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Started a project journal a little while ago. So far I am loving it. It is helping me create cohesive designs. As well as keeping everything in place. No more digging around for old yarn labels, wondering how long a project took, or trying to find where I wrote my notes for a project. I also love how relaxing setting up the pages can be. Ravelry is a great platform for documenting projects, but I really enjoy something tangible. 

Bad Match Pt. 6

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.2k+

Warnings: angst, swearing, slow burn, some fluff.

A/N: Here it is! I can’t believe the amazing reception for part. 5. Thank you so much, I wish I could write faster for you guys! I see this chapter more as a linking part for what’s to come! Excuse any mistakes and nonsenses please! Feedback? I live for it!

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While he was dragging the towel over his body to dry himself from the recently taken shower, Bucky realized that nightmares hadn’t visited him that night. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he almost hadn’t slept at all, his mind invaded with thoughts…about Y/N. He questioned himself if she would come to him again if he had another nightmare…

He couldn’t stop the urge to try and make things better with her. Last night, he had listened in her voice how much he had been hurting her, ever since they first met, and that just didn’t work well in his head. He had to fix it. But how?

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Knitted Brain Hat
A knitted brain hat! Handmade by yours truly. Whether you want to be a neuroscientist or zombie, this is perfect for you. Colour: Pink Material: Acrylic Yarn weight: DK Size: One size (stretchy) All proceeds go to funding my postgraduate education in Neurodevelopmental Science.

Halloween is on the way! You’re going to need one of these brain hats. Would be perfect for a zombie costume! 

Please help me reblog this! It helps to support my education in brains.

PS. If you’re a student, text me for a special student discount.

The wrong number || Ch.2

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||preview||   ||chapter 1||

Genre- Angst

Description- After deciding to call jungkook back, you find out more about him than you bargained for. Maybe making that accidental call wasn’t such a big mistake after all.

Word count- 2,438 

You had done it. After doing everything to convince yourself that you should just let this guy go, you couldn’t. The worst thing was you had been the one to make the first call. You were sat in an alley way, behind the restaurant where you had just finished working your shift. You wanted to make sure your conversation would remain unheard.

”Hello.” You said.

“You again?” he replied, shock evident in his voice. You were taken aback; did he not want to talk to you again? He had assured you that the two of you would talk again, so why was he so surprised?

“Yes, it’s me. But hey, if you’re not interested in talking I’ll just go.” Heat rose to your face, you were already embarrassed about calling, and he had successfully made you feel worse.

“No- wait- don’t go, I was just surprised you called me again, I thought you wouldn’t.” He sounded sincere, maybe you had overreacted a little bit, your nervousness was getting to your head. 

“Well, why wouldn’t I? You promised you’d tell me your name.” You fell silent suddenly, everything around you was a blur. You couldn’t process what was going on or what you had been saying, until a voice brought you back to earth.

“Are you still there?” He asked, sounding slightly worried. You had no idea what had come over you, you shook your head gently and continued.

“Huh- yes sorry, um… where was I?” You asked. He chuckled, there was something in his voice that spread warmth all over your body.

“You were asking me about my name.” he replied. You suddenly remembered where the conversation had left off.

”Oh yes! I called you and you promised next time we talk you’d tell me your name, so I’m waiting.” After you finished there was a long silence. Then a laugh came from the other end.

“Actually, I never said next time we talk I’ll tell you my name, you’ve made that up, if I remember clearly I said you’ll know my name soon enough.” He sounded amused. Did he think you were stupid?

“I don’t care.” You snapped “It’s soon enough now, so you have to tell me, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” He mocked.

“Otherwise I’ll turn off the call and never speak to you again.” You threatened. There was an even longer pause. You seemed to have shut him up for good. Yet, as much as you wanted to deny it, the truth was you didn’t want to stop talking to him; it was just an empty threat.

“Fine.” He groaned. I’ll tell you my name, seriously you’re so mean.” 

“I know, it’s a gift.” You said a smirk on your face “Go on then, tell me your name.”

“My name is Jungkook.” He said matter-of-factly. Jungkook, that name rang through your head like a bell. Why was it so familiar?

“Do I know you?” You questioned. 

“Nope” he answered. “Why?”

“I feel like I’ve heard your name before”. You racked your brains, eyebrows knitted in concentration. There was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“You-um- what? I’m sure you haven’t- what I mean is, you can’t have.” he lied. 

“I don’t believe you,” you answered, flatly. You wanted to know more about him, but he was playing mind games with you. The stutters in his voice made it clear he was lying.

”W-why do you want to know so much about me anyway? What about you?” he asked, nervously. You saw what he was trying to do, but you weren’t going to let it happen.

“Listen, sir- “

“Ah, don’t call me sir, it makes me feel weird.” He said disapprovingly. You seriously didn’t know what was wrong with this man, maybe you had made a mistake in calling back.

“What’s your problem? Anyway, the point is I know your lying to me-”

“About what?”

“About something! Look, if you don’t come clean, I’m turning the phone off.”  You sat quietly, chatter of people back inside the restaurant buzzing in your ears. You heard a heavy sigh from the other end of the phone.

“I really didn’t want to have to tell you to do this, it’s stupid. If you really want to know who I am look it up on the internet. I’m not telling you myself, it’s embarrassing. But please just look up normal stuff, don’t go any further. There are some scary things on the internet.” You were so confused.

“Why can’t you just tell me yourself?” You asked, agitation echoing in every word.

“Because I don’t want to, simple as.” He answered bluntly. His attitude was getting on your nerves, but you remembered the other side of him. His personality seemed to constantly change, one minute he was shy and nervous, the next minute he was confident and somewhat rude.

What a complicated guy, you sighed to yourself.

“Fine.” You said “I think I should go now, I have work to do.” You looked back through the restaurant door, you could see people leaving, that meant there would be tables that would needed cleaning.

“Okay, one quick question, how old are you?” he asked.

“I’m eighteen.” You said. “I seriously need to go now though, bye!” You abruptly turned the phone off, and slid it into your back pocket. A smile stretched across your face.

Jungkook, I’m going to do some thorough research on you, I don’t care what you say.


You reached home after a long walk. The house was empty, your parents weren’t at home. You walked to the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge.

We’ve gone to your aunt’s house, she’s unwell, we’ll be back at 10.

You were excited to have the whole house to yourself, even if it was just for a couple of hours. This didn’t happen often. You grabbed snacks from the cupboard, whatever you could find, and rushed up to your bedroom.

You placed all the items you had brought from the kitchen on to your desk and opened your laptop. You were almost nervous to find out what this boy was all about. You could look him up on the internet and there would be information about him. Was he some sort of celebrity?

Your first step was typing in Jungkook on your search box. The image that popped up on your screen surprised you. You saw was an extremely handsome young man, whom you knew you had seen before. He was a k-pop star; you were shocked.

There is no way I was talking to a celebrity without even realising! Your research hadn’t ended there and you knew it was going to take up the whole two hours you had alone.


You were lying in bed. Your parents had come back from your aunt’s house, they said she was going to be okay, she had caught a virus of some sort. In all honesty you couldn’t care less, you didn’t like her very much.

There was one person you were anxious to talk to. You had saved his number, though it had no particular title yet. You tapped the call button, you knew you’d have to speak in whispers, as your parents were next door.

“Can I help you?” he enquired. After finding out all you could about him you were ready to have some words.

“Yes, you can. I don’t appreciate you lying to me.“ You said trying to sound unhappy.

“What do you mean?” He questioned

“I mean,” you continued, “that you’re not really Jungkook, you’re someone else.” You had confused him, but you had no regrets.

“What are you- how am I not Jungkook, my name is Jeon Jungkook, I told you that, what are you blabbering on about?”

“Aha! Wait- you didn’t tell me your name was Jeon Jungkook, so you could have been some other one!” You knew you were annoying him, however you found it highly entertaining.

“Honey- “

“Don’t call me honey” You said

“Whatever. There are not many other Jungkook’s out there, I assumed you would be smart enough to figure that out on your own, clearly not.”

“Now wait-” You began but fell silent as you remembered your parents were in the other room and you had to be quiet.

