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I'm not sure whether I'm an intj or an istj, how can I tell?


  • Introverted Intuition
  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Feeling
  • Extroverted Sensing


  • Introverted Sensing
  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Feeling
  • Extroverted Intuition

INTJ and ISTJ differ by the S-N axis; INTJ is Ni-dom and Se-inferior, while ISTJ is Si-dom and Ne-inferior. Both are Te-Fi, meaning they take a practical, logical view of the outside world and retain a strong moral core within themselves.

INTJ will be abstract, and, like all Ni-doms, will have a far-reaching vision of what they want to do. Whether it’s beating an RPG, becoming a doctor, or finishing a knitting project, INTJ works best when they have a goal that they can work towards step by step. They can be highly idealistic; Ni combined with Te makes for someone who is determined to make their dream a reality. Conversely, their Se-inferior makes them easily over-stimulated. INTJs have a latent awareness of their physical selves, but they’re not good at taking in the sensory details like a higher up Se-user would, so they may be prone to excess (e.g. overeating) or complete abstinence (e.g. forgetting to eat).

ISTJ will be concrete, and, like all Si-doms, will have a wealth of strong, personal connections to their memories and all the things they have experienced. An ice cream flavor, a book series, a certain style of hat - all of these are symbolic and connected to something in the ISTJ’s memory. It’s not for nothing that SJs are called ‘The Excellent Memory’; they are at their best when they can evaluate the present based on their past experiences and make decisions based on what they know. Conversely, ISTJs are Ne-inferior, which manifests as an erratic spontaneity. They aren’t necessarily close-minded, but they will not be at home trying new ideas on for size, especially if these ideas conflict with their practical sense of what is useful.

I would ask:

Do you work better when the main idea is already given to you, and you need to fill in the details? If so, you’re more likely ISTJ. INTJs are more dogged about their vision and how they want it to turn out, so they will likely want to do everything themselves.

Do you hate the idea of sticking to a routine job, where the end product or result will ultimately be out of your control? If so, you’re more likely INTJ. ISTJs are comfortable with routine, and generally don’t mind doing what they’re good at even if it’s not their own idea.

I hope this helps!

DIY Rug or Wall Art

I made this awesome rug with some scrap yarn, rope/twine, and an old t-shirt! I really love how it turned out. I originally tried to follow the tutorial from Free People, here, but after many failed attempts to cut a perfect circle from cardboard that was big enough I gave up. I stumbled across this tutorial from Flax & Twine, a blog which features a lot of finger knitting  projects. I kind of put the two tutorials together to create this! 

I used the hula hoop and old t-shirt as the base for the rug. Instead of using finger knitted yarn, I used rope and other types of yarn and ribbon as featured by Free People. 




I’ve been working on this thing for YEARS. Literal years.  It’s my in-between-projects project, so I’ve been doing a few rows here and there since oh 2008 or so…

I’m really proud of how it turned out.  The photos don’t do the yarn justice either.  The colors are so spectacular and every strand has like 9 colors in it. It’s also crazy soft and amazing. Did I mention that it’s GIANT? It covers our entire Queen bed.  Perhaps that’s why it took so long…


yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in ‘Fiesta’, size 8 needles, knitted in rib

25+ DIY Arm Knitting Ideas and Tips

Winter has come and everyone wants to make some warm clothes, accessories or blankets. You can do arm knitting and make some great winter things. Why to buy some woollen blankets, scarves, shawls etc? You can do it yourself as it is quite simple. Here you will learn some exciting tips and tricks how to knit with arms.

Anyone know of a good resource to get either free or inexpensive knitting patterns for beginners?

I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m looking for some simple little projects. It’s been helping keep my hands busy.

Emphasis on simple. I can look up some stitches I’m unfamiliar with or whatever, but I need something I can stomach. I am a true beginner.

Thanks everyone! :)

Arm Knitting: The Easiest DIY

This Christmas you can just flaunt your DIY arm knitted scarves. Choose the favourite colour yarn balls. You can choose complimentary colour or even same! Take three strands of wool together and cast on 8 stitches on your right or left arm. Then knit it till you get the perfect length.