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It’s a new pattern day! These are designed to be the best fitting heel you’ll find in socks. 


Learn To Knit a Mitered Square

A free video tutorial from Knit Picks.


australiaThere’s nothing quite like breakfast in bed on a chilly winter’s morning ☕ Tilly the baby yellow-footed rock wallaby certainly agrees! Tilly lives at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw, and at five months old she weighs in at just 430 grams. The team here is providing Tilly with round-the-clock care, feeding her with bottles of specially formulated milk every five hours and ensuring she is kept toasty warm in her knitted pouch. Video: The Australian Reptile Park


I finished my Mercy mittens! Shes kinda my fav Overwatch char. I just really love playing support, though I’ve been trying to get better at Pharah. Someday haha. These are based on Mercy’s “Huge Rez” spray. I’ve charted the mittens and plan on putting out a pattern for my fellow Overwatch knitters hehe. This pair will be listed later in my Etsy for a lot less then if I were to custom make them, as they are my testing pair. I love the way these mittens fit😊

Stretch applique is a huge pain, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

My tips for stretch applique:

- If you don’t have a stretch straight stitch, use a narrow zigzag with a short stitch length. I used the narrowest zigzag my machine allows with a stitch length around 20 stitches per inch (which is how it’s labeled on my machine). You may need to play around with these settings to prevent skipped stitches.

- Use a tear-away stabilizer on top of the applique. It may be difficult to see your applique through the stabilizer (I used white tissue paper), so go slowly and carefully, and feel for the edges. You may be able to mark the edges with pins by pinning the issue directly to the fabric.

- Use lots of pins! you don’t want it to shift around as you sew.

- Use a stretch needle. this is a ballpoint needle specifically designed to prevent skipped stitches on knit fabrics.

- Be very careful not to stretch the materials as you sew, since this causes wrinkles and ripples and increased likelihood of skipped stitches.

- Make sure your materials have a similar amount of stretch and recovery. If you need to have one with more stretch than the other, it would be better to have the applique be stretchier than the main fabric, since there would be no risk of the applique preventing the rest from stretching properly.