Heal blog: Doctors in the Netherlands want safer circumcision procedures

Members of the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) would like to appeal to human rights defenders and politicians in order to persuade fellow Jewish and Muslim citizens to stop circumcising boys, or at least make the procedure safer.

‘We want to discourage male circumcision, because it is an unnecessary procedure with complications, which violates the integrity of the child.’ Doctors now argue it is also an unsafe and utterly unnecessary procedure, one of its subsequent downsides being a less satisfying sexual life. But fighting tradition is a difficult matter, so the group’s recommendations are unlikely to produce any changes, at least for the time being.

Dutch Jews and Muslims fight for circumcision right

By Anna Holligan

BBC News, Amsterdam

Religious groups in the Netherlands have opposed a call from the Royal Dutch Medical Association (RDMA) for male circumcision to be discouraged.

Male circumcision is legal in the Netherlands but the body representing the country’s doctors wants to end the practice.

The association is urging politicians to put it on the political agenda.

It is asking parents to think twice before having their sons circumcised because it regards the procedure as dangerous and unnecessary.

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Kurda, No More Glitter-4

Mika had been away from Vampire Mountain for several months now, but was finally returning. He had been abroad, on a mission that he and the other princes had agreed that he’d be the best fit for. Now that he’d finished said mission he wanted nothing more than to be back home, to sleep in his own coffin. But also…he thought about Kurda. They hadn’t been able to talk while he was away and hoped he’d be at the mountain when he returned.

His mind had been occupied with many thoughts over his long trek. He hauled his over-stuffed pack up higher onto his shoulder as he and his men reached the caves leading into the mountain. They quickly made their way through, Mika consistently much farther ahead than his men. He was ready to get inside and find Kurda.

As he entered the gate he completely ignored everyone who had greeted him. He fixed a menacing scowl in place so that hopefully the other vampires around would leave him alone. He found his way to Kurda’s cell and took a moment outside of it. He knocked and heard a muffled “come in”. He entered and walked to the middle of the room. Wait…had he been hearing things? No one was in here, yet he swore he’d heard Kurda say tha-

“Got you!” Kurda yelled as he jumped out of his coffin, shooting some sort of makeshift popper. Glitter littered the room and Mika. The prince was momentarily too stunned to react, then he heard Kurda mutter a few curses. When he looked up at the blond he was trying his hardest to calmly compose himself. He quickly thought of how he could redirect his anger and found the perfect thing.

With an unreadable expression he quickly stormed over to Kurda who was cowering now. As he reached him he grabbed Kurda by the front of his tunic and pulled him close, kissing him fiercely. One of his hands made its way up into the blonds hair, gripping it tightly, the other arm wrapping itself around Kurda’s back bringing their body’s close. Kurda moaned and his knees instantly went weak, making him arch into Mika. This gave Mika the perfect opportunity to pull on Kurda’s hair more, tilting the blonds head back further giving Mika better access to his mouth.

Mika move his mouth down to Kurda’s neck, sucking and nibbling on the cool flesh. “I missed you,” Mika murmured against Kurda’s skin. Kurda was in paradise! Mika had never acted like this before and he was enjoying it immensely. As Mika continued he also started running a hand under Kurda’s tunic and up his stomach.

“You’re hairs gotten longer,” Kurda said with a moan, running a hand through Mika’s spiky, short black hair. The prince hummed in response while sucking Kurda’s neck, sending a shudder down the blond’s spine. With that Mika pulled away, putting a small gap in between them. A devious grin spread across his face and he slowly took off his pack. Kurda’s face was flushed and he waiting for Mika to continue. Mika squatted down, looking up at Kurda who was rather excited by where this was going.

Mika did quite the opposite of what Kurda’s filthy mind had imagined. Mika reached into his pack any grabbed several items, then stood back up. Kurda frowned then looked at the items he was being presented.

“For your cartography,” Mika said. He was holding out a rather large bundle of fine papers and two bottles of ink. One bottle was filled with a dark black ink while the other was filled with a vibrant blue ink. Kurda was rather surprised, he hadn’t expect the prince would ever get him a gift much less a gift for his silly hobby.

Kurda stared at Mika for a moment, mouth hanging open. Kurda took his gifts and set them atop his desk. Before he turned around again he was encircled by Mika’s strong arms. Mika’s hands splayed across the others chest and stomach. The prince pulled their bodies close and kissed the back of Kurda’s neck and up to his ear. While he nibbled on his lobe one of his hands went back under Kurda’s shirt, slowly making its way up, bringing the fabric with it. His other hand made its way down, playing with the hem of his pants. The prince slid his finger tips under the hem, and Kurda became impatient.

Mika quickly spun the blond around. Kurda instantly ground his hips against the others. Mika let out a strangled groan and kissed Kurda deeply. Kurda was trying desperately to take Mika’s cloak off, but the prince wouldn’t have it. “This,” Mika whispered into Kurda’s ear, and not so gently grasped Kurda’s ass with both hands, “is what you get for the damned glitter.”

He turned away from the flustered Kurda, grabbed his pack, and walked out Kurda’s room. Kurda stood, frozen, trying to figure out if this was a joke or not. After a few minutes he yelled curses towards the now absent prince.

