knitting puns


(undertale spoilers)

if chara is the narrator, just what does the narration say about their personality? this list comprises clues from all routes that may reveal the narrator’s interests, from knitting to dog puns to knives.

read on to see what can be inferred from the the narration and plot about chara’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, behaviour, speech patterns, and appearance. whether it’s cute, funny, or a little scary, this post captures it. (if we missed something, you should send us an ask!)

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Getting rid of Ghosts, Spirits, Demons and Negative Energies

–Sometimes, something crawls into our home, without us knowing. Either your wards are weak, or it clung onto you. Certain things you need to banish right away, like Demons. Others aren’t as bad, but you still don’t want them there. Here are some ways I’ve banished things that I don’t want around.

Sage Bundle/Sage Incense 

(Note; If anyone sends me shit about this, you’re automatically blocked.)

–Sage bundles have been used to cleanse and banish negative energies and ghosts. Sage bundles/Incense can be found pretty cheap at New age shoppes, and you can even find special ones online, that have different kinds of herbs. I personally usually just use Sage Incense, because it smells better to me, but is a little messier because it’s usually black af. Anyways, if you know something is clinging onto you, first cleanse yourself very thoroughly with the smoke. Then, go throughout your whole house and cleanse every spot. For extra power, chant something like “Anything bad, evil or negative is now cleansed and banished. You are to never enter here again.” It’s really up to you.

Music & Dancing 

–I am Neo-Pagan, so I actually got this from a show that took place in Japan (yeah, call me a nerd or what not), where the Shrine God banished an evil monster through a traditional Japanese dance. I usually cleanse with a bell, by going through all the parts of the room, ringing it and then saying a chant, like  “All things evil, negative, bad, or anything that wishes me harm it banished, so mote it be.” (Although, to be honest, I usually only banish things when it’s really bad,  so most times I’m nervous when I’m doing it, so I often ramble and end up speaking a whole fucking speech.)

–How to Prevent things coming into your Home

–Things like this can easily be avoided, if you’re a witch (jk you don’t have to be a witch. But it’s more fun to be one *wink wink*). Here are some ways you can protect you, your home, and family members from evil spooky spooky things.

Don’t Attempt Stupid Things

–And by stupid things, I meant don’t do things you can’t control. Magick, like anything in life, takes practice. You need to start out slow, and learn. You’re not going to instantly be good at knitting sweaters and socks, when all you know how to knit is scarves, right? Well, magick is kinda like knitting, in more then one way (depending on your beliefs.) You need to learn, practice, you’re going to make TONS of mistakes, and everything is tightly knit (excuse my pun) together. What I’m trying to get out is, don’t do spiritwork unless you know how to do it. In my opinion, being able to do spiritwork requires a lot of work, practice, and magick skill. If you do want to get into spiritwork, get some respectful (and correctly informed) books. You’ll obviously need to practice, but please be careful. I did some spiritwork when I was a very new witchling, and let a fucking shadowman into my home. Take all precautions.

Carry Protective Objects

–This can obviously be anything. A charged stone, a talisman or even charmed jewelry. If you are sure that a spirit is trying to harm/cling to you, (just be aware that us humans are simple and strange creatures, and we get very paranoid easily. So, make sure it is a spirit) cleanse and charge up the object often. If you want a color(s) to charge it with, I believe black (banishment, protection) and/or red (protection, power) would be best.

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

–Cleanse you and your space often. Make it so no evil thing can last there for long. If you feel something icky and negative clinging onto you, cleanse yourself. (this can also work for minor curses put upon you.) If your home feels a bit darker, cleanse and do some spells to let light and goodness in.

Wards and Salt

–Pretty much every witch i know uses salt. It can represent Earth and it’s good for protection and banishing. Put salt lines on windows and outside of doors. (Note; some animals will try to eat a bunch of salt. Also, salt and water aren’t good, unless you want it stained on window panes) If you need something a little stronger then salt, then try these;

~Salt and Crushed/Powdered sage

~Black Salt (salt and activated charcoal)

~Salt and Paprika/Chili powder

–There’s also a ton more things like that on Tumblr, so look around.

–Also, try putting up some wards, wherever you feel necessary. I like runes, the best,

I hope you guys liked this post ♥ Please tell me if you want any certain kind of posts, or any ideas! Ask is always open as well~

Llove and Light, Amaryllis~♥ 

An unassuming-looking box starts to make a rather suspect clinking sound.

Removing the lid reveals…

a very sorry looking (and smelling) sight.  Soft whimpering noises can be heard as light strikes the figure within.

Shame on philosophykitten for allowing Clint to smuggle all that alcohol into his box!    (Just kidding!)


Just in case anyone is concerned about the state of my health, I really don’t drink very often. However, the local drunks don’t appear to know what a bin is so bottles can be sourced quite easily.