Textile designer Nanna van Blaaderen’s amazing knitted collection ‘Species' 


After giving glowing praise to Alana Dakos, one of the co-authors of “Coastal Knits” (shown at the top right), I feel it would not be sporting to give the other co-author, Hannah Fettig "short shrift.“  

Hannah Fettig (shown at the top left) lives in the state of Maine, which in my own subjective experience, is the most beautiful of the 50 states!  (There are 10 which I have not visited, but I dare say I have the right to be at least a little authoritative.)  Hannah’s designs can be found on and her own website  Recently, posts have been circulated of her adorable child’s Fair Isle Sunset Cardigan.  A personal favorite of mine, which can be found in "Coastal Knits” as well as an individual pattern on is her “Bayside Pullover.”  (This is on the bottom right.)  Perhaps I will get around to making one up in time for the cooler weather.

Hannah also has published many patterns with Quince & Co., a yarn company started by Pam Allen, a former editor with Interweave Press.  


Nanna van Blaaderen’s affinity with and respect for nature and animal life together with a strong awareness for sustainability, inspired her to design the collection ‘Species. A Tribute.’ The collection is a tribute to animals. In naturel soft materials, in structures and in textures Nanna van Baaderen expresses the beauty of various species. The designs consist of autonomous textile forms, fashion designs and fabrics for interior. Also, she introduces this collection as an alternative to fur.


Alana Dakos (top row, left) first came to my attention when she co-authored the book, “Coastal Knits” (top row, right), with Hannah Fettig (Alana is from California; Hannah is from Maine).  I absolutely had to make up her “Sand and Sea Shawlette,” first in a light misty grey. Evidently, someone else liked it as well because it was stolen practically off my back (all right, the back of my chair) in a public place!  I remade it in ivory and gave it as a gift to a sweet cousin.  A skein of harvest gold fingering yarn “called out” and consequently was made into her “Rustling Leaves Beret.” 

Alana later published books on her own, particularly “Botanical Knits” (bottom left). Over the past few months, you have seen posts of mine which featured Alana Dakos’ designs, e.g., her “Wrapped in Leaves” shawl, which can be found in her Botanical Knits (first one) book, and her “Oak Grove Fingerless Gloves” (available as a single pattern on Most recently, I made use of her “Little Leaves” for the purpose of using up the “leftovers” of a little bit of Madelinetosh DK.  “Little Leaves” is available as a free download on  

Now, Alana has published “Botanical Knits 2,” another volume of beautiful designs inspired by Nature.  It is my intention to use 2 Tosh Sock skeins in beautiful deep green (sadly now discontinued) called “Brothers Grimm” to make up her “Forest Foliage” shawl.  I am also happy to report that there is also a new “leaf” pattern called “Tiny Ivy” that is also available as a free download on  

Ms. Dakos has other publications, especially adorable children’s patterns.  I invite you to check out Ms. Dakos’ website “NeverNotKnitting” as well as her profile of the same name on