Almost 2 weeks since I started the diet! I like how much weight I’ve lost, but I’m still fat as a cow 🐄🐄

SW: 123.1 lbs
CW: 110.4 lbs
Total weight lost: 13.7 lbs

Anw, here’s today’s plan:
400 cals total
63 cals eaten so far (5 saltine crackers)

Workout: (saturday) ~ I’ll do this in the afternoon after I’ve eaten a bit more
Stretch 2 songs
Burpees 2 songs
Squats 2 songs
Plank 2 songs (!!!)
Crunches 2 songs
Jog on the spot 2 songs

What I do when I’m hungry / fasting / crave fat:
- knit(I’m making a stuffed bunny thing for my 8 yr old cousin)
- read
- homework
- exercise if my mom isn’t home/doesn’t notice
- make food for others
- drink green tea
- watch youtube videos (i.e Eugenia Cooney)
- clean my room
- do the laundry
- go out with friends
There’s literally so much you can do instead of stuffing that fat into your body. You can have fun / not eat / be thin or you can eat lard / regret it later / get fat. Your choice 💕💕