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Examples of some of the scarves I’ve made, all of which are on sale now on my etsy page; Hazelknit.

@angry-muggle-lord’s commission of a Doctor Watson scarf from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, a 12’ Doctor Who Scarf, and a personal project of a Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf (though extra long).

Dating Newt Scamander Would Include... [Part Two].

Because you guys are awesome, and really took a liking to the first set! Here are some more! If you haven’t read, here is part one!

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  •  One of his desired and favorite things to do with you is to sit close to one another, whether cuddling or not(which, it usually is cuddling), with a warm cup of tea whilst he listens to you talk about your day.
    • And of course, in return, you happily sit there and listen to him talk about his as well. While he likes to use hand expressions, you’ve fallen out of his lap a few times while he was talking, but it was always resolved with a warm kiss to your forehead as he apologies. You laugh, kissing his nose while informing him, “it’s wonderfully cute that you get that excited.” 
      • Imagine him nuzzling his face into your hair as you talk. He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. He hadn’t felt such a sensation in years, and to know you can make him feel so secure and at home was something he took great pride in.
        • Sometimes no words are said, and you merely soak in being so near to one another while reading books.
  • Getting an inevitable attachment to Pickett. In which, the Bowtruckle takes a sudden liking to you (after) figuring out what was going on between you and Newt.
    • Pickett probably loves the two of you together, and urges Newt to kiss you more often, or to be more affectionate.
      “Should I hold her hand?” Newt murmurs, more to himself without expecting an answer.
      “Just, do it.” Pickett replies with a squeak from inside of his jacket.
      • Because the two of you are so cute and shy together, it silently suffocates him.
  • Imagine knitting him a new Hufflepuff scarf. 
    • He’s literally so hesitant about wearing it though because “Oh god, what if I ruin it? What if I tear it? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”
    • You hush him quietly and kiss his cheek, “If you do, I can always knit you another one.”
    • Probably sleeps with it every night, because he really does adore you for taking time out of your day to make something for him.
  • (Based off one of the deleted scenes). Newt showing you the scars on his body, from previous creatures he’s caught that didn’t give him a necessarily good time.
    • He doesn’t regret them, nor does he blame the creatures for giving them to him. If anything, they’re a reminder that goodness and kindness do come at a cost.
    • “They’re not dangerous, someone just treated them like they were…” He whispered to you quietly as your fingers reached forward to brush against one of the white scars on his bare torso. Newt didn’t flinch away, but watched you as you did so with his usual awkward stammering.
  • Tracing the freckles all over his face, his arms, and his chest. 
    • Probably ticklish, tries to squirm away from you when you do this because you’re t i c k l i n g him very intensely.
      • He’s on the verge of laughing so hard, he’s turning red.
  • Those nights when you wake up, only to find him sitting away from you, his hands pressed against his lips in thought.
    • You try not to scare him as you sit beside him, but alas, you do and he jumps out of skin as you perched yourself beside him. “I’m sorry,” He says to you, “Did I wake you getting out of bed?” You shake your head and wrap an around around him.
      “What are you doing awake?” You question.
      “I couldn’t sleep, too much going on in my mind right now for that… Quite a predicament, isn’t it?” He played with his fingers in front of him, subconsciously tilting his body towards your warmth. “Why are you?”
      “No reason,” You rubbed his back gently, “Tell me what’s bothering you.”
    • And, it’s nights like this that you finally get a more clear view of his time at Hogwarts.
  • Newt finds himself staring at you during the most mundane actions.
    • Especially when you give him a smile. He’s slowing building a visual dictionary of all your smiles, and what they seem to mean. Your “i adore you/I love you’ smile is by far his favorite, and it constantly leaves him wondering how he was so lucky to have found you.
      • Also stares when you’re taking care of newborn creatures. Something about seeing you so maternal and loving towards his creatures sets his heart on fire, and leaves him briefly wondering if you were the same way with actual babies.


  • Imagine Newt constantly writing Love Letters or sending Postcards on his travels, when you’re not with him.
    • While he’s sitting down writing them, he always pulls out the picture he has of you from his coat pocket and sits it in front of him. Newt sighs quietly, thinking of how much he missed you, and the things you did for him. 
    • Always ends them with a small ‘Xoxo’ followed by his name. 
    • Usually, it’s just fluff, but he always accentuates how much he misses you, and how much he wished you were with him because he was feeling alone.
      • He totally brings you home small trinkets from his journey’s. You keep them on a shelf in your room, next to the stacks of letters and post cards. He’s gotten careful about not buying absolutely shiny items, otherwise he knows Niffler will find them.
      • And in return, you collect things during your day out and about, that you know he’ll love and gift them to him when he comes back to you.
  • Always crying when he comes back.
    • The two of you are literal messes as he sets his case down to embrace you in his arms, with no reserve at the moment because he needed to hold you close.
      • You digging your face into his neck and whispering, “I missed you so much…”
        “And I you.” He replies, and kisses your forehead with so much love. 
      • Lasts a few minutes, before he pulls away and tugs out his notebook, “You’re not going to believe what I’ve found.” And so, on the walk back to your place, he explains very happily and jumpily what he had found out during his journey.
      • Sometimes, he comes to a stop during his banter and just stares at you. “I never thought I’d miss someone as much as I had missed you…”
        “Well, you’ve got a duty to finish your bo-”
        “Travel with me.”
        “I said, ‘travel with me’. Pack your things,” He rounds you so he’s in front of you, “come with me… Think of it. The two of us, discovering the unknown, finding things that are… Fantastic and beautiful. It’d be like… I don’t quite know… Living a dream everyday.”

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Christmas Time In _____ House Includes

- Using ten million blankets at a time
- A roaring, crackling fire in an big, old, stone fireplace
- Sweet little homemade candies in a bowl on the table, to take and share
- Cinnamon spice flavor, like red hot candies
- Hanging your stocking on the mantle
- Poinsettias
- Blasting Christmas music
- Winter potpourri with pine cones, balsam, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, etc
- Singing Christmas carols
- Moccasins

- The first snowfall of the season
- Tall winter boots
- Glasses fogging up in the cold and heat changes
- Bright white ice skates with sharp silver blades
- Perfectly decorated and coordinated Christmas trees
- Dew appearing on the windows on chilly mornings
- Icicles hanging in a row off of old buildings and homes
- Taking a steaming hot shower or bath to thaw from the freezing cold weather
- Advent calendars
- Putting Christmas wreaths up on your door

- Knitting your own scarves, mittens, hats, etc.
- A freaking giant mug of hot chocolate piled high with fluffy whipped cream, caramel, and sprinkles, etc.
- Big fuzzy socks
- Christmas tree garlands
- Lots and lots of lights, indoor and outdoor
- The star on top of the tree
- Messy buns with big scarves
- Sunshine sparkling off the snow
- Writing out Christmas cards for friends and family
- Ribbon candy

- The first moment of coming in from the cold…a rush of warmth, but still carrying the chilly air with you
- How nighttime isn’t perfectly dark, like when the moonlight reflects off of the snow
- A mug of hot tea before bed, steam still curling off the top
- Classic cut-out sugar cookies
- Reading for hours in front of the fire on a huge couch or armchair
- The smell of fresh pine and evergreen
- Ripping the wrapping paper off whilst opening presents
- Chopping down your own Christmas tree
- Spending all day Christmas shopping and carrying tons of packages and bags
- Mistletoe

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Hogwarts With Newt 

Warning: Lots of fluff, cuddles, and warm, fuzzy, kisses

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You’d promised to spend the evening with Newt, but somehow or another, you’d lost track of the time. It was almost midnight when you came stumbling into the Hufflepuff common room, feeling absolutely exhausted. You rubbed your eyes groggily and re-focused on your surroundings. The room was large and circular, beautiful green plants hung from the ceiling, thick carpets coated the floor, a wispy fire crackled warmly, and only one of the overstuffed yellow couches was occupied. The entire room was empty, give or take a singing plant, and a half eaten plate of chocolate chip cookies lay atop a barrel table in front of the sofa Newt lay on. You tiptoed over, dropping your bag down and sinking onto the sofa beside a restless Newt, who was curled on his side and deep in sleep.

