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Beronica  Fic Recs

I’m making this because recently Riverdale has been so hetero and bughead and all the other straight ships (excluding valarchie cause they’re adorable) are taking over and everything is terrible and betty and veronica are in love damnit. View my other fic rec pages here also, If anyone knows who wrote any of these please let me know so I can credit them.

Riverdale; Remade (read on tumblr) - I know this is rude but I wrote this and I’m stupidly proud of it, despite the title it isn’t really remade, it’s the first four eipsodes from Betty’s pov with beronica, idk I like it but on with the real stuff 

everything so soft and still (by @knives-and-lint) - this is soft and wonderful, Betty is incredibly in character, fucking amazing, this is just lovely, their relationship is exactly how it should be, one of my favourite fanfics of all time, I want to be buried with this so I can read it even when I’m dead

should have worshipped her sooner - a masterpiece, fucking beautiful, I feel like I’m inside of Veronica’s mind, every scene with her and Betty is so well done, Veronica and Kevin talking about their queerness is everything I wanted, just everything

to sleep, perchance - what a gentle sensation, this is so beautiful, it’s a slice of their relationship, this is completely sums up why I love them, I feel this in my soul

Straight Girls Get Married on Facebook All the Time - unapologetically gay and adorable, the fucking bomb, pining to the extreme, kevin is fantastic, beautiful and hilarious

Thaw - I personally think Veronica is bi and I generelly like fics where she is but this is just too fucking good, all of the angst, the characterisation is so good, this hit me right in the heart

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Stefan is sorry for not seeing it. Yeah buddy, not even when the ghost of your best friend waving a DATE CAROLINE flag in front of your stupid face, let you realize something? Bah.

Hmmm, I’m willing to cut him some slack because Lexi was always hinting at his feelings for Caroline, not her feelings for him. Stefan doesn’t think much of himself, or really even like himself, so while he accepts Caroline’s friendship (which he views as more of a testament to her character than his own), he can’t understand why she would feel something more for him.

Koko and I had a conversation towards the end of season 5 that I think plays into this as well. At the end of that season, we were seeing more insecurities from Caroline (which were obvious to the viewer), but also from Stefan (which pretty much went over everyone’s heads). Because Stefan was feeling things for her that he couldn’t identify/accept, he treated their friendship differently, which brought out insecurities in Caroline. Afraid to lose him and their relationship in any aspect, she asks him on multiple occasions, “We’re friends, right?” And if Stefan truly believes that you can either be friends with someone or in love with them and nothing in between, he’s going to take that as evidence that she only feels/wants friendship and begin reinforcing the barriers in his mind.

I think his high opinion of Caroline is a factor as well. He thinks she’s amazing, but that good opinion just makes it easier for him to write off her love for him as something that is distinctly Caroline. Sure, he’s lucky that she considers him a friend, but really, she’s so good, she would do the same for all her friends- he’s not special in that regard.

Finally, as little as I care about Carenzo, I do think Enzo is an interesting red herring for Stefan. Stefan is coming from a front row seat to watching Elena fall in love with Damon. And how did it start? Damon was annoying and flirtatious and always butting in where it was expressed that he was not wanted. And Elena responded with frustration, but there was also amusement and some flirtation on her part. He suspects the same dynamic is playing out between Caroline and Enzo. “I know you guys had that weird little chemistry thing going on,” and she denies it, and in the moment he’s relieved, but how many times did Elena deny the same about Damon before it was obvious that she was lying even to herself? Stefan thinks this is how people fall in love because it’s how he watched two of the most important people in his life fall in love.

So Stefan’s been paying attention to what he thinks Caroline likes, he just completely missed that it might be him.

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:fingers crossed Freya is another Original sibling that finds Stefan ridiculously attractive:

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I Want To Be With Stefan: The Mikaelson Family’s Obsession Begins! 

It’s Just You And  Me In This Stefan: The Continuing Story of The Mikaelson Family’s Enduring Love!

Coming Soon in February 2016:

You’re An Old Friend: The Exciting New Sequel in The Mikaelson Family’s Undying Love Trilogy!  Featuring A Brand New Older Sister!

Fic: The stain on your lips (matches the colour of mine) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Then, what do you feel guilty about?” He looks at her then, turns to meet her wide eyes, and he can see it there on her face. She knows. She always did.

Author’s note: So I got a prompt from the very awesome and talented knives-and-lint and I don’t usually do prompts but I really liked it, so I gave it a go. Original prompt is at the end.







He doesn’t hear the shatter of the crystal as it falls to the ground. He only sees the wine spill out from broken glass, soaking into the rug, spreading in every direction like ink being blown on paper through a straw.

It’s a bright, sparkling red in this lighting. He thinks of fresh blood gliding down skin, seeping into the collars of shirts and the front of blouses, bright red darkening as it seeps through every woven thread.

The whiter the blouse, the better the contrast.

It’s art.

Has his pulse racing, gums itching and veins yearning and he loves every minute of it.

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Do you have any Steroline fanfic recommendations? :)

I have a couple. I’m still making my way through the Steroline fanfic out there so there’s a lot of great SC fic that I haven’t gotten the chance to read yet.  Here’s what I’ve managed to read so far:


smilinstar: (Act Three 1/3 (Act Three 2/3) (Act Three, Scene Five, 3/3)


Everything else on her master post

knives-and-lint: Pick any of HIS drabbles, and chances are that I love it.  

They all have a solid understanding of these characters, and  their writing is fluid. Can’t go wrong with any of them.  :)

Steroline Ficlet By Lint

Caroline checks the clip, clicks it back into place, and slides it into her holster.

“You know,” Stefan says, copying her actions with his own. “We don’t really need guns.”

She grins, grabbing her coat from the back of the chair. “Yeah,” she agrees. “But do we really need Chicago PD even more curious as to how we’re so damn good?”

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