knives are for pros

you know, i actually kept track this time, and turns out this thing took 16 hours total (spanning over four days) to make. i will never recover

A little off topic but not really…

I was watching Dean in an episode of Hercules, and there’s a scene where his character is hiding a knife in his shirt and it’s discovered and taken away.

And of course, all I could think of was: 

I was highly amused. Like what is this coincidental Fili moment?

So whenever there were weapons present, I was thinking baby Fili…

Guh, my eyes hurt from working on logos all day (which i’ll upload soon). Here’s some good ol’ traditional sketches of.. uh.. Probending Kuvira? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yep
Metal bending in probending, more like throwing knives at each other.
“Pro shanking”

Her fighting style reminds me of boxing (or at least how I box) so in the spirit of Sunday’s fight~

Bros Before Ho!Ho!Hos!- Part 2: The Beta Bro

Summary: Finnick, Peeta, and Gale attend Thom and Delly’s annual New Year’s Eve bash in the hopes of sending the year out with a bang.

Part 1 can be read here or on AO3.

A/N: Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. With many thanks to @dandelion-sunset and @jennagill for their friendship, support, and betaing skills. And to the impossibly talented @loving-mellark for, once again, making my stories look a whole lot sexier than anything I can write. I love you girls!

For @etherealfinnick. I promise you that the next chapter will be the bro you’re looking for. ;)

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>ISIS is a terrorist group
>ISIS has a block list that has almost all Pro-GamerGate twitter users (including myself) on it
>We know this because the aGGros have a block list that consists of pro-GamerGate people (again, myself included), and most of, if not all of these people show up on the ISIS block list.

Now here’s where shit gets sticky.

>aGGros have sent syringes containing mysterious liquid to pro-GG
>aGGros have sent knives to pro-GG with a note instructing them to kill themselves
>aGGros have doxxed numerous pro-GGs
>called their place of work and tried (with some success) to get them fired
>Threatened rape and violence to pro-GGs
>Called in a bomb threat (which was deemed credible by the FBI) on a GG meet up 

Like it or not, aGGros fit the bill for a terrorist group.

the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims

It makes perfect sense that two terrorist groups (though one being softcore)  would have a common block list.

Submitted by Chad Von Lind

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This makes up my current EDC. I’ve made upgrades to my Port Wallet with world famous Horween reversed Shell Cordovan leather, so that the Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp is visible from the outside. I also prefer the feel of the inside of this leather, over the glossy outer finish. I’ve also recently picked up a bronze Helberg CH6 watch that looks just fantastic with the patina and antiquing done with some Liver of Sulfer. I went straight to work building a Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap and dying it in a custom olive green oil dye that I mixed up. The green and bronze go together great. The Warby Parker sunnies are also a new addition, and were a great barter that I traded for my leather goods. Solid build on them, and I’m enjoying them.