knitting in action

Things that remind me of Hogwarts houses.

I’ve seen a similar post on tumblr but I just loved it so much I made my own version!

Things that remind me of Gryffindor.

Old oak furniture, Tartan blankets, Lancashire hotpot, putting pinecones on a fire to make colourful flames, hiking, ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift, Cadbury’s chocolate, being spontaneous, winning at a sport, grand castles, history, knitted jumpers, action movies, breaking records, drinking songs, ghost chillies, rapturous applause, bonfires, long long hugs. 

Things that remind me of Ravenclaw.

 Piano versions of pop songs, moleskine diaries, LED fairy lights, costume dramas, charity shop books, badge collections, postcards from obscure places, gin and lemonade, broadsheet newspapers, corsets, twitter, libraries, big cities, Shakespeare, tote bags, old maps, scrapbooks, winking, avocado, sarcasm, ballet dancers, museums, opening your mind.

Things that remind me of Hufflepuff

Homemade cookies, the feeling of changing out of wet clothes into dry ones, shepherd’s pie, Oliver! the musical, hugging a dopey dog, hot baths, crotchet cushions, red wine, button boxes, picnics, wooly hats, long plaits, small towns, slipper boots, vintage dresses, inspirational quotes, holding hands for an hour or more, classic movies, pumpkin pie, broad smiles.

Things that remind me of Slytherin

Silver chains, black eyeliner, suspenders, frosted grapes, leather jackets, An Inspector Calls, stroking cats, slow subtle jazz, smoky eyeshadow, silk lingerie, Lorde, frosty windows, church bells, political debate, Wuthering Heights, stargazing, affectionate insults, French manicures, white wine, sheepskin rugs, evening dresses with a slit up the side, feeling self-satisfied.


With this post, I officially declare the successful end of the “Come Back, Clint!” Project! Thank you to all involved; I hope it was fun! 

But now, on to the next thing. I had so much fun with the last project, I brainstormed with my cronies as to what we could do next. So, I am announcing the next project - DIE, REDSHIRT! DIE! 

This creative collaboration will be story-focused, and will also involve a traveling knitted action figure. Meet Guy something-or-other. It doesn’t really matter what his last name is, does it? 

I will be changing the name of @comebackclint to @DieRedshirtDie. I don’t think that it will affect the followership, but if you have trouble finding it, let me know.

Stay tuned for more details later, and consider whether you would like to participate as a host or in some other way. I welcome new and old followers alike. We will likely start in October sometime.


I did it. It was a lot of work, but for you all, it was worth it! I have finally got the pattern for my basic knitted action figures out of my head and down into an actual pattern. As Knitpool says above:

“Dear Evil Scientists:

Have I got a deal for you!

For only $5 [US Dollars], I will sell you this Secret Formula for Cloning People.

 Please email to Knitpool@gmailcom for payment instructions.

 Purchasers will receive:

-a PDF of the secret formula

-any future corrections and updates

-guidance on any tricky bits (within reason – I can’t push a button and

 make you an expert knitter.)

Although you are evil scientists, don’t also be douchebags and distribute this formula without my permission. That sort of thing really disappoints Cap.”

PS If you are from Virginia I may have to charge sales tax. Finally, please allow at least 24 hours for me to respond. 

I’ve been sitting in a draughty gazebo knitting a Knitpool ™ action figure while waiting for my daughter to be done playing with her friends and come home from school.

A constant stream of curious 5 yr olds hasn’t done my progress any harm and he’s coming along well.  Since I’m knitting outdoors I saved up the fiddlier jobs like stuffing, or sewing up the feet until I got home but then had to do it while being interrupted by my 5 yr old and her Disney Princesses.

Which was fine - apart from one thing.  He’s come out a little erm… excessive… in the ah… gentleman’s area (and quite distinctly dresses to the left).

Okay, I admit it. He’s borderline porn star material.

I want to keep knitting him after school tomorrow but I’m really not sure what the other parents present might make of my doll and his generous portion so I had to come up with a solution.

Pick out my stitching? try and poke about with the blunt end of a crochet hook to see if I can reshape things?


Nah.   emergency underpants.

So now I have a figure who doesn’t even have a head yet but does own a natty pair of purple flowery boxer shorts.


So, yeah. I knitted Marcus.  He’s been… um… challenging in parts - and mostly in this part:

but he’s been lots of fun to make.

He stands at 13 inches from hoof to ear tip and is about 12 inches long.

I went with the ‘spike-less’ version as seen in ‘Mrs Deadpool’ since he’d be easier to sit a rider on that way.

He’s fully self supporting (and I really wasn’t sure he would be) and it gave me an excuse the opportunity to let Dracula release his inner Lady Godiva.


  1. Reading (action to be taken- frown)
  2. Being on the train at all (action to be taken - tutting)
  3. Sewing (action to be taken - talk to the person, and angry letter)
  4. Crochet (action to be taken - immediate use of taser)
  5. Knitting (action to be taken - hit the emergency communication button)

(with many thanks to Michael Moran over on Twitter for sending this one in!)