knitting at strange places

 Something had gone wrong.

The Imperials stood over the unmoving bodies of their comrades, looking confused and occasionally prodding at them. Murmurs of confusion went around- why wasn’t he waking up? Why wouldn’t she come with them? Come on, there was work to be done!

The Lightweaver looked over sorrowfully from her tower. Poor things; their first real brush with the death of a companion. Still, it should not have been so soon. She had created them to live much longer, and yet these ones just… dropped dead. Perhaps some contagion of the Plaguebringer had struck them down.

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Deadpool loves to knit. He loves making things and leaves them in strange places for others to find. X-mansion, Avengers Tower, Peter Parker’s flat… Everywhere. Everyone in the Marvel universe has at least one piece of Deadpool knitwear that he’s left them. (He also has used knitting needles as an alternative for swords, but he glosses over that. That was an embarrassment)