I’m a knit-in-public kind of person. I almost always have a small knitting project in my bag. I belong to two knitting groups that meet in public places. I’ve knit in church, lectures, restaurants, theaters and on public transportation. I knit at lunch every day at work. So when someone says they just don’t have enough time to knit, I am full of ideas of where they could pull out their knitting. Meeting to strategize? Pull out the knitting. Long ride to work? Stitch a couple of rows. Waiting at the bar? Perfect time to work on those socks.

A list of where you could knit would be never-ending. But people like lists on blogs, so I thought instead I would create a list of…

Places you should never knit (continue reading Oh the places you’ll knit!)

DIY Rug or Wall Art

I made this awesome rug with some scrap yarn, rope/twine, and an old t-shirt! I really love how it turned out. I originally tried to follow the tutorial from Free People, here, but after many failed attempts to cut a perfect circle from cardboard that was big enough I gave up. I stumbled across this tutorial from Flax & Twine, a blog which features a lot of finger knitting  projects. I kind of put the two tutorials together to create this! 

I used the hula hoop and old t-shirt as the base for the rug. Instead of using finger knitted yarn, I used rope and other types of yarn and ribbon as featured by Free People. 




I’ve been working on this thing for YEARS. Literal years.  It’s my in-between-projects project, so I’ve been doing a few rows here and there since oh 2008 or so…

I’m really proud of how it turned out.  The photos don’t do the yarn justice either.  The colors are so spectacular and every strand has like 9 colors in it. It’s also crazy soft and amazing. Did I mention that it’s GIANT? It covers our entire Queen bed.  Perhaps that’s why it took so long…


yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in ‘Fiesta’, size 8 needles, knitted in rib

25+ DIY Arm Knitting Ideas and Tips

Winter has come and everyone wants to make some warm clothes, accessories or blankets. You can do arm knitting and make some great winter things. Why to buy some woollen blankets, scarves, shawls etc? You can do it yourself as it is quite simple. Here you will learn some exciting tips and tricks how to knit with arms.

DIY Knit Corset Pattern by Nikol Lohr from the Book Vampire Knits.

Nikol Lohr wrote a post about “The Prim Reaper’s Corset” on her blog The Thrifty Knitter here. The book, “ Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn”, is listed at around $12, but you can get it from your library, used on Amazon for as little as $2.15 plus shipping, or on for a few dollars. 

You can also check out comments about the project on Ravelry if you signup for free here. The knit corset is described as:

The corset is knit side-to-side of two strands of Louet MerLin Sport, a linen/merino blend that produces a strong fabric with a soft hand and fluid drape. It is knit at a tight tension for a fairly firm fabric, and then further enforced with twill-covered boning sewn inside for support. … Wear it on its own as an undergarment, or over a filmy cotton camisole or silky satin slip dress or tailored skirt and blouse as outerwear. 

I posted about the Vampire Knits’ book when it came out and wrote, “ 28 Projects and don’t let the Twilight reference keep you from looking at these projects!” 


My newest finished lopapeysa! The pattern is called Loki, it’s knit from Léttlopi yarn and it took me about three weeks to finish – I was in a bit of a rush, because the friend that I was making it for is leaving Iceland soon. But the pattern was so fun to make, it was done in no time! Totally in love with it, and planning on making something like this for myself someday. :)

Anyone know of a good resource to get either free or inexpensive knitting patterns for beginners?

I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m looking for some simple little projects. It’s been helping keep my hands busy.

Emphasis on simple. I can look up some stitches I’m unfamiliar with or whatever, but I need something I can stomach. I am a true beginner.

Thanks everyone! :)