Mika snickered to himself as he walked back to his cell, enjoying Kurda’s frustration.


kiyane312, sufficient???
Artsen pleiten voor uitstel elektronisch patiëntendossier in Gezondheidsrecht

Bron:, Stel het elektronisch patiëntendossier uit, want het is nog niet haalbaar. Dat zegt artsenverbond KNMG dinsdag, op de dag dat de Eerste Kamer over de plannen praat. In het voorstel staat dat patiënten moeten kunnen aangeven wie welke informatie over hen mag zien. “Die vereisten zijn op dit moment niet uitvoerbaar”, aldus de KNMG. De huisartsenvereniging (LHV) had vorige week ook voor uitstel …

Kurda, No More Glitter-3

It’d been weeks, weeks! since the bath bomb incident and Mika still had the shimmering silver glow of the damned thing all over his body! It’d been only a week when Kurda finally had gotten the glittering residue off of his skin and out of his hair! Mika sighed, sitting up in his coffin, slouching over. He was already done with the teasing from the other princes and he hadn’t even gotten out of bed for the night. His long, dark hair looked like it was streaked with silver, the worst of it being in the middle. But he couldn’t take it anymore! He abruptly stood up and got dressed. He made his way down the halls, knowing what he had to do.


Mika is going to hate me, Kurda thought to himself. He could just blame Darren, it was kind of his fault anyways, considering he’d brought the supplies to him. Kurda smiled, loving his idea for Mika no matter what the prince would think of it! Besides, it wasn’t that bad. He pulled out the black cloak he’d picked out for the prince and set to work.

After a few hours of setting up and then resetting everything until it was perfect, then actually attaching everything he’d finally finished. And it was quite impressive if he did say so himself. Patting himself on the back he wrapped up the present and set off to find Mika.

He wondered around for about an hour looking for the prince. He was about to give up as he was rounding another turn he caught a glimpse of a mass of black heading down a different corridor. He ran after it and as he turned he was about to yell out to his lover but stopped. The only people down there were Larten and the person in black but it wasn’t Mika, his hair was much too short the be the young prince.

Kurda walked down there anyway and was going to interrupt the pair to see if they’d seen the man he was looking for when he stopped. As he faced both of the men he recognized the man in black, and it was Mika!

“Wh-,” he staggered up to Mika, “what did you do to your hair?” He ran his hand through Mika’s now rather short hair. He still had a streak of silver on the top, towards the right side of his head.

He pointed to the streak, “This! This is why I cut my hair off! I couldn’t take it anymore!” Larten decided he should retreat before anything too drastic happened between the two lovers, not wanting to see it.

“But it would’ve came out sooner or later!” Kurda protested.

“Well it wasn’t happening soon enough!” Mika shouted back. Kurda let out a half growl then took a deep breath in.

“Let’s go back to my cell, please,” Kurda said in a calm voice, “I’ve got something for you, but I’d rather we argue with each other there instead of out here for all prying ears to hear. Mika grunted and lead the way to Kurda’s cell.

On the way there Mika calmed down and prepared himself for whatever Kurda was about to throw at him. When they reached the door he stood aside so Kurda could enter. Once in Kurda walked over to his makeshift desk and sat down on top of it. Mika stood a few feet in front of him, waiting for him to say something.

Kurda stared hard at Mika’s new hair cut for a while. There was nothing he could do about it now so he sighed and accepted it. “I guess it doesn’t look that bad.” He leaned forward and grabbed the front of Mika’s clothes, pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms around Mika’s torso, pushing Mika’s arms to rest on his shoulders. “And I do rather like the silver. It makes you seem more distinguished,” he smiled, leaning in and kissing the prince. When he pulled away he asked, “Who cut it anyway?” He ran a hand through it, making it spike up.

In a neutral voice Mika said, “Larten.”

Kurda’s eyes widened, “Larten? As in Larten Crepsley?! Have you seen his hair?!”

Mika shrugged, “He did a decent job on the boy, so I decided he’d be fine.”

"Do you know how lucky you got? Having Larten of all people cut your hair!” Then he sighed, “Well, at least it doesn’t look like his…” He looked at Mika for another moment. “Oh!” Kurda pulled his gift for Mika out of his cloak, “I wanted to give you this!”

Mika looked down quizzically. “What’s this for?” he asked taking it and opening it.

“Do I have to have a reason to give you something?” he shrugged.

“I suppose not,” Mika replied, opening it up. He pulled the cloak out. It was a nicer style than the once he was currently wearing. He turned it over and his eye twitched. He looked up at Kurda, “What is this?”

“A cloak?” Kurda said sheepishly.

“No, what did you put on this cloak.”

Kurda placed his hands onto Mika’s shoulders, rubbing them lightly. “Uh, it’s called ‘beadazzled’ I believe. Darren brought me the stuff! But look! It’s all black! And,” he said grabbing it and holding it up for the prince to see it better, “it’s in the shape of a raven! See? No color!”

Kurda put the cloth down after a moment and saw that Mika looked like he was about to blow a gasket. Kurda looked down, defeated. He knew he shouldn’t have tried it. He heard Mika huff then felt himself being pulled into a tight embrace. Mika kissed his forehead and grumbled his thanks.


Sorry, it’s short.