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im-crow  asked:

Azumada, Nugget, friend, I must request if you have any, all of your hats. All of them. I need them.

“Anyway, what do you need them for? Is this for a arts and crafts project? I wonder if you’re going to make puppets with them!” he commented and gave the sneaky ‘mon his last hat, carefully adorning it atop the staggered pile on Crow’s head. 

( @im-crow )

itsthegoldenlover  asked:

Obelisk is totes the mom friend. Like, their isn't even a dad friend. It's just Obelisk and his three rowdy children. He's a single mother. Sometimes he tries to go to Laurel for help but she does ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. She just laughing in the background. Like, "No Laurel please- oh god Gold what are you doing? NO GOLD DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE! Wicker don't encourage him"

Obelisk didn’t sign up for this