Please Boost - Survival Fund Update - Etsy!

Good morning/day/evening tumblr,

Before the big news a quick thank you again to those who have been boosting and contributing to my survival fund thus far. I wish I could properly articulate my gratitude for all your help.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: My etsy shop is finally live! You can find it by following this link:

Admittedly it’s a bit small right now, only for the fact that – while I can make just about anything, in particular if a pattern is provided – I can’t advertise without a decent picture for it.

And here’s where you can help. In addition to the items on etsy, I’m opening up knitting commissions! If there’s an item you want that’s not in the shop, or one that is but not in the pattern you want, you can order it from me directly. You get your awesome knitwear, I get pretty items to photograph!

As I said before, I can make just about anything: from simple, one-colour items, to complex patterns with lace and cabling, to custom fandom designs. If you’re interested, my best examples can be found on the etsy shop itself. Commission pricing follows a baseline of $30 per day worked, but is flexible for those in low-income situations. I understand that this can get rather pricey - and I sincerely apologize for that - but I ask you to keep in mind that that only works out to approximately $2.50/hr, working 12-14 hours a day, and that at the very least I do still need to pay for rent, internet, phone, and food.

For your reference, this would work out to something like this:

As I mentioned before, all prices are negotiable, and any items not already on this list can in all likelihood also be made. All you need to do is ask!

If any of this interests you, you can contact me via my inbox, or by email at Please note that I will require payment upfront and a valid mailing address (either yours or of someone you trust).

If you can’t think of anything you would want and/or need, but still want to contribute to my ongoing survival, my donation link is still open and can be found here: