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To those who are losing a lot of their will to create in the wake of President Tyrant:
Don’t let him and his orcs win. People NEED your books, stories, poems, paintings, jewelry, dolls, knitting, tapestries, vases, weaving, dishes, every creation that comes from your hands. Every creation is a punch back at the haters and the heartless. Every word puts hope or thought or dreams or solace or fire into those who read it.
You become a different voice from the bullyraggers and the foolish; your ideals, wishes and convictions reach your audience, whether they are reading Dr. Seuss or James Joyce. You convey food for hope and imagination whether you realize it or not, and the most innocuous-seeming work gives those who partake of it something to go on with.
Keep soldiering on. Comedian or philosopher, baker or glassblower, writer of tomes or fan fiction, you’re needed now more than ever.
—  Tamora Pierce

Heloise por Kety Marques
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Pullip Paja Regen

So that hat came out… well, not great, but not a complete disaster either. Salvagable, perhaps. Anyway, it turned out it isn’t that difficult and it didn’t take too long either, so I decided to just keep going for a bit.

This is going to be roughly 1/6 scale, I think. I didn’t measure, just did multiples of the pattern, but I’ve got so many dolls I’ll always find someone who can wear it. 1mm needles and the thinnest yarn I could find in a bag of thrifted scraps (I think it’s embroidery floss?). I thought thin cotton yarn would be inflexible and dificult to work with, but it has this shiny, treated surface (mercerized?) that makes it very cooperative. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

(Side note: when you teach children to knit, don’t give them wooden needles and scratchy, all-natural wool yarn. That’s for experts! Give them something soft and artificial so they have a sporting chance.)


My amazing, knitting, friend made Storm, in order to draft and test  out the female knitting pattern she made, for sale. But, then, she got distracted by other projects and didn’t feel inspired to make Storm’s clothes, so she sent her to me. However…I don’t knit. I crochet! I guess there is some sort of crochet-knit rivalry, though, I am pretty well oblivious to it, and don’t care one bit. BUT, I do think its cool that she’s a knitted doll, with crochet clothes that I made for her. :) 

Want to knit your own?


Presenting… Shiki!!!!!

(Yes, I know my camera is terrible and I have no knack for getting good lighting. I can read your mind.)

But anyway, he’s done. Anyone who has more experience in knitting doll making would probably laugh their head off at this creation of mine, but he’s done and I’m happy with him.

I figured I’ve wrote enough hurt/comfort scenarios and headcanons. Now it’s time for some sweet and pure brotherly fluff. Gonna put it under read more cuz I just love writing essays about these two. XD

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Look what these little Tree Change Dolls ® have made! I took them into the bush to take some photos for the cover of the cardigan pattern (coming soon). What do you think of their cubby? Here’s an old photo of me and my sisters making a cubby when we were kids. Such fun!

(Oh, and did you notice the ® symbol I added? I’ve registered Tree Change Dolls ® as my trade mark. Very exciting! Please remember to respect my intellectual property rights, those of you upcycling your own dolls.)