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Do you prefer a straight or curved needle for nålbinding? And is there a difference [besides simply preference] for a bone needle versus a wood needle?

the needle i use is straight but a curved needle would make the oslo stitch a bit easier to work in, i think, since you have to cross back over the loop, and doing that while retaining a tight stitch can be a little iffy! obviously if you’re getting fancy with all that UUUUUUUO stuff then you’d want straight

wood will probably be cheaper, though plastic would be the cheapest and would also work fine; i prefer bone mostly because i just….strongly prefer working with bone than other material; my knitting needles rn are bamboo and they’re,,,,, theyre fine. i guess. if i knitted more than i do i would spend on bone for those too. mostly for needles you just want something that isn’t…. particularly sharp, because you’re gonna stab your thumb. you’re gonna stab your thumb a lot

Haven’t been to this shop since high school but god I love it 💜 it’s a local shop located in Grandview Ohio. I often don’t end up coming because I work at Joann and I usually can get what I need there (and that employee discount baby) but they didn’t have any metal needles sized for knitting socks. I love bamboo needles but I worry the smaller sizes will snap on me (they have in the past). My brother was with me and kept steering me away from the yarn (which is hard to do because it’s EVERYWHERE) because of my “yarn diet”. I squished around some yarn because you have too, but I was good and only got the needles I came for.


This is the Sinopia Curl that I delivered last Sunday to the winner of my raffle. I used a Fiber Optic Yarns merino/bamboo gradient that I spun up a while ago. I really like how it came out, but if I do any more of the curls in the future, I will use a yarn that is more elastic. The bamboo in this yarn (50%) reduces the elasticity of the yarn, so the inner edge of the curl does not stretch out as may be needed while blocking. (Also, helpful hint, start your blocking from the straight edge, not the point. Take it from someone who has been there.)

Cranky and ouches

Lets see! My new bamboo CLOVER brand size 6 36″ long circular needles arrived today, but…I am currently too cranky to stitch. 

My back hurts…from something I did earlier in the week, I got some weird rash/burn mark on my arm pit that is quite uncomfortable when I move the arm, and…I am quite literally, butt hurt (something too TMI to discuss here. Message me if you TRULY desire to know -_- )

Have you ever had this dire urge to finish a project, but some how, you are just too cranky? I want to knit…but everything hurts and it doesn’t matter how I sit…I can’t get comfortable with out some body part yelling at me. I’m currently on the couch trying to get myself to get started but the worst offender is my arm that hurts… Every time I move my arm to lift my needles… Second would be the butt hurt because it hurts to sit down… And third my back because I can’t find enough a position that’s comfortable for my back

Share your stores, because knitting/crafting isn’t all fun and roses…


How to Knit the Bamboo Stitch