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To those who are losing a lot of their will to create in the wake of President Tyrant:
Don’t let him and his orcs win. People NEED your books, stories, poems, paintings, jewelry, dolls, knitting, tapestries, vases, weaving, dishes, every creation that comes from your hands. Every creation is a punch back at the haters and the heartless. Every word puts hope or thought or dreams or solace or fire into those who read it.
You become a different voice from the bullyraggers and the foolish; your ideals, wishes and convictions reach your audience, whether they are reading Dr. Seuss or James Joyce. You convey food for hope and imagination whether you realize it or not, and the most innocuous-seeming work gives those who partake of it something to go on with.
Keep soldiering on. Comedian or philosopher, baker or glassblower, writer of tomes or fan fiction, you’re needed now more than ever.
—  Tamora Pierce

First came the sweaters,
Now come the dresses. The baby Beans are getting all dressed up ✨

These little Ballerinas were a piece I designed exclusively for a local preforming arts center. But now I have so many new ideas for so many new little outfits. 💜


W.I.P.: test fitting Farla’s new velvet cloak.

I still have to sew the lining and the collar. After 30+ hours of embroidering this thing I’m pleased to see it finally on her.

I’m less pleased about the length of the cloak; I would like it to be longer, but it is all the green velvet I have. So this will have to do.

On the second photo I gave her a scarf (knitted by me years ago for another doll) to cover up the unfinished neckline. I think it suits her well because of the woodland colors.

Farla: 1/3 Resinsoul Ai, green resin; legs and horns mod, wig, face up and outfit by me.

Dear doll sculptors

Can some of y'all start using Twitch Creative Channel cause Instagram hates me, and im sick of YouTube ads every for minutes of your three hour sculpting/modding/crafting video.

Also is like to chat with you and ask questions, or get real.

I’d like to throw tips, bits, and coffees at you for no damn reason other that I like you and appreciate your existence.

If you don’t think there is a market on twitch you’re wrong.

“Doing three hours of faceups love wouldn’t get me anything.” Seriously? Do you know how many sponsored creative streamers do nothing but draw, paint, or just do costume make up?

“People are not gonna wanna watch me sew and draft patterns.” Ok so I need to go get the number of sponsored cosplay and textile channels for you? I already follow 4 knit/crochet channels that see 100-200 viewers regularly

“Moding or dyeing dolls won’t be very much fun.” Excuse me? 300 of us watched a lady glaze pottery for over two hours yesterday ? And about 150 showed up the the kill opening. I WANT TO SEE YOU DRILL RESIN AND DYE PARTS.

“Sculpting is boring. 3d or by hand.” WRONG. There are several model sculpting channels that rank up pretty high. Not to mention cosplay prop making channels.

I want to watch all of you do your crafts and talk to you….

Knitting during the zombie apocalypse

I’m currently playing this game called Zombies, Run! (or rather, the 5K training app) which  gives you a mission to do every time and does running drills. It’s basically interval training but more fun. You play as Runner 5, a runner for a post-apocalyptic township.

So on today’s mission, Runner 4 (Jody) says we’re going on a secret mission, and starts running us towards an abandoned mall, without telling you where you’re going and saying it’s a surprise. And then lo and behold, we get to a craft store, and she’s like “OK I lied. We’re here because I need yarn supplies.”

My first reaction is “GDI Jody, we are going to be infected because you wanted yarn” but honestly, I would TOTALLY do the same. She’s like, “I can almost taste the yarn. Not that I taste yarn or anything. They taste pretty much all the same anyway.”

But then we start getting stalked by another human figure, which we run into later… and it turns out to be another desperate knitter looking for wool.

During our 5 minute break, she goes into the yarn store to raid it. I hope my girl Jody gets all the good shit, like alpaca and merino wool. Let’s just hope in the event of the apocalypse, all the Malabrigo and madeline tosh yarn survives.

In return for helping her, she made something for me! It’s a knitted Runner 5 doll.

Just showing a little work in progress, I’m working on a pattern for a lace cape for Minifee! You can see the progress here, right now it comes just over the shoulders but I want it to be about hip length, I think. I’m making it with that beautiful blue ito mohair/silk yarn I got a few weeks ago, the first part  is with needle size 0.7 mm and then after the fitted neck/shoulder it switches to 1 mm needles. It will have a pretty lace border on the bottom as well and I’ll write it up as a pattern when it’s done so you guys can make it too :D I hope you like it!


Knit ‘n’ Crit accomplishments for the night: I finished embroidering the metallic-thread rivets on Aloth’s armor, and finished the Tiny Grimoire! 

I might or might not also embroider rivets on the boots - I’m not sure if that would make them too non-stretchy to pull on at this point - and I might or might not knit his bracers. I’m kind of thinking he might be…done? *gasp*


Poirot progresses! I’m knitting Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s famed novels. That bow tie took all of my little grey cells to crochet - don’t expect it to happen again!

Now all he needs is arms, a suit jacket, and probably a hat (to avoid making hair). He’s definitely coming with when I see murder on the orient express at the end of this year!


knitting IV by AzureFantoccini
Via Flickr:
Chloe is knitting things