knives are for pros

OKAY BUT, Rebel assassin Taehyung who fights and kills corrupt politicians and just overall bad people alongside his cute boyfriend Yoongi, who only really joins him because he’s worried Taehyung will get hurt.

The younger was born into a family of rebels who were basically fucked over and became targets by their government after Taehyung’s father, a well-known scientist, refused to help enhance different viruses and diseases for war against others.  Of course, Taheyung’s parents knew them refusing to help the government would get them shit, they decide the day Taehyung turned six they would begin training him in all kinds of combat and training along with extreme parkour to help him defend himself. Amazingly, Taehyung is naturally gifted in his skills. The boy is fast, hitting and dodging so quickly that one blink can cause him to be missed. He’s especially skilled with knives too, something that his mother was also a pro in.

Though, he doesn’t actually become an official rebel assassin until two weeks after he turns twelve. His parents had sent him away on a special trip with his best friend Jimin for his birthday, not knowing the day they would see him off, would be the last time he ever saw them again.  When Taehyung returns from his trip exactly a week later the boy’s heart is basically ripped from his chest and stomped on the moment he opens the front door to his home.

When Taehyung returns home, he returns to his entire family slaughtered.

Enter Min Yoongi. 

They don’t officially meet until years later. Taehyung is seventeen and has already made a name for himself by this time. Well actually, he’s made many names.  Vee, the silent killer, death, he’s known for being the boy who kills without being seen; his mark being the carved jagged letter V that strikes fear into the government.

Yoongi is the son of a friend of Taehyung’s father who just happens to be a medic as well. Their first meeting is as anyone would expect, bloody as fuck.

Taehyung happens to get injured during a fight with some guards who work for a politician that he’s hunting and ends up with a knife in the back. Thankfully the younger remembers the address of a safe house nearby that just so happens to be Yoongi’s family’s home. Taehyung manages to get away and knock on the door and right as Yoongi opens it the younger falls forward from loss of blood.

Yoongi nearly vomits when he sees the giant butcher’s knife still stuck in between Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Please, stay, help us train the assassins in our family. Please just stay for me.”

Those are the words that really change things. The night Taehyung shows up at their door, Yoongi and his mother pry the knife from Taehyung’s back and save his life after hours of surgery. Of course, Yoongi’s eyes widen when he cleans up Taehyung’s bloody mess and he sees the V tattoo Taehyung has under the left eye. Everyone knew that tattoo. It was Taehyung’s mark.

His father gets a certain look on his face as he stares at Taehyung’s passed out body.

“That boy,” Yoongi’s father speaks quietly. “He’s strong.”

“Is he like us?” Yoongi asks in a whisper.

Is he also being hunted? Does he also have death warrant over his head? Is what Yoongi means to ask. His own family was also wanted by the government for turning down to help in the modification of soldiers and were in hiding. Yoongi sees Taehyung has a blessing really. The moment he knows who Taehyung is, all Yoongi wants to do is have the boy wake up so he can ask him to help them. He just wants to ask Taehyung to train his family to defend themselves.

“No, he’s not like us, he’s not being hunted.” Yoongi’s father’s eyes shine with something like hope. “He’s the hunter.”

“Please, stay, help us train the assassins in our family?”

Taehyung has been awake for four weeks now and it’s the same question every day. Yoongi pleads for the boy he’s been taking care of to help.  They’ve grown closer. Yoongi has been put in charge of taking care of Taehyung’s wounds and they speak a lot along with sneaking touches of each other’s bodies. The spark is there the moment their skins meet. They learn about each other’s hope, dreams and fears. Hell, they share many nights just laying next to each other and staring at each other and it’s so fucking fast but intimate that Yoongi knows he’s in love.

“Please,” Yoongi’s eyes water. “For me.”

Taehyung stares silently at Yoongi and feels himself crumble. The younger leans forward and kisses Yoongi gently.

“Okay…. for you.”

