The final project of my Stashbusting February: Leftover Shawl. I finished it today (so it’s a little late, but that’s okay), and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Still have to block it, though. I’ll post better pics after blocking.

I managed to use up 130 grams of leftover sock yarn from my stash!

I used the 5 Basic Shawl Shapes Cheat Sheet by Derya Davenport as a starting point. I chose the heart-shaped shawl and worked in stockinette stitch with garter ridges, using 3.5 mm needles.

Howlin’ King Tubby Sweater

8.15 Navy Oxford Shirt

Rising Sun Straight Razor Denim

Howlin Spooky Socks

Oak Street Bootmakers Belt

Makr Flap Wallet

Oak Street Bootmakers Beefroll Penny Loafer


To Grandmas House Adult Version by Melissa Schaschwary

I absolutely ADORE this new pattern I’ve just purchased on Ravelry - it’s a reversible cape that evokes Red Riding hood on one side and wolf ears on the other! - but it will require an enormous amount of diddly little DK yarn. IN TWO COLORS. BECAUSE IT’S REVERSIBLE.

Which will cost a foolish amount and I HATE diddly little yarns and could I possibly size it up to Aran-weight maybe, or make a smaller size but still somehow accommodate the sheer amount of boob tissue I’d need to bang in at the front there? 

THIS is pretty much the only portion of my life where I sit down and work through mathematics.

Not any of the scientific bits, really.

Just the knitting.

DIY Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern from Knit 1 LA. This Outlander-like scarf is knit on size 19 needles using Cascade Magnum. At first I thought this would cost a fortune for the yarn but my local store carries it for $22.50 for a skein - and this pattern only uses 1 skein. The colors this yarn comes in are amazing. 


Completed knitting project! || Haruni shawl by Emily Ross

Yarn: Morris Empire 2ply. I used two strands of yarn together (dark purple and green).

I love this pattern because of the leaves, which is why these pics are so focused on them. It turned out a little smaller than expected, but I’m still ecstatic to have finished it! 

PS. Please ignore my bed spread. I have an obsession with purple.