I’ve been seeing a man in my backyard for the past two nights

Story by reddit user Opinionson

To start I need to give some background:

I am a male who lives in relatively nice neighborhood

It’s your average small town run of the mill suburbs area with not a lot of people.

I am a college kid who’s home on break while my parents have gone away which doesn’t help at all.

I have a two story house

I do not have gun nor do I have any real weapons other than kitchen knives

I am not on any medication and I have no record of schizophrenia or any other mental illnesses

I barely have any relationships with my neighbors most of whom are elderly and the rest I have minimal contact with

I do not have any people in my neighborhood (that I know of) who have reasons to attack or harm me

Now, let’s get into what has been happening. About two nights ago I woke up very late in the night and I went to the bathroom to go take a shit. Now, my second story bathroom has a window that can see the entirety of my backyard. Directly behind it is a cul de sac which you can see directly into. There is a group of trees and pile of rocks and mulch that divides it. Usually I can see everything in my backroom without turning on my because lights from my neighbor’s house dimly lights the room.

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Dream Daddy: Robert Small

On a Friday night, you are most likely to …

make a deal in an alleyway. Have it go badly. Who’s the cop? Was it giacomo? I trusted giacomo

If you had one thing to take with you onto a desert island, what would it be?


What are your turn-ons?

don’t talk to me

What did you want to be when you grew up?


What’s your favorite movie genre?

italian neo-realism

What’s your ideal date?

grave robbing

What do you never leave home without?

at least four knives

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

you ever really look into a rabid animals eyes


My shivering cigarette ashes fall quickly

Reminding me how quickly Fall arrives

In Summer’s’ back like knives

I arise,

at the same time daily,

I notice even the sun is falling:

Dew drips crawling,

Synchronous yawning,


Nature inhaling its last hit

Before exhaling and leaves hit

The pavement:

My ashes dancing

as if running away

as if to say

Falling is calling

The birds to the South,

The people to their house,

And the mouse to be still.

Simply Earth saying feel.

Bees have stopped


Started dreaming

A spring in their wings

A constant reminder the song bird still sings

All Winter long.

The song of Summer never leaving

The same way Winter never left

Only slept.

Seventeen Reaction - They’re Challenged to a Carve-Out

“Whoever carves the best pumpkin is the winner.”



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alright bitches, back tf up. mama’s got this

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listen here, you dweeb. I’m Boo Seungkwan. Do you know what that means? it means I NEVER LOSE CHALLENGES

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hoe exCUse yoU?? i AM thE PUmpkIN maSteR!!

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my pumpkins are perfEctIOn

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i can barely cut a sandwich with a butter knife without getting cut somehow. hOw The fucK aM i suPPoseD To CARvE oUt An EnTIre puMPKIn??!!

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maybe if i just stand here and smile, they won’t notice i’m not participating….

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why on a pumpkin?? why not just display me on your front lawn. i’ll blind everyone with my smile :D

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*grabs the pumpkin*


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why have a pumpkin when you can have me??

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*grabs knife*

bring it

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sorry, i’m the maknae. i doN’T Do KNiVEs

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i think i went way too far with hansol’s…. ah well. i’m screwed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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For Your Information (A Poem About Street Harassment)

For your information
I am not your prize doll mannequin walking
down the street in downtown
you do not get to gawk and stare and examine my body
for a price tag
For your information
if you want to compliment me you shouldn’t start with
‘Damn you have a nice ass for a white girl’
or by noting the way I am dressed and saying
'I bet you need a man to keep you warm’
For your information
my ass is just a piece of fat just under my back
and just because it is a prime cut that doesn’t
mean that your 'affection’ has bought you any
For your information
I have a blanket for keeping me warm
it’s old and torn but at least it doesn’t
assume that I NEED someone to keep me toasty
we break our backs to pay a heating bill for that
For your information
the only way I will ever respond to you grabbing my arm
is to pull it away and glare
don’t stare and say 'what, are you gay?!’
because it’s hilarious that you think you’re so hot
and trying to insult me with sexuality
is just going to make me laugh because you don’t know how
closely you hit the mark on that comment
For your information
I shouldn’t and will not
'take it as a compliment’
I should and will not hesitate to
'act like some crazy bitch’
when you act like animalistic swine
if I wanted to see pigs I would return to
Wisconsin and I would like them better
than you
For your information
I am not the one being crass
when your hand brushes my ass and I tell you to
fuck off, in worse situations we are forced to
take our heels off and run for our lives
for fear of your guns, dicks, and knives
I am not 'playing’ when I pick up my pace
to walk away I am staying 
For your information
I WISH I could stop and tell you this
I truly regret that I am too busy catching my bus
to spend ten minutes on you and the four other guys
on this BLOCK trying to explain
a concept that you have definitely spent your entire life
not understanding
and maybe if you took a moment and stepped back
started a conversation when I’m not obviously busy
said something like
'Hey, how are you today?“
without giving me those eyes or focusing on the
space between my thighs
I would ask you for your information.

Dear knivesy,

Serah’s told me a bit about it, mostly how it all started…but it doesn’t seem like she enjoys speaking about it much.

I guess even if the world has changed their mind about those days, it’s hard to shake your experience and feelings during those moments.


Dear Knivesy,

All soldiers are trained in the various weaponry the military uses and are eventually assigned a designated weapon based on their own preferences, natural skill and personal capabilities in combat. The gunblade suits my personal attack style, allowing me to be a viable front-liner and support as needed.