knives are cool

so much wlw content on this site is “ i want to go on a date with a pretty girl in high waisted shorts and pick flowers and talk about our dreams” where is the “i want a tall goth butch to buy me cool knives and raw me in the whole foods parking lot" representation

Some facts about Robert!

…Small. whom I love very much

  • Likes pineapple on pizza
  • sits through the movie credits and thanks every crew member individually
  • Prefers Whiskey, but occasionally drinks fruity white wine because its “refreshing and delicious”. dont judge him (id never)
  • likes to whittle and has tons of little scars on his hands because of it (hence the enthusiasm for knives. also because knives are cool, i mean. come on)
  • Thinks Mothman is bullshit (the Dover Ghost is totally legit tho)
  • Has a dog called Betsy (a fearsome hound)

thank you for your attention

anonymous asked:

The Wammy Boys finding out their S/O is good at throwing knives?

L: L would find it interesting and maybe a tad bit sexy. He would be interested in watching his s/o throw knives at random things, and would even challenge her sometimes by setting up apples in random, difficult places just to test her skills. She would hit her mark every time (and Ryuk would almost pass out due to the fact that they were wasting so many precious apples).

Mello: Mello would find it incredibly sexy, and would constantly begin asking her to throw knives at anything and everything she wanted. He could sit down and watch her for hours. Mello would be the most excited of the boys.

Matt: Matt wouldn’t really care all that much. I mean obviously he’d find it cool that she was good at it, but he wouldn’t really bring it up too much. 

Near: Near wouldn’t really show that he cared that much about it, but he would think it was pretty cool and he would even bring it up sometimes when talking about his s/o to other people. He might ask to see it once or twice, just to see how good they were at it. 


If Sayori played DDLC
  • *Sayroi is humming the Doki Doki Literature Club theme while contently plays the game*
  • Monika: Oh hey. Is that a new game?
  • Sayori: Yep. Got it for free on steam.
  • Monika: Neat. Looks like fun.
  • *Monika watches Sayori play the game a little bit*
  • Monika: Actually come to think of it, that looks increasingly familiar.
  • Sayori: Right?! It’s like they watched our lives and put it in a visual novel! Although, I do have some complaints about it. Like a club full of cute girls and not *one* guy? How unrealistic is that?
  • Monika: I guess very unrealistic. *laughs nervously* But still a good game right?
  • Sayori: Oh yeah! I love the characters here. I mean, while I do relate to this girl with the bow, Sayori a lot, I would have to say Natsuki is best girl.
  • Natsuki: Oh please! Everyone knows Yuri is best girl! She has the best tits, like huge! And she has nice long purple hair, and she likes knives! How cool is that?!
  • Yuri: I don’t know, She comes off as a little too… intense. The cutting herself just reeks of edge, not to forget the whole thing with the pen and the staring? it’s just… creepy. Besides, how can anyone’s breasts grow a size as soon as the main character comes in? Sounds like something from a bad anime.
  • Monkia: O…kay? And who’s the ginger-haired girl? The one with the green eyes. Something about her seems… off, and very familiar.
  • Sayori: Oh yeah, that’s Monkia. Who here has played more than once?
  • Yuri: I did, it’s a good game.
  • Natsuki: Yo!
  • Monika: Well, I’ve haven’t played it yet so…
  • Natsuki: Then obviously we can’t tell you! *Whispers in Monika’s ear* Because of spoilers.
  • Monika: Well, if that’s the case. I am curious to see what Monika is like in this cute looking game. I’ll play it tonight.
  • Spongebob Narrator: A few hours later
  • Monika: Oh God, Sayori! I am so, so, sorry! I can’t believe I would just bully you like that! I mean, the way you were hanging, it was awful! I played that bit so many times just to change it, but nothing worked! It’s all terrible and I’m so sorry! *Bursts out crying*
  • Yuri: What’s wrong with MonikaAAAA
  • *Monika tackle hugs Yuri and she falls backwards*
  • Monika: I should have known about your knife thing, Yuri! I’m so sorry!
  • Sayori: She apologized to me, for the full weekend, nonstop. I don’t know if I should be annoyed, impressed or tired.
  • *Just then Natsuki walks into the classroom*
  • Natsuki: Ow. My neck feels a little stiff, I must have slept funny or something.
  • *Monika then goes completely white and runs out of the classroom*
  • Natsuki: Huh. What made her glitch out so much?

Heith Week Day 4: Dreams/Reality

For this prompt I wanted to share a soulmate AU that I thought of, but don’t have the time to develop into a full fan fiction. So in this AU people have vivid dreams about their soulmate every now and then, until they finally meet in real life. So Keith usually has these pleasant, domestic dreams about Hunk…

Meanwhile Hunk has these weird dreams about Keith that he doesn’t even associate with what are supposed to be his “soulmate dreams” because of their bizarre nature. He figures they’re reoccurring nightmares from some childhood trauma or something.

