anonymous asked:

what's it like being Icelandic

I just knit. I knit and I knit and I knit. I knit by glaciers and volcanoes while wearing my Viking hat. i knit by the puffins. I knit on top of mountains. i knit by all the thors and and björns iceland . i knit by of monsters and men. iknit by björk. i knit by the fermented shark. i knit by the whales. i knit by the tourists crying over the icelandic language. i knit while eating skyr. i knit while eating bloodpudding. i knnit while knitting. i knit  i knit by the streams. I knit on the black beaches. i knit watching the northern lights. i knit everywhere. that’s all we do. Icelanders knit and knit. k n it