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Started a project journal a little while ago. So far I am loving it. It is helping me create cohesive designs. As well as keeping everything in place. No more digging around for old yarn labels, wondering how long a project took, or trying to find where I wrote my notes for a project. I also love how relaxing setting up the pages can be. Ravelry is a great platform for documenting projects, but I really enjoy something tangible. 

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I LOVE IT also you’re so cute becca abgshsdn

<3 thank you from me and my endless chin

it is VERY Comfy, I usually can’t wear wool things but this is long-hair wool (is that how you say it???) and it’s much more doable!!

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Can I request a headcanon where the RFA + MC reacting that MC is actually studying to become a doctor of medicine when she was lured by Unknown to Rika's apt?

a/n: hi hey bb!! another ask! i’m happy~ of course you can request something like this. since you said Doctor of Med then I assume that she’s taking up General Medicine? i’ll take it from there, ok? uvu

RFA + an MC who’s studying Medicine


  • this cinnamon roll would be so amazed when he learns about it
  • since he wants to be a doctor himself (oops spoilers)
  • and he would be constantly asking you about what made you want to take up medicine in the first place
  • “Whoaaa!! Seriously?! You’re studying Medicine?! Whoa.. This is a new discovery! I felt as if.. I still have more things to know about you… And it surprises me more everyday of how you affect me this much…”
  • he’d be curious how you were able to balance RFA and your studies and he’d ask you tips too
  • he’d ask what are your views and aspirations and he would be so fascinated about this side of you who is so caring and generous towards other people
  • he’ll fall in love with you even more
  • you help each other studying because why not? you’re both into the medical field
  • you’re quite surprised at how synced you two are
  • you’re like his total type now and he’ll be even more supportive of you, helping you in every aspect of your career as you achieve it along the way
  • and of course you help him with his, too
  • the connection you two just made is phenomenal
  • just imagine a future where he’ll become a veterinary doctor and you’re a medical doctor and you two would be putting up a hospital and he’ll be able to help a lot of animals and you’ll be able to help a lot of people
  • he’d be so so so happy just by thinking about this, it makes him inspired to seriously get his ass going and graduate on his degree with flying colors, okay just to graduate is enough actually
  • Kim Yoo Sung, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and Kim (insert your name here), MD (Medical Doctor)
  • you two would be one hell of a power couple!!! uvu


  • at first he’ll be like “What? Why haven’t you said so, babe! Then… you’re currently not able to attend any of your classes?! Geez! How are you? How’s school?! Did they kick you out?!” oh my god zen pls
  • he’d be so worried sick that he might have disrupted your career and he will overthink that it’s all his fault
  • he’ll be that type of boyfriend where he’ll stay up late during one of your reviews just to brew you a coffee or tea, he’d massage your temples and neck and back and will offer you supportive hugs whenever you start to feel tired, give you encouraging words, smile at you and might even actually help you out on small details??? he’d cook your favorite dishes for you to warm up your determination
  • he’d just generally stay up late just to make sure you’re okay while reviewing since he knows it’s hard to become a doctor
  • at some point you two would talk about how zen did consider to go to Law School but then he realized how much he loved music and instead focused on it so he’s generally very knowledgeable and smart
  • he’d always encourage you to go on but get some rest as well
  • whenever you wake up in the morning, breakfast is always served with some little side notes of how wonderful you are and you’re doing a good job and he will love you no matter what
  • and you sneak into the bedroom you both share and you kiss him since it seems he had truly been staying up late with you everyday the guy deserves some treats
  • he’d be by your side when you view your results and when he sees that you are extremely worried about it, he’d hold your hand so tight and tell you, “Look, you prepared for this, alright? You have spent countless nights to study for it! This is your dream, babe. I know you can make it. No… You will make it. Trust me, alright?” and he’d flash you the most charming smile he ever made and your heart melts a little
  • and when you break out to him that you passed and got your license to practice medicine and that you’re gonna take your oath soon he’d be so so happy he’s going to carry you and twirl you around
  • he’d be screaming to the world, “This is my girl!!! Woohoo! I’m so proud of you, MC!!”
  • isn’t he such a sweetheart


  • she’d be super amazed coz she had no idea you were that reliable, i mean to that extent
  • she’d be worried too that you have put your career on the line just to help the RFA out which will in return, she will think highly of you because of how generous and responsible you are
  • she’d ask how you were able to flex your time with gathering party guests and studying at the same time
  • she would constantly praise you and remind you to not exhaust yourself because she’d be worried because she knows how it feels too
  • when you are studying for your upcoming exams, she’d be by your side to help you study
  • she’d encourage you to never give up since she knows that one day you’ll be someone great
  • she highly believes in you and it touches your heart how someone can be this supportive
  • she’d try to correct you when she notices you do some mistakes, she’d read some medical books too so she can assist you whenever you need it
  • she’ll take care of you good, outline some important details for you so that you can study a lot better, she’d quiz you from time to time even at doing the small tasks so that your brain will remain highly active even before the examinations
  • she’ll learn how to cook for you so that you can eat well-balanced meals for proper brain activity
  • she’ll knit a charm for you for good luck in academic success because why not and when you finally pass the exams, you turn to her and you can see her tear up, “N-nothing… I’m just… I’ve never been this happy for someone before..”
  • you pull her into a tight hug and whisper, “This is all because you were by my side the entire time… Thank you.”
  • and jaehee feels that the world is a little bit brighter