“What do you have to say now, hmm?” he questioned

“The point is I don’t believe you, I’ve seen what you supposedly look like. There is no way I would be lucky enough to have accidentally called an extremely good-looking celebrity who is known all over the world and has women grovelling at his feet.”

“So, you think I’m good-looking?” He asked, the smugness in his voice obvious. You scoffed. 

“Is that the only thing you heard- wait- no that shouldn’t matter, since I know that guy I saw on the internet is not you!” You said desperately

“It is me! why are you so much in denial?”  He whined.

“Fine, if it is you… prove it, send me a picture right now!” You said.

“If you say so, I’ve got nothing to hide, but I’m hideous right now so don’t blame me if you have nightmares all night.” You waited patiently, he was silent too. Your phone beeped two seconds after.


1 sent message: [image]

You opened the image, sure it enough, it was the same young man you had seen on the computer. He was beautiful, you hated to admit. He had the same large, sparkling, brown eyes, the same dark hair and the same pink lips that looked so soft.

“Well?” he asked

“Okay, so granted it is you. You were so young when you started you career, your nineteen now aren’t you?”

“Yeah” he replied.

“I know all your friends’ names too, and what they look like- “

“I told you not to go that far!” he complained

“I had to, I was curious! Besides it’s not that far.” You said “Also, your friend Jimin, he’s pretty nice looking, I’d say he’s my favourite looks wise.”

“Hmm” he simply replied. You guessed he hadn’t like that comment.

“Not that you’re not good-looking, I admit you are, but I don’t think I have a chance with you- “ you began but he cut you off

“Why not?” he questioned.

“Because you like older women, and I’m younger than you. In fact, you’re really picky when it comes to women.”

“Age doesn’t matter that much you idi- I mean… so what if you’re younger? I don’t really care.” he said bluntly.

“If you say so. All the older girls must be dropping their pants for you though.”

“Younger girls do too, and it’s not just girls.” he added and sighed, “what can I say.”  His fake arrogance was making you laugh.

“So, if I’m younger than you, what do I call you…oppa?” You knew he didn’t like that word. After two hours of research you had picked this up.

“You meant to say that” he growled. You giggled.

“I did, but so what? I’m younger than you. You only don’t like it if older girls call you that.”

”Yes, but you don’t need to be formal with me.” 

“Really, how come?” You asked.

“Because I feel close to you.” He answered. You didn’t know what to say. You fell silent and so did he. You didn’t know why you were feeling his way, you felt something towards this boy that you had never felt before, but you didn’t know what it was.

“Um- well- anyway I’ve seen what your fans say about you. It’s cute and sometimes kind of gross.” You tried to change the topic. He was quiet for a while.

“Yeah, it’s okay, they can think what they want. I don’t blame them.” He laughed. 

“I don’t think about you that way.” You might have been lying to yourself, you weren’t sure.

Don’t lie to yourself, babe.” You almost choked when you heard him call you babe, in English.

“Why am I not surprised you know how to say that in English.”

“I’m not called international playboy for nothing.” he said. You smirked to yourself.

“Right… I almost forgot that was one amongst your many other titles.” You both went silent again. Then he spoke.

“You know, I showed you my face, you need to show me yours.” He said. You were reluctant to do this. He was so much more than you; rich, famous and handsome. You were just a waitress, who was nothing special amongst other, prettier, girls.

“I will, just not now, it’s too late.” You answered quietly.

“Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you, how do you know how to speak Korean?”

“I learnt it for two years, with my sister. She always wanted to go to South Korea, she promised she’d take me with her so we both learnt it. But she’s gone and I never got to go.”

“You should come here” he said.

“Yeah.” you simply answered.

“It would be nice to meet you one day.” He added. You sighed. You didn’t know how to break it to him that that might never happen. You decided to end the conversation. 

“Um- it’s late for me, I should go to sleep. Goodnight- oh well, it’s probably not night where you are.”

