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Hey Agent Carter fandom!

I’ve been thinking about doing some AC-related knitting. Primarily mitts and scarves (and maybe even hats).

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I Know My Value Mitts/Scarf/Hat

Fandom Mitts/Scarf: Peggysous, Cartinelli, Cartson, etc

Bernard the Flamingo Mitts!

Jarvelous Mitts

And whatever else I can think of!

Anyway, I just wanted to check and see if anyone would be interested in having some! Let me know!

*runs off to knit Bernard the Flamingo mitts*


I haven’t been on here for ages, but I definitely hadn’t lost my interests for wooly matters. I just have been neglecting my tumblr. I will update it soon ..

My feed is also a mess because of that and I would love to find some more knitting/crocheting/fibre blogs to follow.

So if you have a a blog that has any yarn/knitting/crochet related content, please like this post or reblog this post so I can check it out :) !


Some knitting related selfies. Knitties? How do all those ravelry folk make those glorious shawl shots I will never know. It probably involves other people? Anyway, the wind ruined most of my shots, but the beads are pretty clear on these ones.

Above shawl: Witchy Woman by Kristi Holaas. Made with love and Lamingtonlass lace and a Trillion rainbowcolored black beads who are clinging to the shawl like like beetles
The other shawl: Voodoo by Boo knits. Made with love and a gradient by Wollelfe and huge triangle beads.

My favorite thing is Snape just being there for all of the embarrassing shit Dumbledore does that nobody else gets to see like

Albus probably made him promise confidence in everything but apart from the important stuff like the ring he’s probably also had to keep “that weird thing that Albus does at 4pm” “I would obliviate myself if I could just to forget that ever happened” “I will take this knitted socks-related secret to the grave”

Snape has seen things

He’s seen too much

(Int)NaKniCroMo Update!

Hey everyone! So a pretty good number of people have shown interests in me starting a project that would be a month long knit/crochet fest all about pumping out projects and what not.

The name so far is NaKniCroMo however I’m not sure how this would potentially have copyright issues with the NaNoWriMo name. I am very much open to other names! Preferably both knitting and crochet related.

Currently I’m considering October for the time frame just because I feel like novel writers and yarn benders overlap quite a bit.

I’m also looking into setting up an actual forum for this event too! So that’s pretty exciting.

If you are interested please reply or reblog with comments or even shoot me an ask! I’m still in the early stages of creating this and if it’s going to become a thing I want to know that people want it to exist!!

Thank you!!



So, I’m taking a slight break from my usual programming to just squee about the amazing knitting-related gifts I’ve received from family and friends so far:

  • Two skeins of Stärke Power Kraft Energy sockenwolle sock yarn in a peachish/grayish colorway and a purple/green colorway (two of my favorite colorways, though I have to say the latter is my favorite) from my good friend Ray (featured here wearing the Picholine hat I made for them)
  • A yarn bowl Ray’s dad made in a ceramics experiment; he basically thought “Hey, I wanna try making something new. Let’s make yarn bowls for our knitting relatives” and Ray sorta volunteered me as a recipient of one of these. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET ONE OF THESE FOR SO LONG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I ROUTINELY SWOON OVER THE ONES ON ETSY LISTINGS.
  • I’m also an aspiring designer (I have many design ideas but have no idea really how to go through with them) so my mom got me THREE knitwear design books and a fashion sketchpad. 


Personal Rant to Self, from Self

You know what I need to do?

Stop beating myself up over my knitting.

I’ve ripped out my sock heel three times. Not because it’s overly difficult, but because I’m tired, or frustrated and thinking about something else, or in just plain not paying attention.

And I think I need to accept that that’s OK. And maybe it’s time to put that project to the side for now until things calm down in my life.

I need to stop comparing myself to other crafters who are turning out 12+ projects a year, beautiful socks in a month, sweaters, and so on. Because as much as I want to be like them, they probably have a much more stable life with way more time on their hands than someone who’s trying to buy a car, find a career, move out, and *quit* do college.

And I shouldn’t be sad or angry with myself that I’m trying to do all of that. Those are adult things. Setting out on my own is way more important than making a pair of socks, and I need to love myself for encouraging myself to be independent.

I really fucking do.

Hey you! Yeah you!

Hey! You! Yeah!!! You, reading this!

Please have good day. Don’t ever forget that there are people here to help you whenever you need it most!
Smile! Embrace the day at hand!
You can do great things!!
And I care about you very much! So do many others!

Have a awesome day! 💜 *hugs*

“Hey Niki, what are you doing?”

“Well Niki, I have like 5 rows left on this shawl I’ve been obsessed with knitting, and then it’ll be done!”


“So what I’m doing is definitely plotting out the next three things I want to make and matching stash to patterns, rather than actually doing any knitting, obviously”


Holy shit guys! I hit 500 followers! And like I said its contest time!

1) must be following me
2) must reblog this post (only once please)
3) this post must have 30 reblogs or no contest

Winners receive:

2 winners will receive : 1 unique story written by me and 1 scarf knitted by me that relates to their chosen fandom

This contest will run until next Monday November 16th 7PM est. That’s 1 weel from today! I will choose the winner and contact them privately after they have won!

Thank you guys so much for following me and reading my stories!

Reddit Gift Exchange: Teachers

This is not knitting related- but this blog has a much higher number of followers than my standard blog does, and this is important to me.

I signed up for a reddit gift exchange to send some supplies and other items to a teacher in need. I think this is a great program and I was matched with my recipient and am really looking forward to sending his classroom some much needed supplies!

Here’s the thing- I would absolutely love it if some of my followers would be willing to donate some money to the cause! 

I am also willing to repay you in knitted items for donating to this cause! So it will be like buying a hand knitted item from me- but instead of me profiting, I will use the money toward sending supplies to this teacher in need!

For 20$ I will knit you either a hat or a scarf. (Simple pattern of my choosing, color of your choosing.) If you donate 30$ I will make you a matching hat and scarf. (Alternatively: I can also knit headbands/hair pieces if you would prefer that to a hat.) 

PLEASE BE PATIENT IN RECEIVING YOUR ITEMS. I am not certain how many individuals (if any at all) would be willing to donate toward this. If I get inundated, I might have to put a limit on this. 

I am going to reblog this regularly for two weeks. That is when the shipping deadline for this Reddit exchange is. 

This will be first come, first serve

Please send me an ask or a message if you would like to participate in this! (Or if you would like to send less than this just to help out let me know and I will give you my paypal information.)

Let’s make a difference!