knitting shawl

NaKniCroMo Day 21

Today is the last day of week three of NaKniCroMo so that means time to share my progress again!

This week my progress was kinda slow. I was easily distracted by a great number of other things including just browsing the interwebs. But I did finish week five of the Hygge CAL (only last night though.. phew..) But sadly no progress on my sweater :(

NaKniCroMo Day 28

Today is the last day of week four of NaKniCroMo and thus it’s time to share my progress again.

Only one picture today. I did not get anything done on my sweater at all :(In fact, I’m not even done with this week for the Hygge CAL. I’ve been going slow and been quite busy the past week. And then last night and today I’ve not got much done because my arm has been so sore.


GUYS. I did it! I finished my wedding shawl!! 1,600 yards of yarn, 3,000 beads, and several months later, it is done!!!!!!! 😀😄

The pattern is the Evenstar Shawl on Ravelry for those who are curious.

Edit on 10/27/16:

I have received so many lovely comments on this shawl!  Thank you all so much! I also have gotten a lot of questions as well, so I figured I’d use this edit to address some of those:

  • I think (I’m not sure at all) this shawl took me about 4-5 months to make.
  • I used about 1200-1500 yds of Bare Gloss from KnitPicks
  • The original pattern called for a 3.25mm needle (I think?) but I sized up to 3.75mm because go big or go home.
  • There is 1 blue bead among the 3000 for my “something blue”. 
  • I wouldn’t consider this a difficult project; it was more of a really freaking long project.  The knitting from the center to the edge is pretty straightforward chart reading.  The edging with the beads took an excruciatingly long time, but that also wasn’t especially difficult.
  • I should also mention I’ve been knitting since I was around 6 years old. So sometimes “difficult” does not mean the same thing to me.
  • I didn’t really choose to make this shawl because of a tradition or anything.  I just thought it would be something cool to do.  I also didn’t want to wear a veil, but I still wanted something similar.  So wedding shawl. 
NaKniCroMo Day 27

Do I have just one WIP or 100? 

Uuuh.. Not quite 100, but certainly not just one!
Right now these are my WIPs (works in progress) in order of age.

This is to be a big fluffy orange shawl. I started this one in 2015 as an easy project on the go, and as some filler time while I was waiting for yarn for a planned project to arrive. This one is brain off and super simple, taking a long time, but it’s for myself and I’m in no rush :D

A pair of slippers. These are for my brother, he’s known I’ve been making them for over a year and he also knows they’ve been in time out for a while too XD

The meadow blanket CAL. This was a CAL from last year, and as much as I like it, there’s also so many other things that are cool and I basically put it aside to make some shinies for my currently newest niece, Leyna.

This has been on my needles for about a year now as well I think, so not all THAT long. I love the pattern, I love the yarn. I’m really not sure what the reason was I put it aside, possibly again the niece, not sure.

This is the weather scarf. This one I started only a few months ago, I’ve put it aside for NaKniCroMo this month, as the knitting project I wanted to do for this was the Dove sweater.

The hygge shawl is what I’m spending most of my time working on this at the moment, it’s taking way more time then I anticipated, or I’m going slower then I expected XD

And last but not least, the Dove sweater. Such pretty, so much fun, I want to work on it constantly!