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roundtable rival // star lord

a/n: everyone needs a little peter quill in their lives ;)

Listen to this while you read:…

LOCATION - The distant planet of Tulsa.

Peter slowly makes his way into the legendary saloon. Inside, it is filled with people dancing, arguing, drinking and watching the most interesting part of the saloon. Unlike other saloons, this one features a giant arena that is home to many fights. He weaves his way through the people, trying to get to the sidelines. He is exactly on time, and if everything goes to plan, he will soon be in that arena.

Y/n L/n stands up and brushes off her coat.  Underneath, she’s wearing a simple leather vest, tight black leather pants and sturdy combat boots.  She’s got a heavy lineup tonight of people to fight, and she’s fully prepared. After all, this is what she was trained to do.

She squints as she steps into the arena. She has never gotten used to the blinding lights.  The crowd roars and cheers for her, and she throws her arms above her head.  She smiles her trademark grin and waves to the audience.  She throws off her coat and saunters to the middle.

Her first opponent was easy. He took about 3 minutes to finish off, and she even went easy on him.  The second one was, if anything, even easier than the first. She took her time on this one, drawing it out to give the audience a good show.

Peter watched her with a strange fascination, wondering how she got here. She wasn’t always the ruthless fighter that she was now. Once upon a time, she fought on his side, right with him. They were Starlord and Y/n.  Quite the terrifying pair of outlaws. She wasn’t his rival, she wasn’t hired by one of the men he hates most, she certainly didn’t hate him, and her mind certainly wasn’t altered to make her forget almost everything about him.

She shakes the dirt off of her hands, preparing for the next opponent. The third man walks into the arena. He is much taller than her, and has a long gash running down his face. She stands up a little straighter, and prepares to start. He runs toward her and lands a punch solidly in her stomach.  She stumbles back and glares at him. She grits her teeth and kicks his feet out from under him. He has no time to react, and he falls onto the ground.  She bats her eyelashes.
He stands up and growls at her.
“You nasty little rat!”
She giggles and continues to dodge his punches. It isn’t long before she finally wins this match as well.

She’s gone through every single one of her opponents, and she has won every single time. She holds up her fists and spins around, relishing the cheers of the audience.

The announcer asks if there is anyone who is willing to challenge her.

No one responds at first.

Then, Peter stands up.

“I am willing.”

Y/n’s jaw drops.

Peter walks over the the doors of the arena and flings them open.  He walks over to the middle, glaring at Y/n.

“What the hell are you doing here?” hisses Y/n.  “I wasn’t supposed to see you ever again!”

“Darlin’, you know me. I just can’t stay away.”

Y/n spits at his feet.

She takes a few steps back and reaches down for her knives. She’s not taking any chances with this one.

Her heart is beating faster than usual.  She simply blames it on adrenaline.

The announcer signals for them to start, and she’s already moving. She’s punching, kicking and dodging, but it’s getting harder and harder for her to keep up. Peter was always the one person who could really get to her. It was almost like he knew exactly what she was thinking.

Soon, he has her cornered.

“Just admit defeat already. You don’t need to do this anymore!”

“Of course I do! I can’t lose or I’ll get in trouble. You know how it works!”

He sees the pain in her eyes, the fear that she tries to conceal so often.

He’s got her arms pinned above her head, knives useless. She’s writhing under him, trying to get free. She shoves her knee into his groin, ducks and rolls away. She screams at him, telling him how he just doesn’t understand. She lands a kick to his abdomen and growls.

There’s no way in hell she’s losing this fight to him.

He kicks back this time, right in her pelvis.  She whimpers in pain and steps back.  He continues to punch and kick until he’s got her pinned down on the ground. He’s sitting on top of her, thinking that she’s won. She lays limp for a minute, and then pulls her legs up around him. She flips him over,  and pulls out her knife. She could kill him right this moment. She should kill him right this moment. After all, that is what she is expected to do to people that the announcer hates.  She pulls her arm back.  

The announcer yells at her. He tells her to just do it already. That she knows what will happen if she doesn’t.

Her hand shakes.

Peter smiles sadly.

“Just do it.”

She puts the tip of the knife against his chest.

She looks into Peter’s eyes.

She can’t read them.

She reaches out to stroke his face, suddenly remembering everything.

She stands up and turns to the announcer.

“You did this to me! You turned me into a MONSTER!”

She throws her knife at him, knowing it will hit her target.

She turns around and holds her hand out to Peter.

He smirks and takes it.

“I knew you’d come around eventually.”

She punches him in the stomach.

“Jesus, you don’t have to punch me anymore!”

Together, they walk out of the arena.

They are no longer rivals.