“Damnit,” you whispered sadly to yourself, feeling ashamed for keeping Newt up. “I’m sorry, sweetie.”

You brought your hand gently up to push Newt’s reddish-honey hair from his closed eyes. The light of the fire nearby sent shadows across his perfectly slender and smooth features, causing your heart to race. His long eyelashes drooped over his freckle kissed skin, his cheeks were flushed a soft pink, and his full lips hung partly open. You smiled a little, and tucked the last strand of his hair affectionately back into place. Not a moment later, two glimmering blue eyes blinked up at you, startling you momentarily.

“Hello,” Newt smiled feebly.

“Oh-I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you!” you exclaimed softly.

“It’s alright, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” he murmured, his eyes on yours.

“Newt, I’m sorry about running late, I had to stay and tend to Professor Sprout’s plants after lessons, and then I went up to the library to catch up on my potions paper, and well, I just lost track of time,” you fumbled.

“Shh,” Newt shook his head, pulling up from his position to sit upright, “I understand completely.”

You gave a sad smile, gazing into Newt’s bright orbs, “you know more than anything, I just wanted to see you.”

Newt’s cheeks flushed warmly, “a-and I, you”

The poor thing, you felt as if he was so misunderstood. Even Hufflepuffs, the most friendly of all people, would wrongly judge Newt. During classes, some students would call him ‘beast boy,’ and it troubled him more than he’d like to admit. He didn’t want you to be seen with him during classes because he was so afraid you’d be teased for being seen with him. You were good at ignoring the taunts that came with hanging around Newt, but it was much easier to be with him in the safety of the common room. In a way, though, it made Newt feel like your own secret treasure.

“S-so, how was the extra Herbology?” Newt cleared his throat.

“Good,” you piped up positively. “we helped wrap up the plants to keep them toasty in this freezing weather.”

Newt just now looked over you, his eyes widening with realization, “and you’re still in robes, after such a long day?!”

It was winter time now, and even through the common room windows, you could make out the layers of glittering white snow that coated the lawns at Hogwarts. Millions of tiny snowflakes sprinkled from the clouds like shimmering fairy dust all day round.

“Oh,” you shrugged, “I didn’t really think about changing.”

“You must be exhausted from wearing that uniform all day, so here,” Newt said, stripping off his fluffy knitted Hufflepuff sweater. He wore a black and yellow top underneath, which clung snugly to the ripples of his chest.

“Thanks,” you smiled gratefully. You loved wearing Newt’s clothes, they were always so cozy, and smelled wonderfully of him. You began taking off your clothes right then and there, but Newt turned beet red and raised his hands to his eyes to give you privacy. You sighed in content as you replaced your tight collared shirt for Newt’s comfy sweater, which was too big for you, but you loved nonetheless. You pulled out your tight hair elastic, letting your hair spill freely down. Feeling a thousand times better, you sunk down into the weathered couch and curled to your side, resting your head in Newt’s lap. Newt blinked his blue eyes open in surprise, but didn’t speak as he began combing his fingertips gently through your hair. You closed your eyes in content, the feeling of Newt’s touch sending little electrical currents through your body.

“Thank you for everything you do for me,” you murmured into Newt’s lap.

“I would do anything f-for you, love,” he said, his lips twitching upwards.

Every time he called you that, you had a tiny internal freakout.

You smiled and breathed in Newt’s current aroma; cinnamon spice, snowfall, and the crackling log fire.

You felt Newt’s fingers tremble slightly, his breath coming short all of a sudden.

“You okay?” you asked, rolling on your back to stare up at Newt.

He looked down at you lovingly, his lips quivering, “I just feel that you n-need to know that you look…b-beautiful. S-so, it’s hard for me to focus when I look at you.”

You felt your heart practically melt right then and there.

