Thought I would post my latest completed project.  I began it last September and finished it last Saturday and, needless to say, am very pleased with the results.  The yarn is “Findley,” a lace-weight, silk/merino blend by Juniper Moon Farm in the “midnight” colorway with black silver-lined beads. The pattern is “Obsidian” by Susanna IC, but I named it my “Lacrimosa Shawl.” 

I am currently in looove with the “Great Divide Shawl” that @shelleyknits knitted using one skein of brown Madelinetosh and one skein of my super happy colorway “Ammolite”… What do you think? Of course it is a #colorispower moment! No?
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Deus Ex Knitting

I just finished my shawl (still being blocked, hence the towel and pins) which I honestly just started because I wanted to have Deus Ex themed knitwear. The pattern is called Apis Dorsata. Bee symbolism! 

The pair of gloves bears the neuropozyne logo and I came up with that pattern myself. It’s just plain black fingerless gloves with the logo on the neuropozyne boxes, so it honestly wasn’t that much of an effort. . Since the chemical structures and hexacombs look similar - even more bee symbolism! I never got around to posting a refined version of the pattern (work got in the way, then my brain went oo, shiny and I did other stuff)

And since the trailer for Mankind Divided just came out, I figured I’d share in my enthusiasm that way since I can’t afford a ps4 in order to play anyway.


Here’s the third sample we photographed while Laura Nelkin was in town. This was also the shop sample the store owner wore all weekend. It’s a gorgeous knit! It’s completely opposite of my style, but I can certainly appreciate the work that goes into something like this. There’s an awful lot to keep track of on a project like this! But the end result is spectacular.



Branda-nîn (‘Border-water’) was the wide river that separated Buckland from the Shire. It was known to the Elves as the Baranduin, meaning simply ‘large brown river’, in reference to its golden brown waters.
The Hobbits’ original version of the Elvish ‘Baranduin’ was Branda-nîn, a word meaning ‘border water’, because the river formed the eastern border of the Shire. Over time, this name mutated further, becoming ‘Bralda-hîm’, meaning ‘heady ale’, and it is this later name that forms the basis of the anglicised version ‘Brandywine’.

(pattern: Brandywine Shawl)

This sucker has taken me a solid year to complete. greaseonmymouth gifted me the yarn, and I cast on basically immediately, but every time I’ve been commissioned to do something else, I’ve set this one aside, so it has been knit at a rate of, like, one pattern repeat a month. 

So happy to have it done!