knk op

''Kyoukai no Kanata''

My cheeks are wet, are wet with my loneliness
But I’ll be quietly filled with signs of dawn
and they invite me to the sky
Hope is waiting beyond here, that’s right— So let’s go

Even while I’m lost, I go on a journey to find you
My hands felt how our senses differ
I’ll catch you and hold you tight
The way our hearts seek one another is the proof of my dream

Every time when we accept each other, I become more attracted to you
I don’t want to have sad days anymore
The act of accepting each other turns into the joy of living
And surely, surely, the two of us will awaken

The newborn love has the tender sound of wings
I don’t want to hurt it, but I can’t leave it be
So catch me again and again
We’re fated to meet, crossing through time in our dreams

Even while I’m lost, I found you…”