  • “You managed to perfectly host the party… while you’re studying to be a doctor…” his grey irises would look at you as if you’re some kind of a fascinating being. “You never cease to amaze me. It seems that my heart have chosen someone who is entirely selfless…”
  • he would hire the best private instructor to aid your reviewals for your upcoming exams
  • he will make sure that you are entirely comfortable while studying and will provide you the top-most nutritional care; you need to have an extremely balanced meals so that your brain can absorb the proper nutrients to function well
  • he will check on you from time to time while he’s at work and this will always result to shameless flirting wth jumin im trying to study
  • he will stay up all night with you and would sometimes offer to help you while you’re studying and if he notices you’re tired he’d force you to take a rest because your well-being is the most important above everything else
  • he’d ask you what are your plans after graduating and would actually recommend to build a hospital you can manage so that you won’t work for anybody else he’sseriouslythinkingontherightpath
  • and it’s actually a pretty good investment for the company
  • he’d give you the best assistance you need in order to pass this exam and get your license to practice medicine
  • when the day comes that you are finally waiting for your results, he actually knew it before you
  • you are so surprised because he just came up to you and gave you the longest make-out session you were able to do with him
  • you were both out of breath when you finally asked, “Jumin, I am still trying to view my results…”
  • “You passed.” He said with the sweetest smile ever.
  • “What?”
  • “I said, MC… You pass–”
  • and you kiss him again, this time, you leading the contact ;)


  • he is actually the one tUTORING YOU WTH LUCIEL
  • he already knew that you’re a medical university student who’s due to take your exams for your license to practice medicine
  • and when he found out he was a bit stunned because you were so busy with hosting the party and gathering guests but you never failed a single quiz be it pop, written or oral and you’ve seriously got good marks
  • he would try to cook for you since he couldn’t possibly offer someone who pulls all-nighters some chips and soda because that would be lame and would make you sick
  • he will always, i repeat, ALWAYS POP QUIZ YOU ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE
  • washing your face?
  • “What is the proper procedure for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , MC?!”
  • brushing your teeth?
  • “To prevent a common, adverse effect of prolonged use of phenytoin sodium (Dilantin), patients taking the drug are instructed to do what, MC?!”
  • taking a shit?
  • “During an assessment of a patient who sustained a head injury 24 hours ago, the medical-surgical nurse notes the development of slurred speech and disorientation to time and place. The nurse’s initial action should be what, MC?!”
  • and when your results finally came to and you PASSED it
  • you rush into Seven’s and break to him the good news
  • and he’d be in tears because he is?? so?? happy?? he couldn’t contain it??
  • you plant a giant kiss on his lips and hug him so tight
  • “Thank you, Luciel.. I love you..”
  • and he tears up again because he’s much happier than you are right now srsly

queerlaurabarton  asked:

I know you like British mystery tv so I was wondering if you have any cozy tv mysteries you would recommend? The kind of stuff you can kind of turn off your brain & knit or fold clothing to? I'm not sure what to start next. thanks!

COZY BRITISH MURDER MYSTERIES my favourite thing. Recs in no particular order:

Midsomer Murders is my go-to “turn off my brain and do crafts” CBMM because it is. Fundamentally kind of dumb. It’s been going for nearly twenty years and they’ve gone through two inspectors and, like, a million sergeants, not to mention who knows how many pathologists, yet it meanders on because continuity isn’t important, what is important is:

  • at least three corpses an episode
  • really weird deaths, ask me about the catapult
  • a healthy sprinkling of incest, 50/50 whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly
  • everybody is awful so you’re never sorry when the extra corpses start showing up
  • beautiful English countryside
  • all white people, all the time

There is nothing positive I would definitively recommend it for and yet I’ve watched eighteen out of nineteen seasons. It’s…that kind of show. 

Poirot is similar but with, obviously, a 1930s vibe. Ironically it has way more character continuity than the books, because Agatha Christie clearly didn’t care about anybody except Poirot himself, but David Suchet is a delight as Poirot and it’s solid translation of the Golden Age detective story to TV. Very easy to drift away from the actual plot in this one, but it doesn’t really matter because Poirot will always helpfully get everybody in a room together and explain what happened at the end of the episode. 

Miss Marple: the same, but with a little old lady instead of an eccentric Belgian and more nostalgia for the vanished nineteenth century. 

Lewis: is technically a follow-on to Inspector Morse, apparently one of the most popular CBMM shows of all time, but I’ve never seen Morse and don’t plan to and it works for me. Has a fair stab at representing modern Oxford as it actually is demographically. Much more of a buddy cop vibe than the CBMM usually has. Does require you to pay some attention because it’s the kind of show where stuff is implied not said outright. Requires a MASSIVE transphobia warning for one second-season episode, Life Born of Fire, which sucks because that’s also the episode that gives us an effectively canon bi main character, so fuck you, writers, I don’t wanna have to pick. 