“You’re a sweetheart,” you said, sitting back up and turning to face Newt.

“J-Just being honest,” he stuttered softly, his eyes falling down to the couch.

“You didn’t have to wait for me,” you stated suddenly. “Everyone else is in bed, and we’re the only two here… so, why wait?”

Newt’s eyes fell to the checkered quilt that covered his legs, his cheeks warming subtly. 

“I wanted to be with you,” he said simply, avoiding eye contact.

“You didn’t have to though, Newt. I mean, I love seeing you, but we do have classes together too, and I don’t want you to stay up late for… well, me.”

Newt’s eyes darted back up to yours, “you know I’d do anything for you.”

Your heartbeat faltered, your thoughts freezing over momentarily.

“And also,” Newt sighed, “it’s easier to be with you now, when nobody is around to tease you for being with me,” he admitted.

“Awh, Newt,” you whispered sadly. “I’m sorry some people can’t see what I see in you. You’re the most loyal, brave, kind, empathetic, smart, and handsome boy I know,” you smiled, your hand coming up to rest on Newt’s cheek.

You felt his skin warm under your touch, Newt getting fidgety from the contact. “I’m n-not deserving of you, (Y/N). I thank the sun and the stars that I was lucky enough to find you.”

“Well I hope you like having me around, cause’ I’m never leaving,” you giggled, bending forward to rest your forehead against Newt’s.

This was probably the closest you’d ever been to Newt, and staring into his eyes now, you realized how close his lips were to yours, and how much you yearned to taste them. Newt froze, his breath hitched, his eyes unable to move from yours.

“You know,” you whispered, “there is one plus side to me coming back so late.”

“W-what’s that?” Newt responded quietly, looking gently flustered.

“Nobody’s here to stop me from kissing you.”

You’d said it without thinking, but before Newt could respond, you linked your arms around his neck and dove gently in for a peck on the lips. For a second Newt tensed, but then he quickly let his body relax, his lips responding instantly to yours. His mouth was heavenly, and even in the brief second where you got a taste, you had to restrain yourself from indulging in more. Newt’s lips molded perfectly into yours, like two soft and full puzzle pieces, but a moment later, they were gone, and his forehead was back against yours.

“Wow,” Newt breathed softly, his eyes fluttering open.

“Sorry if that was too straightforward,” you laughed softly. “I’ve k-kind of wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

Newt’s hand came up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, his twinkling eyes drinking in all of your features.

“Kind of?” he giggled with a raise of his brow.

“Okay, more than kind of,” you blushed.

Newt pushed gently closer against you, his breath cool over your features, his eyes darting to your lips. “Well, I kind of want you to do it again.”

Dating Newt Scamander Would Include

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• meeting him while trying to rescue the same demiguise from poachers intending to use it to make an invisibility cloak

• arguing with him for a good minute because he thought you were trying to use the demiguise for the same thing

• when he realized you had the same intentions as him, you teamed up to rescue him

• bonding over your love of magical creatures and deciding to team up for better chances at successfully saving as many creatures as possible

• being the one to initiate the relationship because he didn’t know how

• (he had been thunderstruck that you wanted to be his friend, let alone his girlfriend)

• ‘well people do find me a bit weird’

• ‘you are a bit weird but so am I, and you make me feel free’

• being there for every hatching/birth of a new creature

• 'newt I need help with our newest babies they’re setting each other on fire’

• 'here put these on them, the muggles call them 'diapers’ I put a charm on them so they’re fire proof’

• discovering new breeds very rarely, so its always a huge deal

• helping him save credence (because he’s still alive fight me)

• supporting him in everything just as he supports you

• so many forehead kisses once he gets 100% comfortable around you

• he’s almost always touching you subconsciously

• a hand on your lower back as he passes

• linking your pinkies when you walk

• soft sweet lingering kisses just because

• knitting him a new Hufflepuff scarf since his is so old

• tying his bow tie for him the muggle way

• cuddling when he’s had a bad day

• whether its being unable to rescue a creature or he has flashbacks of his time at Hogwarts when he was an outcast

• perfecting the warming charm because he’s always cold no matter what you do

• reading books on muggle creatures to him

• helping write fantastic beasts and where to find them

• insisting on an extended yard when you finally settle down

• 'we need room for them to roam when they come home!’