“Goodnight.” He said softly. You felt a sudden of pang guilt about not showing him what you look like. He had shown you what he looks like, without even complaining. The least you could do was return the favour. You knew you looked awful right now, sprawled in your bed, all make up off and hair tied back. You chose not to think about it too much. If he thought you were ugly than that was his problem, you weren’t out here to impress people. You clicked a picture from above you, in your current position.



Message to Jungkook: [image]

You: Here’s my face, you can’t complain now

A message appeared after five seconds.

Jungkook: You’re pretty… 

You felt heat rush to your cheeks. He said you were pretty, no man had ever said that to you before. Nobody even looked at you twice. You realised something about this boy. Sure, he could be arrogant and rude, but he was also kind and shy.  Many emotions were flowing through you, you weren’t sure what to feel. But you knew one thing, you were glad you had called Jungkook back. You were glad you had got to talk to him.

Maybe making that accidental call wasn’t been such a big mistake after all, you thought to yourself as you shut your eyes and drifted off into sleep 

@rival-the-rose Thanks for the tips, and also @corvus-pica-pica for the advice as well! The yarn is mostly acrylic, I think like 20% wool? So I’m not sure if fulling would work on it to be honest (I’m a cheapskate).

I think my problem is that the thing needs to be decreased on two different sides, because the pattern is written from the bottom up and has you decreasing all the while and then binding off for the neck shaping. Also, the pattern isn’t written with cabling on the front but I wanted to try to map the cabling instructions on the hood to the front panel as many people did on ravelry. So in the end, the piece would need to look something like this:

I’ve tried with some scrap yarn, starting with like 4 stitches initially on the bottom and casting on four more every right side row, which sort of gets that shape, but at the expense of a fairly loose looking edge. I’m not great with increases but it seems like every other type of increase doesn’t leave one side totally straight like that? I don’t know lol I feel like I’m overthinking it.

You Bleed So Easily

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The following story contains some mention of blood.  

After all these years…

After all these eons…

There’s still something to marvel at.

A carnage in chaos, an assured thing in any storm of blood and brawn.

Short, stilted thoughts.

Kel’domis don’t have much time to think. He doesn’t have to.

Doesn’t want to.

His blade cuts through the body of another.

And then another.

And then another.

Short, stilted thoughts.

Kel’domis believe he doesn’t have much time to think… but then he does, at least for a moment, and remembers it was never about not having the time.

It was the idea of wanting to have a thought at all.

It isn’t something he wants.

Not anymore. Not with what he knows, not with the thoughts that knot and knit his brain together, barely keeping a soul within the shell.

He needs to be the carnage in chaos, the only assured thing that walks away from a storm of blood and brawn.

His blade cuts through the body of another.

And then another.

And then another.

And then it’s over, Argents dead beneath his greaves.

Crusaders? Not even close.

They do not burn like he does.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a headcanon where the RFA + MC reacting that MC is actually studying to become a doctor of medicine when she was lured by Unknown to Rika's apt?

a/n: hi hey bb!! another ask! i’m happy~ of course you can request something like this. since you said Doctor of Med then I assume that she’s taking up General Medicine? i’ll take it from there, ok? uvu

RFA + an MC who’s studying Medicine


  • this cinnamon roll would be so amazed when he learns about it
  • since he wants to be a doctor himself (oops spoilers)
  • and he would be constantly asking you about what made you want to take up medicine in the first place
  • “Whoaaa!! Seriously?! You’re studying Medicine?! Whoa.. This is a new discovery! I felt as if.. I still have more things to know about you… And it surprises me more everyday of how you affect me this much…”
  • he’d be curious how you were able to balance RFA and your studies and he’d ask you tips too
  • he’d ask what are your views and aspirations and he would be so fascinated about this side of you who is so caring and generous towards other people
  • he’ll fall in love with you even more
  • you help each other studying because why not? you’re both into the medical field
  • you’re quite surprised at how synced you two are
  • you’re like his total type now and he’ll be even more supportive of you, helping you in every aspect of your career as you achieve it along the way
  • and of course you help him with his, too
  • the connection you two just made is phenomenal
  • just imagine a future where he’ll become a veterinary doctor and you’re a medical doctor and you two would be putting up a hospital and he’ll be able to help a lot of animals and you’ll be able to help a lot of people
  • he’d be so so so happy just by thinking about this, it makes him inspired to seriously get his ass going and graduate on his degree with flying colors, okay just to graduate is enough actually
  • Kim Yoo Sung, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and Kim (insert your name here), MD (Medical Doctor)
  • you two would be one hell of a power couple!!! uvu