Rosemary & Thyme: I know you’ve seen this but for anybody else looking for recs in this genre, this is a hidden gem. A botany professor who’s just been fired and a housewife whose husband has just left her team up to start a gardening business and Solve Crime, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts (except the dead people, but, you know, priorities.) The rare example of the slashy buddy murder mystery With Ladies. 

Foyle’s War: The CBMM takes a detour to the South Downs during World War II. Really great if you like history because they take care to tie most episodes into the ongoing events on the Home Front of the war, and - in the final couple of seasons - post-war Britain. Also unusual in that while our lead DCS Foyle has a sergeant, who I find frankly irritating, the real secondary lead is his driver Sam Stewart, and she is The Best. 

I know I have a bunch of followers who also enjoy this genre, so other suggestions, people? 

There’s survey evidence to support crafting’s dopamine effect. In one study of more than 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling “very happy.”

And crafting’s reward goes far beyond creation. Seeing the finished product adorning your walls – or receiving praise from a loved one – can offer repeated hits of that feel-good chemical.

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Headcanon: Harry wakes up from a coma/injury to an exhausted, pining Eggsy tracing the words "I love you" on his hand

Omigosh yes please. I love the idea of this sososo much. Mostly because I actually have a blind fic planned that involves lots of hand porn (and doing cutesy things like that).

But seriously, imagine it:

Eggsy thought he lost Harry. He’d be prepared to let him go for so long. When word had come from a Kentucky hospital that he was still alive, Eggsy had allowed himself a moment to hope, dared to believe that Harry could return to him, but then he was brought back and he wouldn’t wake.

That small part of him that had started to burn, that light that glowed pale and weak, fizzled and dimmed, growing fainter with each passing day that Harry didn’t wake up.

Eggsy tried to move on with his life as the days ticked by and it looked like Harry wouldn’t recover. There was even talk about taking him off the respirator. It wasn’t weeks that passed, but months. Eggsy went on missions, spent time with his friends and family, and grew close to the other agents, but he always returned to Harry’s side.

He stood vigil, spending the nights he wasn’t on a mission next to Harry. He was there so often the cleaning staff recognized him, even expected him. The nurses knew him, brought him blankets and tea.

Eggsy tried everything to wake Harry up. Talked to him. Sang to him. Pleaded with the gods. On the nights when he couldn’t find the strength to speak, he’d take Harry’s hand and traces words into his palm.

Eggsy didn’t ever say it out loud, but he stopped hoping a long time ago. He knew the chances of coming back from this, after this long, were slim. The fact that Harry was even alive with a miracle. He should have known better than to hope for him to be conscious, that he could have everything.

But even though he stopped believing, he never stopped coming. Sure, it broke his heart every day he’d walk in there and see Harry still asleep, But it was a small blessing to hear the rhythmic counting of the heartbeat monitor, so he didn’t push his fate. Even if this was all he got from Harry, he’d take it–it was better than no Harry.

And then one day, while Eggsy was tracing small words into Harry’s palm, he felt his fingers twitch. It was a slight movement, one that happened before, but it was something and it was exhilarating. Then Harry was awake and he was opening his gorgeous brown eyes and Eggsy swore it was like looking at the sun for the first time, blinding and breathtaking, leaving Eggsy’s heart throbbing with want.

There were doctors and nurses and a flurry of movement, and then when it was over and it was just Eggsy and Harry again, he held Harry’s hand and smiled, and Harry smiled back. He didn’t speak, didn’t seem to have the capacity to at the moment. It didn’t matter because he was awake and Eggsy could cry with happiness.

He turned Harry’s hand over, rubbed his fingers along the lifelines, massaging his fingers which had grown thinner as he wasted away in the bed. Harry watched him, and Eggsy held his gaze, refused to look away and waste a single moment.

Without thinking, he pressed his index finger to Harry’s palm and drew the shapes and lines of letters, mouthing, “I, l, o, v, e, y, o, u.”

Harry’s brows knit together, his brain struggling to catch up, to piece together the abstract designs drawn on his hand with the movement of Eggsy’s lips. But then it clicked, a puzzle fitting together, and he shakily moved his hand to turn Eggsy’s hand over, palm face up. His hand trembles, and the letters aren’t perfect like Eggsy’s, but he moves his index finger up and down, forming the shape of letters. I l o v e y o u.

Hic Jacet

Title: Hic Jacet

Author: @aloysiavirgata

Rating: PG

Timeline: The months following the events of Emily

Summary: He doesn’t say Emily’s name but Scully sees her ghost in his eyes.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to my squad for letting me bounce ideas off of them and pester them with Latin. Special thanks to @dashakay for her always excellent beta advice. 


The bodies are small, the heaviest weighing in at forty-seven pounds. They rest on their gurneys like the glass-eyed dolls she used to admire in store windows, the kinds in ruffles and lace. Pretty maids all in a row.

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