• 'right yes I didn’t consider they would want to return’

• 'we have raised over half of them from birth, if they don’t visit it will break my heart’

• being complete dorks together for the rest of your life

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Hogwarts Houses in Autumn: Hufflepuff

Note: But imagine it…they probably have bake offs and the best pumpkin pastry gets served on the teachers table. It is also the Hufflepuff season for knitting so the whole dorm is full of autumn-coloured yarns. (Sharp knitting needles are never left unsupervused lest somebody hurts themselves with them.)
Autumn scents are also important to the Hufflepuffs. Let’s just say Snape was not too happy to find a student boiling cinnamon, cloves and pumpkin seeds in his class one day.

tangledupwithyoualnight  asked:

Do you have any Harry Potter knitting DIYs?

Yeah, I do!!

DIY Hogwarts Scarf

The classic Harry Potter knitting DIY. Knit the house you represent…or all four, because they’re all great.

DIY Hogwarts House Cowl

A modern take on the classic Hogwarts scarf.

DIY Weasley Sweater

This is still on my to do list. 

DIY Mad Eye’s Mad Eye

A quick knit quirk.

DIY Hogwarts House Hats

This page should have the patterns to the other three houses as well! I think I might knit one to match my scarf.

DIY Gryffindor Pride Socks

Bit of an advanced knitters’ pattern (which is why I won’t be doing this), but this might interest you! I also linked patterns to the other house socks below.

Slytherin Pride Socks / Ravenclow Pride Socks / Hufflepuff Pride Socks

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Why Don’t You Join Us?

A first year Hogwarts AU for the Carry On Countdown

“Penny, wake up.”


           “It’s Christmas!”

           Simon was already at the window, barefoot on the cold wooden floor, marvelling at the lazily falling snow.  Of course, it had been snowing for days, but there was nothing quite like a quiet blanket of snow on Christmas morning, absolutely nothing.

           Simon raced out of the dormitory and down to the Common Room, Penny trailing sleepily behind.  The warm yellow tones of the room seemed to smile at them, as if even the Hufflepuff Common Room knew that it was Christmas.  Then again, maybe it did.  One never knew quite what to expect at Hogwarts.  “Look Penny,” Simon cried, kneeling beside the Christmas tree.  “You’ve got presents!  How did they get here?”

           “Lucy’s a good owl, that’s how,” Penny replied, softly stroking the barn owl perched on the armchair by the tree.  “How many have you got?”

           “The two from your family, tell them cheers.” He frowned at a long, narrow package. “There’s this one, too, it doesn’t say who it’s from.”

           “Well, go on, open it!”

           Simon stomach let out a loud growl.

           Penny raised an eyebrow at him.

           “Breakfast first?” he grinned sheepishly.

           The Great Hall was nearly empty but for a few stragglers, students who hadn’t gone home for the holidays.  Simon and Penny were enjoying their Christmas morning scones when Simon noticed the boy sitting alone at the Ravenclaw table, wearing a dark red jumper.  It was so red that it was nearly brown, or purple, or black, Simon couldn’t quite decide.

           “Why is Pitch still here?” Penny murmured following his gaze.  “Doesn’t he come from a wealthy family?”

           Simon shrugged.  Everyone else in the Great Hall was either in pairs or groups, few though they were, but the Pitch boy was all by himself.

           Without another thought, Simon stood up and walked over to him, tapping his shoulder when he reached him.  The boy turned and looked up at him.

           “You’re Baz Pitch, right?” Simon asked.

           He looked confused.  “Yes.”

           “Hello, Baz, I’m Simon.”  He stuck out a hand to shake.

           Baz took it tentatively.  “I know,” he murmured.

           “Do you want to sit with us?”