  • at first he’ll be like “What? Why haven’t you said so, babe! Then… you’re currently not able to attend any of your classes?! Geez! How are you? How’s school?! Did they kick you out?!” oh my god zen pls
  • he’d be so worried sick that he might have disrupted your career and he will overthink that it’s all his fault
  • he’ll be that type of boyfriend where he’ll stay up late during one of your reviews just to brew you a coffee or tea, he’d massage your temples and neck and back and will offer you supportive hugs whenever you start to feel tired, give you encouraging words, smile at you and might even actually help you out on small details??? he’d cook your favorite dishes for you to warm up your determination
  • he’d just generally stay up late just to make sure you’re okay while reviewing since he knows it’s hard to become a doctor
  • at some point you two would talk about how zen did consider to go to Law School but then he realized how much he loved music and instead focused on it so he’s generally very knowledgeable and smart
  • he’d always encourage you to go on but get some rest as well
  • whenever you wake up in the morning, breakfast is always served with some little side notes of how wonderful you are and you’re doing a good job and he will love you no matter what
  • and you sneak into the bedroom you both share and you kiss him since it seems he had truly been staying up late with you everyday the guy deserves some treats
  • he’d be by your side when you view your results and when he sees that you are extremely worried about it, he’d hold your hand so tight and tell you, “Look, you prepared for this, alright? You have spent countless nights to study for it! This is your dream, babe. I know you can make it. No… You will make it. Trust me, alright?” and he’d flash you the most charming smile he ever made and your heart melts a little
  • and when you break out to him that you passed and got your license to practice medicine and that you’re gonna take your oath soon he’d be so so happy he’s going to carry you and twirl you around
  • he’d be screaming to the world, “This is my girl!!! Woohoo! I’m so proud of you, MC!!”
  • isn’t he such a sweetheart


  • she’d be super amazed coz she had no idea you were that reliable, i mean to that extent
  • she’d be worried too that you have put your career on the line just to help the RFA out which will in return, she will think highly of you because of how generous and responsible you are
  • she’d ask how you were able to flex your time with gathering party guests and studying at the same time
  • she would constantly praise you and remind you to not exhaust yourself because she’d be worried because she knows how it feels too
  • when you are studying for your upcoming exams, she’d be by your side to help you study
  • she’d encourage you to never give up since she knows that one day you’ll be someone great
  • she highly believes in you and it touches your heart how someone can be this supportive
  • she’d try to correct you when she notices you do some mistakes, she’d read some medical books too so she can assist you whenever you need it
  • she’ll take care of you good, outline some important details for you so that you can study a lot better, she’d quiz you from time to time even at doing the small tasks so that your brain will remain highly active even before the examinations
  • she’ll learn how to cook for you so that you can eat well-balanced meals for proper brain activity
  • she’ll knit a charm for you for good luck in academic success because why not and when you finally pass the exams, you turn to her and you can see her tear up, “N-nothing… I’m just… I’ve never been this happy for someone before..”
  • you pull her into a tight hug and whisper, “This is all because you were by my side the entire time… Thank you.”
  • and jaehee feels that the world is a little bit brighter


