knitty patterns


Didn’t do any writing today cause I wasn’t functioning well on only 3 hours of sleep, but I did finally finish my socks! I got the pattern on, it’s called “grace socks,” and features a nice lace/twisted stitch pattern; they’re toe-up and I used a stretchy bind-off for the cuff.

I swear, whatever I do, I always have trouble making socks that fit over my heel without a struggle, though once they’re on they fit well.


Finished Object Friday! 

This is my Iounn, a free pattern from Knitty. It was knit up in some destashed Lett-Lopi in Sage Green Heather and Acorn, which ended up being a little moth eaten. But the yarn spit splices so beautifully it wasn’t much of a problem. 

It was started last February and knit up pretty quickly. However, once it was steeked, I was less in love with it and it ended up in the mending pile until December. I was seized by a fit of finishing before the new year, and tacked up the hem a bit (it was just too long) and added some hook and eyes for closures, as well as some ribbon to cover the steek. 

Kansas is a little drab in the winter, but it does make my hair pop.


Operation Sock Drawer: Stitch Surfers

This weekend was spent obsessively crafting these still unfinished socks.

The pattern being used is “stitch surfers,” which is a free pattern from knitty magazine.

The first time I saw this pattern, I thought it was a cool idea, although not necessarily for me. I saw it in colors that were meant to resemble fish, and I am not what you’d call a fish person…. Maybe it has something to do with my love of cats and their “natural food chain.”

But after looking through the knitting tag on Instagram and seeing many pairs of awesomely matched socks, I knew I wanted to make a pair. And lucky for me must stash sheep was selling the above pictured yarn in a set meant for stitch surfers, and I fell in love! The color way was inspired by Disney’s new movie frozen.

I got the yarn in the mail a few weeks ago, but waited to cast on as must stash sheep was doing a knit along. There was a time line established for it, but once I started with these socks I just had to keep going.

The heel that the pattern uses isn’t my favorite as it creates a few gaps as you go, but I was able to pick up some extra stitches to correct the issue.

I can’t wait to finish this pair! I definitely see more stitch surfers in my future.