           Baz blinked in surprise.  “Um…”

           “Penny won’t mind,” Simon assured him, “and anyway, no one should have to be alone on Christmas.”

           After a moment’s consideration, Baz stood, picked up his plate and half-eaten scone, and followed Simon over to the Hufflepuff table.

           “Penny, this is Baz,” Simon introduced, sitting down, “and Baz, this is Penny.”

           “Nice to meet you,” Baz said shyly.

           “Not home for the holidays?” Penny asked him.

           “No,” he replied, shifting and seeming uncomfortable.

           “That’s alright,” Simon saved him, “that means you get to hang out with us.”

           “Oh yeah,” Penny mumbled, “we’re one hell of a party.”

           “You know you love me,” Simon teased her.  “Enough to stay here over Christmas with me.”

           “Not to mention sleeping in your room, do you boys ever wash your sheets?”

           “Sorry,” Baz cocked his head at her, “but aren’t you a Gryffindor?”

           She nodded.  “But I’ve known the Hufflepuff password for months.”

           “Do you sneak into all the Common Rooms?”

           “No,” she smirked, “but honestly, getting into Ravenclaw would be child’s play.  I mean, who decided that having a riddle instead of a password was a good idea?”

           “It’s more secure than a password,” Baz defended, “you have to be of a certain intelligence to get in.”

           “Well, unfortunately for you unsuspecting erudites, I am of a certain intelligence,” Penny grinned at him.  “A password is much safer.  Only select people know it, and it’s not something that just anyone with half a brain could guess.”

           “Speak for yourself,” Simon piped up, “I bet I couldn’t get into Ravenclaw’s Common Room.”

           “Why not?” Baz turned to him.

           He shrugged lightly.  “Thinking isn’t really my thing.”  Baz smiled at that, and they all went back to eating.  After their scones they had a round of steaming hot cocoa, sipping slowly and trying not to burn their tongues.  After all, it was Christmas, and sweets were just around the corner.

           “Anything exciting under the tree this morning, Baz?” Simon asked, a moustache of chocolate on his upper lip.  Baz bit back his laughter at the sight, but he couldn’t hold it in.  “What?” Simon looked bewildered.

           “It’s just,” Baz managed, “you look like the Mage.” Penny burst out laughing and soon the two of them were doubled over the table in stitches as Simon hurried to wipe it off.

           “Yeah, yeah, all right,” he muttered, fighting an embarrassed smile, “but you didn’t answer my question.  Any good presents?”

           Baz sobered up.  “Not really.”

           “Any crap presents?”


           The other two were silent.  Finally, Penny dared to ask.  “Any presents at all?”

           Baz didn’t say anything.  He just stared at the rich glossy wood of the tabletop.

           After a moment, Simon lay a hand on Baz’s shoulder. “Why don’t you spend Christmas with us?” he asked.

           “Yeah, we’re having Christmas in the Hufflepuff Common Room,” Penny nodded vigorously, “we’d love you to join us.”

           Simon gave Baz’s shoulder a squeeze.  “There will be more than enough sweets to go around.”

           Baz looked at them with a strange expression, one of complete unreadiness.  Clearly he had no idea what to do with this invitation.  It hurt Simon to see.  Didn’t the poor kid have any real friends?

           But finally, Baz nodded.  “I’d love that,” he agreed, smiling.

           “This one’s from my parents, Simon,” Penny said, passing Simon a parcel wrapped in heavily patterned paper.  There was so much holly leaf and berry cluster on that paper that it was like a whirlwind of winter.  Simon pulled it open to find a pair of chunky knitted socks in the Hufflepuff colours.  

           “I love them!” he grinned, “I’ll ring them and thank them later.”

           “Your feet will look like bumble bees,” Baz chuckled from where he was slowly being absorbed by the overly squishy sofa, nibbling at a chocolate frog.

           “Then I love them even more,” Simon laughed.

           “What about that mysterious gift, Simon?” Penny asked, toying with the hem of the new maroon jumper that had been under the tree for her.  It had a big yellow letter “P” on it.  When she’d opened it she’d gasped and said how much of an eyesore it was, but immediately had pulled it on.  It was obvious that she completely loved it.

