke chuckled, pulling off his SnapBack as he eased beside you, running his fingers through his matted blonde hair before placing the hat back on his head.

“So you’re on break, huh?” You asked, shying away slightly from how close he was. He nodded, looking at you with inquisitive blue eyes, “Yeah. It’s good to be home. I missed quite a few people.”

“Your family missed you,” you informed him before explaining, “Your mum always told me how she couldn’t wait to see you again.”

“Yeah?” He chuckled, “That’s odd, considering how she ordered me to vacuum the house when I got home,” he looked at you mischievously, “I’m stalling at the moment.”

You laughed, guiding the straw of your drink back to your mouth and taking a timid sip. His eyes cast down to your lips before moving back to your eyes quickly, as though he felt caught. You pursed your lips, swallowing.

“Want to help me?” Luke suddenly asked you, and you almost choked on your drink. Looking at him, you waited for an explanation. “I mean,” he said sheepishly, “Just like old times, helping each other with chores. I promise I’ll repay you before I leave.” He grinned at you and you snorted lightly.

Shrugging, you stood, “Why not? Let’s go.”

You began hopping down your steps and were halfway across the lawn before Luke called your name. You turned and found him scratching the back of his neck, looking slightly worried. He opened his mouth, “You know, you were one of the people I missed the most.”

Your heart somersaulted in your chest, and you couldn’t stop a faint smile from gracing your lips. You looked at him with tender eyes. “I missed you too,” you said sweetly, still clutching your cold drink in one hand.

“Now come on,” you grinned as Luke stood and walked over to you, holding out your hand, which he took without hesitation, your fingers interlocking perfectly, “You’re still trying to stall, aren’t you?”

He chuckled, “Can’t get anything past you, can I?”

“Nope,” you popped the ‘p’, smiling widely before nudging his shoulder as you both crossed the street, not bothering to watch for cars like you’d done countless times before as kids.

“And I’m keeping you to that promise, you know. My dad asked me to clean out the garage sometime this month. Hope you like the smell of mothballs and gasoline.”

“My favourite.”

i can’t believe a pair of jeans - cut into some janky shorts - put on by some boy with flamingo legs and knobby knees has got me this worked up

Listen to: Knobby Knees by Oats

I asked about the scar on your shoulder 
You said, “Life could get stupid sometimes." 
And I knew what you meant 
& you continued to press your head into mine. 

You held me close to your body 
so we left the party and I fell more 
with each glimpse I caught of your blue eyes 
in the streetlight that looked like moonlight. 

I don’t know you but I know I like you 
& I don’t know you but I know I’d like to. 

We laid close all night in your bedroom 
and fell asleep as the sun came up, 
But we didn’t sleep for more than a few hours 
because the birds outside your windows they woke us up. 

I’d fall asleep every couple of minutes 
surprised when I awoke 
to your hands tracing the shape of my bones, 
I’d gotten so used to waking up alone. 

I don’t know know you but I know I like you 
& I don’t know know you but I know I’d like to.

HAM and Knobby Knees!

So at first I thought this photo was awful because I feel like my legs look like massive hams! My shorts do this things that drives me BONKERS where they work their way up my legs and into my crotch ALL DAY LONG and it’s so uncomfortable and it ALWAYS looks weird when I try to pull them down, like I have some sort of problem with refraining from touching myself in public. UGH. And this happens with almost all my shorts so I suspect this is something that just happens with ham-thighs. 

BUT while my thighs are sometimes the bane of my existence, I LOVE my knees!! They are officially my favorite part of my body these days! Like a year ago I practically didn’t have knees! Have you ever realized that knees with excess fat look like baby faces? It’s totally a thing! Well I am proud to say I no longer have baby-face knees! They’re all awkward and boney an they poke out like the weird, spherical, floating bone that they are! <3

So now I love this photo. Because it shows my fabulous knees :)