The best color ever! It may seem gray, but it’s more than gray. Depending on what you put it with or against it may be light lilac. Not that simple as you may think.
Офигительно красивый цвет. Кажется, что серый, но это не просто серый. Может быть и светло сиреневыми, смотря с чем его носить. Не такой уж просто этот цвет.
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The Abbotsford Twist

So, who remembers this scene?

Alright, everyone remembers it. It’s probably the second most romantic scene in three series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Not only did it inspire a million girlish sighs, it also sparked a bit of inspiration in my knitter’s heart. What if this is the first of many footie matches Phryne takes in with Jack. If so, she’s going to need a scarf of her own.

But this is Phryne Fisher. Not any scarf will do. So, the question becomes, what would Phryne wear to show her Abbotsford pride? I think I have an idea.

I give you the Abbotsford Twist!

A Mobius cowl knit using two strands of Cascade 220 Heathers in the Abbotsford green and wine.

The double strands and garter stitch make the cowl super squishy and warm and we all know how cold it gets in the stands during a football match!

Oh, and the twist?

You can wear it as a shrug.

It’s super comfy and warm when you pull it down over your shoulders. The cowl is large enough so that you can wear it over a light coat if you need to double up against the cold

I’ll be posting the pattern on my Ravelry page if you’re interested in making one of your own once it’s edited. Let me know if you like it.

Maybe I’ll design something for West Melbourn fans next. I wouldn’t want Cec to feel left out. ;)


“I find inspiration in many things, but I’m particularly attracted to open water, meeting people, and traveling. I’m the daughter of a sailor and a second-generation adventurer and explorer, so experiencing people and places outside of my comfort zone is what I live for.” — Leney Breeden, knitwear designer and owner of Etsy shop A Girl Named Leney. Peek inside her studio in our post on the Etsy Blog