           “Mysterious gift?” Baz leaned forward.  “What’s that all about?”

           “No idea,” Simon shrugged, retrieving a final package from under the tree and reading the gift tag again.  “There’s no name, but it definitely says ‘To Simon Snow’.”

           “Well, go on then,” Baz encouraged, his interest piqued.

           Simon ripped off the wrapping paper, which this time was a simple pine-green, to find a long thin box inside.  Sliding it open, a wink of silver caught his eye.

           “Crowley,” Simon gasped, “it’s a sword.”

           “What?” Baz and Penny jumped up at the same time to get a closer look as Simon pulled the blade out of the box.  It had a hilt of woven gold and silver, and the whole thing was surprisingly elegant.

           “That’s not any sword, Simon,” Penny murmured, her eyes wide.  “That’s the Sword of Mages.”

           “It’s beautiful,” Simon breathed in awe, testing its weight.  It looked too big for a boy his size, but it felt strangely comfortable in his hand.

           Once all the presents were opened, there was wrapping paper strewn across the entire Common Room and the three of them were in a haze of sweets and spiced cider, Simon turned to Baz.  “I hope you don’t mind me asking,” he ventured, “but why didn’t you go home for Christmas?”

           Baz’s brow furrowed, not like he was angry but like he was remembering something that he didn’t want to remember.  

           “I’m sorry,” Simon relented, “you don’t have to answer.”

           “It’s alright,” Baz sighed.  “My family said I couldn’t come home this Christmas.”

           “Is there something wrong at home?” Penny asked, her eyes full of concern.

           “No,” Baz shook his head, “but they’re disappointed. I’ve disappointed them.”

           “How?” Simon urged.

           “Well,” Baz took a breath, “they wanted me to be sorted into Slytherin.”

           “Oh, no,” Penny breathed.

           “Both of my parents were Slytherin,” Baz went on, “so they wanted me to carry on that tradition.  But it didn’t work out that way, and now they’re disappointed.”

           “So they’re just not letting you come home?” Simon asked.

           “No, it’s not entirely that,” Baz told them.  “They said that if I was going to be a Ravenclaw, then I would have to live up to what that means, and to them it means getting the best grades, which I have not been doing.  They informed me that until my grades improved, I could stay here and study.”

           “Even during Christmas?”

           Baz shrugged.  “What better time to punish a kid?”

           Simon shook his head in disbelief.  “That’s so unfair.”

           “It’s not a big deal,” Baz tried to smile.  “I like it here, more than at home, so I don’t mind being here.”

           “But they didn’t even send you any presents?”


           “Oh, Baz,” Penny sighed sympathetically, “that’s awful.”

           Baz shrugged again.  “It’s alright,” he said.  “I mean, I wasn’t expecting to have anyone to spend Christmas with, so this is a nice surprise.”

           Simon smiled at him.  “What better day to make new friends than Christmas?”

           Baz smiled back, his gray eyes shining.

           “Baz,” Simon said suddenly, leaning forward in his chair, “are there any other Ravenclaw students here right now?”

           “A few other girls, but they don’t really talk to me.”

           Simon and Penny shared a quick look, and then Simon looked back at Baz.  “Why don’t you camp out with us for the rest of the holidays?”

           Baz’s jaw dropped a little.  “You mean sleep in the Hufflepuff dormitory?”

           Simon looked frightened.  “It’s okay if you don’t want to,” he stammered.

           “I’d love it,” Baz stopped him, grinning.  “Thank you.”

           Simon grinned back at him, looking rather relieved. “Happy Christmas Baz.”