(and that was only the start of their wild adventures)

you know, i actually kept track this time, and turns out this thing took 16 hours total (spanning over four days) to make. i will never recover

Today’s #Corgvent activity is great because we got to bust out our treat puzzle toys and have some fun.🐶💜🐶 Machete has had some of these since we first brought him home, so he’s an old pro at it. Knives is more food-motivated but she gets distracted by OMFGINEEDTREATNOW!! and doesn’t always figure out the puzzles quick enough.😂 Either way, at least they both work at it and don’t just up end the entire thing and shake all the treats out!  This is a good, mentally-stimulating activity when the weather is bad so I have to remember to bust these out more often. Plus, got to break up the biscuits I made for them earlier this week into tiny pieces for the puzzles so that was good, too!😊 #Corgvent2017 #CorgventDaySixteen #corgi #holidayswithcorgis #MerryCorgmas #lovemycorgi #GameTime #TreatPuzzle #IGpets #corgisofinstagram @buzzfeedanimals #corgiaddict #corgmas #dogsofinstagram #instacute #instavideo #bestwoof #fluffypack #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez

Guh, my eyes hurt from working on logos all day (which i’ll upload soon). Here’s some good ol’ traditional sketches of.. uh.. Probending Kuvira? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yep
Metal bending in probending, more like throwing knives at each other.
“Pro shanking”

Her fighting style reminds me of boxing (or at least how I box) so in the spirit of Sunday’s fight~

Submitted by Chad Von Lind

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This makes up my current EDC. I’ve made upgrades to my Port Wallet with world famous Horween reversed Shell Cordovan leather, so that the Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp is visible from the outside. I also prefer the feel of the inside of this leather, over the glossy outer finish. I’ve also recently picked up a bronze Helberg CH6 watch that looks just fantastic with the patina and antiquing done with some Liver of Sulfer. I went straight to work building a Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap and dying it in a custom olive green oil dye that I mixed up. The green and bronze go together great. The Warby Parker sunnies are also a new addition, and were a great barter that I traded for my leather goods. Solid build on them, and I’m enjoying them.

A little off topic but not really…

I was watching Dean in an episode of Hercules, and there’s a scene where his character is hiding a knife in his shirt and it’s discovered and taken away.

And of course, all I could think of was: 

I was highly amused. Like what is this coincidental Fili moment?

So whenever there were weapons present, I was thinking baby Fili…

Bros Before Ho!Ho!Hos!- Part 2: The Beta Bro

Summary: Finnick, Peeta, and Gale attend Thom and Delly’s annual New Year’s Eve bash in the hopes of sending the year out with a bang.

Part 1 can be read here or on AO3.

A/N: Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. With many thanks to @dandelion-sunset and @jennagill for their friendship, support, and betaing skills. And to the impossibly talented @loving-mellark for, once again, making my stories look a whole lot sexier than anything I can write. I love you girls!

For @etherealfinnick. I promise you that the next chapter will be the bro you’re looking for. ;)

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Sasaki's kids are growing up fast - Shirazu as squad leader (though this chapter poor child :[ ), Saiko leaving her room to work with the quinx, Mutsuki handling knives like a pro, Urie showing some sort of care for others. Amazing, he must be a proud mama.

OH MY GOD YES they’ve come so far!!

Even though Shirazu couldn’t fight, it was because he was guilty about killing Nutcracker, which really shows that he’s starting to realize that ghouls are people just like him.

Saiko leaving her room was definitely a big improvement, although I would have loved to see her out with her kagune in this fight (but I guess Floppy/Amon took the spotlight this round).

But special kudos to Mutsuki and Urie! Mutsuki has become proficient with his knives thanks to Juuzou’s training, and look how fierce he looks when he’s fighting Hakatori:

And then Urie for actually starting to care a bit about his teammate (it doesn’t seem like much but it’s a giant leap from when he was the epitome of pissed lone wolf)