List 5-10 (or more!) things your muse has on them at all times–whether it’s in their pockets, their wallet, their bag, etc..

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When in uniform:

1. An old thin wallet with very little money, her Navy ID card, and a photo of her parents.

2. A small notepad with a pen to write things down.

3. A standard issue rifle; her sniper rifle if she is specifically working a target.

When out of uniform:

1. An old thin wallet with very little money.

2. A small notepad with a pen to write things down.

3. Knitting supplies and latest project (in her bag).

4. Band-aids (in her bag).

5. Anti-inflammatory and digestive medicine (in her bag).

6. Water bottle (in her bag).

DIY Rug or Wall Art

I made this awesome rug with some scrap yarn, rope/twine, and an old t-shirt! I really love how it turned out. I originally tried to follow the tutorial from Free People, here, but after many failed attempts to cut a perfect circle from cardboard that was big enough I gave up. I stumbled across this tutorial from Flax & Twine, a blog which features a lot of finger knitting  projects. I kind of put the two tutorials together to create this! 

I used the hula hoop and old t-shirt as the base for the rug. Instead of using finger knitted yarn, I used rope and other types of yarn and ribbon as featured by Free People. 


Okay so knitters/crocheters: do you ever look at a pattern and the notes are like “no yeah you can totally do this with the amount of yarn your have/it takes such a small amount/i promise you will have leftovers” and you think “i see what you are saying and i trust you, but i also feel like you are lying to me”



I’ve been working on this thing for YEARS. Literal years.  It’s my in-between-projects project, so I’ve been doing a few rows here and there since oh 2008 or so…

I’m really proud of how it turned out.  The photos don’t do the yarn justice either.  The colors are so spectacular and every strand has like 9 colors in it. It’s also crazy soft and amazing. Did I mention that it’s GIANT? It covers our entire Queen bed.  Perhaps that’s why it took so long…


yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in ‘Fiesta’, size 8 needles, knitted in rib

Arm Knitting: The Easiest DIY

This Christmas you can just flaunt your DIY arm knitted scarves. Choose the favourite colour yarn balls. You can choose complimentary colour or even same! Take three strands of wool together and cast on 8 stitches on your right or left arm. Then knit it till you get the perfect length.


Looking for more fabulous handmade holiday gift ideas? If you’re a knitter then be sure to check out the book, Faux Taxidermy Knits: 15 Wild Animal Knitting Patterns, by Louis Walker. This fun and contemporary knitting book teaches you how to make your very own wild knits with an ironic twist with projects for both wearables and habitat! Learn more here.