Fred Weasley Imagine - Being A Hufflepuff And Dating Fred Weasley Would Include (Would Include December)

A/N: Hope you guys are liking these would includes, please feel free to request more :)


Being A Hufflepuff And Dating Fred Weasley Would Include:

  • Fred wouldn’t have noticed you until your sixth year
  • You were in the same year, obviously not in the same house
  • The only reason he did really know you was because you were friends with Cedric (even though he was a year above you)
  • They were taking the bets for the champions
  • You obviously placed a bet on Cedric
  • Because you were a good friend and supported him, also because you liked the twins’ pranks and it was a good excuse to talk to them
  • So just before they stopped taking bets you went over and placed a bet
  • “Could I please place a bet on Cedric?”
  • “Anything for a girl as pretty as you.”
  • Woah
  • You didn’t expect that
  • So you were very blushy
  • You ended up walking with the twins to the stands
  • And watched it together
  • They were a good laugh and it was fun to watch it with them
  • You then started talking more to them
  • Fred didn’t ask you to the Yule Ball
  • But you were boyfriend and girlfriend by the beginning of seventh year
  • Fred loved having you as a girlfriend
  • You were always so patient with him
  • Which was new to him as a lot of people got annoyed with him and his pranks
  • So he really appreciated when you didn’t snap at him
  • He loved the fact that you were always so dedicated to your school work
  • You also worked very hard and it paid off
  • You would probably tutor him
  • This is where he would find out how dedicated and hard working you were
  • This only made him love you even more
  • Which he didn’t think was possible
  • But it was
  • Every time he got a question right, he got a kiss
  • You were both very loyal to each other which meant you were a very good match for each other
  • Fred would definitely stop at the kitchen before coming into your Common Room
  • You would probably scold him for coming, especially with Umbridge watching everyone’s single move
  • But somehow he pulled it off
  • And you would definitely get some food on the way to the Gryffindor Common Room
  • Where Fred would fake scold you for coming, imitating you
  • One time you were both in the kitchens, planning to get food and go to the others Common Room
  • It was an awkward scenario
  • But not an awkward situation as nothing could be awkward with Fred
  • He just made lots of jokes about it
  • Which you always enjoyed
  • Fred was amazed at how great you were with the house elves
  • Because you were in the kitchen lots of times and had started to try to get to know the house elves
  • So he was very impressed when you acknowledged them all when you walked in
  • Of course, there would be lots of banter about the better house
  • You would usually win
  • Mainly because Fred let you
  • But you liked to think that he didn’t
  • He did just to make you happy
  • Of course, there was also lots of pranks
  • His favourite was turning your scarf into Gryffindor colours
  • Which annoyed you a lot
  • But you knew Fred was proud of his pranks
  • So you were happy for him
  • Quidditch was the worst
  • You didn’t play Quidditch
  • But you obviously supported Hufflepuff
  • So when Gryffindor and Hufflepuff versed each other
  • There was non-stop banter between you and Fred
  • And it would suck to be a part of the losing house because that person would never hear the end of it
  • Usually, Hufflepuff lost, but you said it was because of Harry, not Fred
  • Fred just rolled his eyes at that
  • And probably tickled you
  • Because that was rude and you should support your talented boyfriend
  • But you knew he was really talented
  • And when Gryffindor was versing another house, you would definitely be up in the stands with Fred’s Gryffindor scarf on and the jumper his mum made him
  • You would also get a Weasley sweater
  • And Mrs. Weasley would definitely knit it with Hufflepuff colours
  • Which you thought was great
  • You also joined Dumbledore’s Army together that year
  • And Fred would always meet you outside the Hufflepuff Common Room and walk with you to the Room of Requirement
  • And he walked you back
  • Because if you got caught by Umbridge, he wouldn’t be able to handle you getting a detention
  • Especially because hers was more torture than detention
  • George would definitely make fun of how in love you were
  • And the rest of the family loved you
  • And made sure you always felt welcome
  • After the war, you got married and had kids
  • And the banter came back with which house was better
  • You first kid probably got sorted into Gryffindor
  • You never heard the end of it
  • Even after one of your kids got sorted into Hufflepuff
  • Fred still liked to remind you that your first kid got sorted into Gryffindor
  • But you were still proud of all of your children
  • And so was Fred
  • But he was more proud of the fact that the first kid got sorted into Gryffindor