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Secret Santa, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is Reader’s secret Santa.

Words: 1176

Author’s Note: I’m back! Has it been a bit? Anyways, the holiday season has made me think about sappy shit so here you go.

Warnings: None.

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You were trying to precisely apply your eyeliner when your name was called, causing you to jolt and mark your cheek with prominent black ink.

“Whoops.” Lin muttered when you turned to him with a glare, “Secret Santa.” He said, pushing a Santa hat filled to the brim with papers in your direction.

“You’re lucky you’re the star of the show and I can’t technically murder you.” You told him, stuffing your hand into the hat and pulling out the first name you touched.

You unrolled the scroll.



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Because kamobee23 is quite possibly the most adorable person ever. 
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Raven didn’t want to admit that she had nightmares, because admitting to nightmares meant that she was admitting that she was afraid. But the truth was, that she was afraid. These nightmares came often in the dead of the night, terror coursing through her as she saw images of her world and friends, covered in flames and subjected to complete darkness and utter despair. It was usually the same nightmare over and over, but there were times when variations took root in her mind, twisting her fear into something darker. Raven had always tried to block out these memories, but there were some images that dug too deep for her to forget, and the screams were always the worst. 

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