  • “You managed to perfectly host the party… while you’re studying to be a doctor…” his grey irises would look at you as if you’re some kind of a fascinating being. “You never cease to amaze me. It seems that my heart have chosen someone who is entirely selfless…”
  • he would hire the best private instructor to aid your reviewals for your upcoming exams
  • he will make sure that you are entirely comfortable while studying and will provide you the top-most nutritional care; you need to have an extremely balanced meals so that your brain can absorb the proper nutrients to function well
  • he will check on you from time to time while he’s at work and this will always result to shameless flirting wth jumin im trying to study
  • he will stay up all night with you and would sometimes offer to help you while you’re studying and if he notices you’re tired he’d force you to take a rest because your well-being is the most important above everything else
  • he’d ask you what are your plans after graduating and would actually recommend to build a hospital you can manage so that you won’t work for anybody else he’sseriouslythinkingontherightpath
  • and it’s actually a pretty good investment for the company
  • he’d give you the best assistance you need in order to pass this exam and get your license to practice medicine
  • when the day comes that you are finally waiting for your results, he actually knew it before you
  • you are so surprised because he just came up to you and gave you the longest make-out session you were able to do with him
  • you were both out of breath when you finally asked, “Jumin, I am still trying to view my results…”
  • “You passed.” He said with the sweetest smile ever.
  • “What?”
  • “I said, MC… You pass–”
  • and you kiss him again, this time, you leading the contact ;)


  • he is actually the one tUTORING YOU WTH LUCIEL
  • he already knew that you’re a medical university student who’s due to take your exams for your license to practice medicine
  • and when he found out he was a bit stunned because you were so busy with hosting the party and gathering guests but you never failed a single quiz be it pop, written or oral and you’ve seriously got good marks
  • he would try to cook for you since he couldn’t possibly offer someone who pulls all-nighters some chips and soda because that would be lame and would make you sick
  • he will always, i repeat, ALWAYS POP QUIZ YOU ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE
  • washing your face?
  • “What is the proper procedure for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , MC?!”
  • brushing your teeth?
  • “To prevent a common, adverse effect of prolonged use of phenytoin sodium (Dilantin), patients taking the drug are instructed to do what, MC?!”
  • taking a shit?
  • “During an assessment of a patient who sustained a head injury 24 hours ago, the medical-surgical nurse notes the development of slurred speech and disorientation to time and place. The nurse’s initial action should be what, MC?!”
  • and when your results finally came to and you PASSED it
  • you rush into Seven’s and break to him the good news
  • and he’d be in tears because he is?? so?? happy?? he couldn’t contain it??
  • you plant a giant kiss on his lips and hug him so tight
  • “Thank you, Luciel.. I love you..”
  • and he tears up again because he’s much happier than you are right now srsly

Just because I’m weaving a ton of ends into a sweater now, have this!


For sale!

Item: Cat Beanie Hat
Colour: only Pastel left
Material: Acrylic
Yarn weight: DK
Price: $20 USD

Because Donald Trump is going to be in power for a few more years… here is a beanie with cat ears! It’s lightweight which is good for hot weather.

All proceeds go to funding my postgraduate education in Neurodevelopmental Science.

Bad IT Day
  • Me: *petting one of my dogs*
  • Brain: dude pull on her ear. it'll be funny.
  • Me: Nah. *gets drink of water*
  • Brain: Bite the glass and see if your teeth or the glass break first.
  • Me: Nah. *knits with circular needles*
  • Me: Nah, I have work today. *gets dressed for work*
  • Brain: Call out call out call out call out
  • Me: Need the money, *changes out the coffee urns at work*
  • Me: Wastes coffee, bro. *rude regular comes in*
  • Brain: Tell him to eat shit! TELL HIM TO EAT SHIT!
  • Me: Can't do that and do math at once, buddy. *orders food from kiosk*
  • Brain: you don't deserve food you worthless fat fuck!
  • Me: lol fries. *tosses trash*
  • Me: Nah. *goes back to work*
  • Brain: Look at all those 20's you could take-
  • Me: Nah. *goes to frying station to see what need making*
  • Brain: What if.... you shoved your hand into the hot oil?
  • Me: Nah. *stoner regular comes in*
  • Brain: CALL HIM A N*GGER!
  • Me: wtf no I'm not pewdiepie god damn gimme a little credit. *starts cleaning up store*
  • Brain: you can't do anything right you stupid bitch
  • Me: Mops are weird. *counts down drawer*
  • Me: Welp, time to go home. *gets ride home*
  • Brain: Grab the wheel and-
  • Me: Nah. *goes to bed*
  • Brain: no one will ever love you. worthless ugly selfish stupid fucking-
  • Me: Shoosh. Bedtime.