knitting for pets

When Marvin says “you’re looking sweeter than a donut” Whizzer basically just sighs in exasperation, like he’s used to Marvin saying weird ass things like that, which leads me to believe that Marvin was constantly using odd pet and ridiculous metaphors and I am 100% certain that the first time they get into a fight after getting back together Marvin screams “You’re nastier than Cordelia’s cooking!” and all the tension immediately leaves the room as they dissolve into laughter

Batfam headcanons
  • Bruce studied psychology in collage and after he dropped out he continued to study it, on his own. He likes it, it’s very fascinating
  • Damian knits. It calms him, grounds him. He mostly knits his pets blankets and clothes, but sometimes, very rarely, he knits for someone else. He knitted a scarf for Steph, for her birthday and she started crying.
  • Tim likes to help Damian with his homework. Damian will never admit it but he really appreciates it.
  • When Steph heard that Cass hasn’t seen a single Disney movie, they watched E V E R Y single one together. They both cried, multiple times. Cass’ favourites were The Princess And The Frog, Mulan and Atlantis.
Weather Questions for OCs

1.  Who stays inside all winter and impatiently waits for spring?

2.  Who plays in the rain/snow every chance they get?  (Who tells them to come inside?)

3.  Who goes to the pool all year?

4.  Who always wants to use the fireplace in the winter?

5.  Who stays in front of the fan/air conditioner?

6.  Who is the most dramatic whenever the weather isn’t to their liking?

7.  Who buys or knits sweaters for their pets?