knitting for pets

Dear WoW RPers,

You can give your character whatever hobbies and interests you want. You don’t even need to have some deep lore backstory reason for it. You want to roll a demon hunter who knows a lot about herbal folklore and obscure sociopolitical relations of murlocs? Go right the fuck ahead.

People in REAL LIFE have random, unrelated, and seemingly nonsensical hobbies, often multitudes of them. This doesn’t change once you add magic and fantasy into the mix. In fact it just makes your character more realistic and believable as a person.

Your mage who absolutely loves rabbits and aquaponics is completely fine. The warrior who likes tailoring and collecting rocks is perfectly good. Your Death Knight who likes scrapbooking with the S.E.L.F.I.E Cam and pressing dead flowers is a little unorthodox, but can you imagine the sheer hilarity of the other death knights making fun of them?

Having these little quirks allows your character to feel more fleshed out. It gives them something to talk about other than whatever current war is going on or how tragic their backstory is.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. RP is about creativity. Don’t let Stormwind Guard #618721 With No Discernable Interests Or Hobbies Aside From Serving The King scare you away.


Someone who’s tired of getting yelled at for having a DH that likes knitting & petting dogs.

When Marvin says “you’re looking sweeter than a donut” Whizzer basically just sighs in exasperation, like he’s used to Marvin saying weird ass things like that, which leads me to believe that Marvin was constantly using odd pet and ridiculous metaphors and I am 100% certain that the first time they get into a fight after getting back together Marvin screams “You’re nastier than Cordelia’s cooking!” and all the tension immediately leaves the room as they dissolve into laughter