Before we all go out for blood, please keep in mind that the MAMA awards absolutely does not define a groups talent, potential or hard work so please don’t be too hard on yourself if your bias group didn’t get the award that you were hoping for. Another thing is, regardless of who wins please know that every single group who was nominated for the award deserves it just like everyone else so please let’s just try to be happy for them, and try not to pin groups against each other. They’re all talented, hardworking and deserving.

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[지훈] 이게 왜 내앨범에 있는지는 모르겠지만.. 생일 축하해 경복이형😀😀 오늘 생일이니까 특별히 형방에서 잘게 #크나큰 #승준 #지훈 #해피벌뜨데이투유 #🤗

[Jihun] I don’t know why this is in my photo album but… happy birthday gyeongbuk hyung😀😀 Since today is hyung’s birthday I’ll sleep in your room tonight #KNK #Seungjun #Jihun #Happy Birthday to you #🤗


thanks for tagging me!!😄💞 @urdawon (i loved yours omg it was so pretty asdghjkl) for the bias moodboard tag
youjin is my fav I tag @keunakool @sinnamonyoujin @skeletonsuga @tuanstrash @parkseungjun @sweetieyoujin @daidoushoui @officialikon @mansaehun @park-oppa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 5 YEAR OLD SEUNGJUN-AH! You are the epitome of ‘I woke up like this’ and I am here for it. I love your childlike enthusiasm and that you are afraid of everything. I also love the fact that you love food about as much as you love Jihunnie (possibly even more??) I hope you catch all the Pokemon you want and the cake is amazing. I love you soooo much. Stay healthy and safe and don’t let Kimchi bully you into scratching his back on your birthday 

-Admin Desire

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